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He just had to pretend he hadn't been up to anything. To be caught like that while wearing his - or rather her - school uniform would be just - well, weird. He had to get his head back together. So much had happened in the past day that he could barely cope with. He had been shaved from neck to toes not once, but twice; forced to try on women's lingerie in a department store; masturbated by a complete stranger; made to try on and then wear a dress and women's shoes; masturbated again, this time into his underwear; made to eat his own cum out of Sally's now hairless pussy; and finally dressed as a schoolgirl and left alone in the house, at which point he promptly masturbated again! This had to stop. Whatever had come over Sally was great, but she had to recognise the lines that shouldn't be crossed. Not that he was entirely sure where those lines were and that confused him even more. He was straight. He had always been straight. And while he had always enjoyed playing with girls' knickers ever since he had borrowed a pair from his elder sister many years previously that didn't make him gay or a tranny. He had never wanted to dress up as a woman. It wasn't who he was and he took no pleasure from it. Except he did.…read full story
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