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However, while walking around in high heels, my Black Male Sissy left certain marks on my carpeted floor and I had to punish him. I made him get on all fours, face down and ass up. I smacked Troy/Tina's big hairy Black man's ass while spreading his ass cheeks and lubricating him. Then I pressed my strap-on dildo against his asshole and pushed it inside. Just like that, I began fucking my Black Male Sissy Slave roughly. I sodomized him nice and good, sinking the dildo into the depths of his asshole. Troy screamed like a little bitch as I fucked him. I called him every name in the book. Sissy. Bitch. Slut. Whore. Pathetic excuse for a man. Fruitcake. And then some. He seemed to delight in it for he begged me for more. I tore his ass up with my strap-on dildo for a good half hour, then I pulled out of him. Afterwards, I made him clean my dildo with his tongue. He winced as he tasted his ass on my dildo. I smiled. This Black guy makes such a good Black Sissy Slut. Good. I dismissed him with a hard slap to the face, and then he left just like the bitch he is. I can't wait to see him again. This was fun! …read full story
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