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Almost on cue my wife came back into the room looked to see what was going on and left without saying a word. I watched and again saw the little man on our kitchen floor and those same white shoes. I saw an eyedropper appear from about and two drops were squeezed out onto his head. She raised her foot and again he was under without a word and without warning he was gone with a pop. She stepped on him holy shit I can't believe what I just saw. She raised her foot and I saw what was left of him on the bottom of her shoe. A new scene and a different pair of shoes, same results and the same sickening sound of him popping under her foot. This went on for five minutes; he was dropped inside her shoes and squashed, under flip-flops and then bare foot. The last one I watched as she scraped him off her foot onto the floor and then before I knew it he was hole again. The I read words across the screen," With every crush he reforms quicker, the first initial times it will take about 20 minutes. This is because it takes his body time to realign itself and as it does this more it gets better therefore it gets faster. Yes this is all very painful for the slave!" …read full story
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