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Should you make him wear underwear, or not? The advantage of underwear is that it traps his cock and balls tighter. You like the idea of him being restricted and restrained, the thought of the erection that's usually so pleasurable for him being painful as it's pressed tightly under several layers of clothing. You'd want to watch him put his clothes back on just to see how uncomfortable it makes him trying to squeeze that long hard rod back under his briefs. The advantage of having him go commando is that there's only his trousers covering his hard-on. If you did that you'd make sure he was wearing thin, clingy pants, something that showed every line of his cock and balls when he moved. That would be great for when you want him to feel ogled. It would be great for any of your friends you want to let have the treat of seeing his cock without having to undress him, too.…read full story
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