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Freya moved and sat down on the bed next to him still holding the leash tightly for control reasons. Leaning over him she touched his face and looked into his hazel eyes, and in that moment, she considered releasing him and submitting to his wraith, but then with every fiber of her being she found strength and then spoke softly to him. "you have trained me to be an anal nymph, to be a slut who aches to have her cunt filled by you, a slave who loves the tight feel of latex, and leather. The pinch and bite of clamps on my nipples." She paused to let the words sink in and then continued. "I love being yours, I love every tattoo I get, every piercing I have and I have learned to do anything you request of me, even if I hate doing it". She paused searching for the next words and then continued "I have grown as a woman, a person, as your mate, play toy, slut and whore and yet I have needs." Freya kissed his forehead and her husband could smell her perfume and feel the tickle of her long hair on his chest, he breathed deep and continued to listen to her. …read full story
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