stockings puts vicky in a neosteel chasity belt

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"Well whore, I imagine you want to know what we were just saying...what I was agreeing to? Well the truth is I need more of that cock...and I'll do pretty much anything to get it. Luckily stud is happy for me to have it, but only after he's tied me to a hook in his ceiling and beaten me back and front with his suede flogger and then with his belt. As you can imagine I didn't need to think twice about about win win whore...hah. So tomorrow afternoon before I come to use you as previously planned I will be whipped and will have your phone on and will hear every bit of it...I can only imagine what that will do to you! Oh and one more thing..."…read full story
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Puts Vicky in a NeoSteel Chasity Belt
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