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And then, came the day, the day she had first been collared. As ever she had been naked and on her knees when Mistress had fitted round her neck the heavy leather collar and told her that she had graduated, she had made the grade, from then on, she was no longer free, she was Mistress's sole possession, her true slave, her property and that, in future, slut-slave's will would be completely subjugated to her Mistress. They had gone back to Angela's house and Mistress had ransacked Angela's wardrobe removing anything she deemed 'unsuitable'. Angela had watched, horrified, as all her underwear and a good proportion of her clothing was bundled into black bin bags and taken to the local tip. Part of her still wanted to say 'no', to protest but she was scared, scared that should she fail Mistress she would be rejected as unworthy and that she could not bear.…read full story
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