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As he approached fifty he slid his left hand down her leg and on fifty took hold of his cock. Mistress opened her eyes and watched as Bobby slowly stroked his straining cock and did his utmost to keep counting, fingering and sucking while looking up at her without coming. The notion of simply wanking himself off and dealing with whatever the punishment was tempted him sorely, but the increasingly loud moans from Mistress reminded him that it wasn't about his pleasure, it was about hers. He reached twenty before he knew it, and closed his eyes hard. He dropped his cock and pulled his finger from Mistress's pussy, clasping them behind his back. He backed away from the dildo, and Mistress's hands gently caressing his head as he pulled away. The act of kindness touched him deeply and he smiled up at her though his eyes where still closed. He then bowed his head and opened his eyes once more, awaiting her next challenge.…read full story
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Femdom strict german mistress cane a little her slave
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