sissy boy gets paddled orgasm

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Maybe instead you'd have him listen to you on the phone while you orgasm. Whether you make him take his cock out--but not touch it, no, you want him to have the frustration of wanting touch and not getting it--or make him leave it trapped inside his pants so the hard-on hurts, he'll get even harder hearing the sounds you make when you come. You could tell him how much it turns you on knowing that he's stiff and throbbing and unable to do anything about it. You could make him describe to you exactly what he's feeling. You could have him photograph his erection and send it to you. And then you'd tell him that you're thinking of how good his cock would feel inside you while you come. He'd have no trouble staying hard for you to play with after hearing that.…read full story
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Mistress punishes and paddles her wimpy sub
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