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"My slutty sissy secretary, in order to make this payment for your sissy failure, you will service me by first sucking on my right foot and toes until I come and then sucking on my left foot and toes until I come again. After that, we will see what happens." Standing at the end of the bed, I removed her right shoe and began to slowly lick the toes on her right foot. The leather and perspiration from her day flavored her toes with a musky sharpness I knew well from previous service. She inserted the G spot probe into her pussy, pushing the Trigasm firmly against her so the front twig parted her lips and pressed against her clit. As I began sucking her big toe all the way into my mouth, she flipped on the switch of the Magic Wand. She moaned in almost instantaneous pleasure as the shock of the deep vibrations shook her to the core of her loins. I moved my mouth over all of her toes as she began to breathe heavily with the rising sensation. She hoarsely ordered me to take her whole foot in my mouth. "I better see red lipstick stains at the base of my foot or you will pay with your sissy ass" she warned. I struggled to maintain my footing because the leather soled pumps slid on the carpet as I began to deep throat her foot. Sucking it into my mouth, I swirled my tongue over her toes like I was giving her foot a blow job. I worked hard to satisfy her, stretching my lips out to touch the top of her foot near the base of her ankle trying desperately to leave the lipstick mark she demanded before pulling back to breathe…read full story
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