slave tied up & sat on

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Responding to the apparent surprise showing on my face, Sandra continued, "Kathy gives a good handjob, doesn't she? I should know, I taught her. Know what I gave her for her eighteenth birthday?" After a slight pause she added, "My boyfriend. Son of a bitch was beside himself when I brought her in and told him what was going to happen. Shot his load ten seconds after she touched him but we brought him up again and made some use of him. She was a natural, a quick learner, knows exactly how to control a man. She and I control a man through lust, his own powerful need to orgasm. Control the orgasm and you control the man I told her. Sara is something different though. She enjoys being hard on men, not seriously hurting them mind you, never anything that does them any lasting harm. Any marks she might leave are gone in a few days at most and some even enjoy Kathy and I watching what Sara is doing to them. You men are so basic, aren't you?" …read full story
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