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"Up a bit Slave. On your knees, I do not wish to move." I did as ordered. "My boots slave. Remove them. They have made my feet sore and sweaty, and we can't have that. You will massage them Slave. You will rub each one until I tell you to stop. If your massage pleases me, I may, depending on my mood, allow you to lick my feet. First, you will take each and every toe in your mouth, individually, and suck on them. Then, you will use your tongue to clean in between each and every one of them. Next, you will lick and suck on each heel until I deem them acceptable. Finally, you will lick the rest of my foot. All over. You will not miss a single millimeter. But, remember, this is only if you please me with your massage. If I don't enjoy it, we'll think of something else for you to do. Understand?"…read full story
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