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"I am a servant to a very wealthy socialite couple in their 40's. One of my duties is to be available on the evenings of their dinner parties that they held regularly. Before the party starts I am to be showered and dressed in my French maid outfit, with short black skirt and fishnet stocking but no underwear. Just before the guests are ushered to the dining hall I am helped onto the table by the senior maid. The table is circular with seating for 10 guests. I position myself on my back on a Lazy Susan is in the middle of the table. I raise my knees up to my chest and the senior maid binds my wrists to my ankles. She then gets the special salt and pepper holder. The holder is gold plated and one end has receptors for the crystal salt and pepper mills. The other end has two curved rods with spherical knobs on the ends. One knob is the size of a golf ball and the other about half that size. The rods are custom shaped to fit me and the senior maid applies a small amount of lube to the knobs before easing them into my pussy and ass. Small flanges on the holder provide limits on the insertions and at this point the salt and pepper mills are placed into the receptors. The party guests are usually couples in the same age group as my masters. The guests are seated and my masters slowly turn the Lazy Susan inviting their guest to admire their special holder for the salt and pepper mills. During the main meal the guests turn the Lazy Susan taking and replacing the mills and causing the knobs to apply pressures in different points inside me. This makes my juices start to flow freely and the guests start to comment and joke as they turn the Lazy Susan for everyone to see. My masters advise "don't touch her clit, she goes off like a fire cracker." After the meal the senior maid removes the mills and my masters invite their guests to watch as they start to push and pull the mills holder and rub my clit, forcing me to come and squirt all over the table."<br /> …read full story
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