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Lilly launched down the hallway to the nearest restroom, quick to wash her hands and face of the Lady's odor before anyone could find her. She looked in the mirror above the sink and felt a sudden and inexplicable feelings of conflict- new found contempt gnashed against long time admiration. Lilly had absolutely no interest in women. She had adored the Lady before her wicked treatment- a silent student to an unknowing mentor. Now she felt conflicted. She wanted it all to be a bad dream. However, as she pondered the events, she began to realize that it was the stern control the Lady had exercised over her was also triggering an unanticipated arousal. And perhaps, just perhaps, because it was the Lady, subliminally she was willing to write off the night as a one time exception, maybe even harbor a strand of forgiveness and embrace the strand of lust. …read full story
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