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Now I just want to watch you get sucked off. You'd be sitting on my bed, waiting. I'd be talking to him in the next room. You could hear us speaking, but not what we are saying. I'd be telling him about how you lean to one side, and that can be a fun way to tease you, to play with the lean. He'd come in and I'd let you know what I want, that I want you to come in his mouth. You'd agree, saying "Yes, Mistress." I'd instruct you to stand up and unzip your pants. You'd hesitate for a minute, and then I would command you. You'd already be shirtless, so there would be nothing blocking the view. Your cock would be about half hard: hard some from the anticipation of being sucked, but not solid from the hesitation of being sucked by a man. …read full story
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