a strict mistress and her slave leather

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Mistress broke the kiss and smiled as she buckled the leather collar around my neck. Then, after untying my hands, she ordered me to stand and strip. I guess I knew this was coming, but still. I began to unbutton my shirt. I must have been going to slow as Mistress struck out with the crop, telling me to work faster. Soon I was down to my underwear, then naked in front of my Mistress and this strange man. As I began to ponder what I had gotten myself into, I felt my cock explode as Mistress struck it with the crop. "Why are you not hard?" she posed. I looked down and saw my cock, flaccid and limp. "You had better get my cock hard now!" she ordered. I looked at her. She sternly looked at me, uttering between clenched teeth, "take hold of my cock, stroke it, get it hard this instance." And I did. My right hand reached between my legs and I masturbated, standing nude in front of this stranger. I looked up at him, sitting there, watching. And I hardened.…read full story
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