pantyhose foot teasing tease

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Getting the picture, I gingerly kneel down in front of the waitress. I reach to set down my drink, and you whisper, "No." Understanding your thoughts completely, I strain to reach forward with my mouth, but the waitress steps back, unsure of what's happening. You giggle and tell me to stretch, all the while keeping a firm grip on my balls and squeezing them a bit. You then look up at the waitress and smile at her as you dart the tip of your tongue out and slide it across your lips from right to left. Then you give the waitress another big smile and nod towards me. Looking apprehensive, the waitress takes a half-step forward and watches, mouth hanging slightly open. I strain forward, stretching my neck and ball sac and reach with my tongue. Barely able to reach the waitress, I swipe at her notebook with my tongue. The waitress, looking a little panicked glances back to you. You whisper, "It's okay. He's well in hand." You reaffirm your control over me with an additional squeeze to my balls as you speak to the waitress. I grimace a bit and emit a soft groan. Apparently this finally relaxes the waitress a bit. She takes another half-step toward me, and I reach out and lick my precum from her notepad and apron. …read full story
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