face slapping in the tower domination

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"I really have no need for a male slave. They are a bit of a bore." I kept walking around you. You couldn't tell because you were blind but I had Cock on a lead. He was naked except the cock ring I used to keep his dick ready, the ball gag I used to keep him quiet, and the collar I used to attach the leash. I was reasonably pleased at how he looked and how he behaved, but like I said, I had no use for him. Cock is for you. "I don't even really think of him as a slave. He is more of a tool, like my strap on, something to be used. Grunt for the lady, will you please, Cock?" I slapped his ass and he grunted. Your body tightened. You knew it was for real.…read full story
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face slapping by Lady Jenny
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