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"Yes Mistress" was again the only verbal response from her as she stood up straight, but I could tell I had pushed her to the limit and when she turned and stood before me her sissy clit protruded obscenely from under her skirt and a long string of pre cum dangled from the tip of her sissy clit to her exposed upper left thigh. Then with another quick curtsey she dropped to her knees between my legs. I placed a hand around the base of my cock so it stood proudly vertical from my groin and if I'd wanted to could easily have fellated myself,but that's what servants are for and I watched with unrivalled joy as Tammy, with a glint in her eye slowly lowered her head and inch by incredible inch the entire 9" of my cock disappeared slowly down her throat until I could feel her top lip brushing against my clitoris. Somehow she was able to hold her head there with my cock half way down her throat as her tongue caressed my pussy lips . After a minute or so of this she slowly raised her head to reveal my shaft thickly coated in her saliva. Eventually the entire length was free of her mouth and she proceeded to lick my cock clean then repeated the whole process but this time when her lips met my lips she only held her head there for a few seconds before pulling back and plunging her head down and I watched in awe as she deep throated my entire cock. As her head bobbed up and down I could see the copious amounts of saliva she was producing trickling down my cock to mingle with my cunt juices. I couldn't resist and reaching forward grabbed her by the hair and rammed her head down onto my cock and thrusting my hips up tried to get as much of that cock down her throat as I could. I held her head fast as those 9" nestled comfortably and listened to the slight gurgling sound of air and saliva making bubbles in the back of her throat.<br /> …read full story
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Shot after the mock wedding, this video shows Mistress giving her sissy what most "brides" get on their wedding night
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