control 2 ladys and her feet slve

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Very gently, I lifted the boot that sat to my left and began to unzip it slowly, not wanting to irritate my Mistress by acting to hastily. Before I set it on my lap to reach for the other boot however, she stopped me and ordered me to press the boot to my face and take a deep inhale. I did so and pulled the boot away to exhale and to make sure her reaction was pleased. She was smirking at me, and asked how I liked the smell. I told her it smelled amazing, and told her I hoped I could please her and in so doing, get a chance to taste it the feet that had let off that scent. I laid the boot carefully on my lap and proceeded to take off her other boot, holding her foot on my knee to ensure that it would not touch the floor. I repeated the process, making sure to take a long, drawn out sniff of my Mistress' wonderful foot sweat. I told her how I did not deserve to smell such an amazing aroma, from the foot of one so great as her. She advised me to remember it, and commanded me to make the switch.…read full story
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