wife ass eating maniacs scene 4

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Later that week Chris announced that we were going to start a program to get me to control my orgasms. I have never been good at this lasting only three or four strokes in Chris's tight pussy before I would cum. Chris had me lay on my back on the bed and lowered herself onto her cock. She said that she was going to count down from ten; one number for each stroke. The number I came on was the number of days before I could cum again. I was allowed to ask her to stop only once but 2 strokes would be added for each second until I asked her to start again. Also if I reached zero she would reverse the count and the higher I got the better my reward. That night I concentrated on everything but what she was doing but I was so distracted I started to go soft. A sharp squeeze of my balls brought my attention back to her. "You're no use to me soft; if I am boring you we can forget your orgasms altogether and just worry about mine. You've got five seconds to get hard and we'll start again or else I will take my anger out on your ass." I got hard immediately and she started back at ten; she also squeezed her pussy as tight as she could to make me cum faster. I still managed to make it to three after which she sat on my face so I could clean her out and said that it was too bad I couldn't last just three more strokes and be able to try again tomorrow, instead I had to go three days licking her to orgasm without any relief.…read full story
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