mistress victoria brutalizes slave kick

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Mistress Feral produced a tube and squeezed some clear liquid onto her plastic cock. At least I would get some lube. She shoved my head forward into the centre of the bed and I felt her nails sink into my ass and then prise my ass cheeks apart. Then with no more build up she lined the tip of her strap on at my ass hole and penetrated it slowly. Letting me feel every inch as it pressed on and on into my bowels. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. I thought I would split in two but at the same time it was thrilling and my erection returned with a vengeance. Mistress Feral didn't seem to pleased about that however and I got a shock as she grabbed the loose end of the lace around my balls and gave it a hard pull, tightening the lace to an uncomfortable extent around my scrotum!…read full story
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