fetish nicole and her feetslave

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When I got out of the shower Chris told me that she had laid out my work clothes since I was running a little later than usual. I thanked her and went to get dressed. I laughed out loud when I saw her red panties from the night before laid out with my other clothes but when I went to get my own underwear from the drawer it was empty. Even the dirty clothes hamper was empty. This was beyond funny. At least I thought so, Chris couldn't stop laughing. She said it's those or bareback cowboy so saddle up. Hmmm, panties or ruin an eight hundred dollar suit...had to wear the panties...not happy. Chris just said that if they felt so good last night I should have the joy of wearing them all day and that every time I moved I would feel them and remember last night. Besides, she pointed out; when I got home I could take them off with the rest of my clothes before I met her at the door with a drink.…read full story
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