caught toyed by the mistress

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He then sat back in my chair, naked, and motioned for Mistress to crawl between his legs. "Suck" was all he said. And she did. She took him in her mouth and with enthusiasm, skill and passion she licked and sucked. I watched my Mistress' head travel up and down his length. She approached her task with a vigor I have never seen before. He seemed not to even care about her efforts, taking sips of his drink while she labored. However, she seemed not to notice, seeming to work even harder. Do to his size, she was unable to take him fully in her mouth, but had to use her had to cover and stroke him also. I watched her hand wrap around him. Her red nails, which she had spent so much time on the night before, stood out against him. Using her hand and mouth, she worked, trying to give him pleasure. This seemed to go on forever. Him sipping his drink, seeming hardly to care. Mistress working harder and harder. Then, he closed his yes and Mistress' eyes flew open in surprise. Her mouth and throat began working furiously as to accommodate the flood that had erupted in her mouth. Clear, pearly white cum began leaking from the sides of her mouth as she tried to take it all. He seemed to cum forever. Finally, his eyes opened. Mistress tenderly released his cock from her mouth. She reached of to wipe his dripping cum from her cheek and mouth. "Leave it," he instructed and she lowered her hands. …read full story
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Toyed by the Mistress
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