kicking red- goddess of punishment

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I opened the door and stepped onto the landing, she took my hand and we descended the circular staircase into her domain. The steps debouched onto a long corridor, the front part in light colour up to a large heavy black wrought iron gate. To the left were two doors, the first again with a small replica of the Mistress' Coat of Arms, the second plain. The first room consisted of a shower and toilet in the back, in the front a large well lit dressing table, flanked by tall mirrors and opposite of it a wall of wardrobes. In one corner stood a dressmaker's dummy on which the costume, which the Mistress had specified, was displayed. Corset-, glove- and boot makers had excelled themselves and supplied in the 6 weeks absolutely superb quality, as befitting a divine Goddess. The back laced corset was made of the finest shiny black patent leather, extensively boned and topless, as specified by the Mistress, to frame her large breasts below, broad leather straps connecting the front of the corset, along the side of the breasts over the shoulders, to the back. To display her gorgeous large bottom, it was cut so as to frame her behind, and not cover it, the orbs framed right and left by the hindmost set of suspenders, the frame of stocking tops, suspenders and corset, beautifully highlighting her gorgeous white smooth buttocks. The front was cut lower to cover her rounded belly. There were a further 3 sets of wide black patent leather suspenders along the bottom of the corset. All suspenders had on each end silver clips in the form of the zodiac sign of Scorpio fastening to corset and stocking tops. On display was a pair of truly shoulder long tight fingerless patent leather gloves, ending in a peak on top, level with her shoulders. My French supplier of silk stockings had excelled himself. My Goddess has very large thighs requiring custom made stockings; Jacques had hand made for me 10 pairs of the finest shiny "Super" black silk stockings with wide double strength welts, welts and back seams stitched in scarlet; in the front, opposite the red back seams, in the middle of the welt, he had embroidered the legend "Goddess Lucia" in red. There was also a wide patent leather neckband, with fixed in the centre front an ornate silver letter "G", intersected by an "L". The boots were really stunning; shiny black patent leather, knee high reaching to a shade below the knees with closely spaced eyelets, front-lacing to the top and a concealed Zip Fastener along the back. The slender stiletto heels were 6 inches high with silvertips at their ends, along the spine little silver studs runnning along the full height of each heel. The toes were tapered but not excessively so, a little pointed silver tip at the end of the boot tips; the soles and the inside of the heels were tinted scarlet. Behind the dummy, on a clothes hanger, was draped an ankle length voluminous black patent leather cape, lined in scarlet satin, with a high standup collar, front-fastened with a silver chain and clasp. Finally, displayed on the dressing table in a black satin lined box, was a set of slender wrought silver spurs with finely crafted clover-shaped rowels with attached thin plaited patent leather spur straps; fastened to the left spur was a little silverbell. – I stepped aside to observe the reaction of my Mistress; she was totally speechless and stunned, a high flush colouring her face. She stepped forward, picked up the stockings and touched them to her face, turned and kissed me full and passionately, then pointed to her feet ordering a kiss to her boot heels. I observed with pleasure as she caressed the corset, picked up the gloves and let her fingertips wander over the boots. She didn't even want to know, at that time, what else was hidden in the wardrobes.<br /> …read full story
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