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The tightest of tight black catsuits clung to her every curve, there was not a crease or fold in it, it was as though the material were part of her skin, a second layer that had grown on the surface of her own body. I wondered what the material was, because I'd never seen anything so captivating, so desirable in all my time spent looking at leather and latex clad bodies on the internet. And her shoulders were not bare as I'd previously thought, the catsuit simply became transparent when it reached her shoulders, and the transparent material continued on up her neck, and ended just below her jawline. She let her breasts press against my chest and said nothing, just held my head up by the chin so that I was now looking into her eyes. The silence was intoxicating, and the feel of her breasts beneath the catsuit, her beautiful, perfect breasts pressing against my chest was too much for me to take, I whimpered as she looked into my eyes, and then ran the backs of her hands gently over the sides of my naked body, making me tingle all over. My cock was wincing at her every breath, her every touch, and as it bobbed between my legs it flicked intermittently against the material of her catsuit, probably tapping at the insides of her thighs, but I didn't dare look. She looked down towards our groins, then looked back into my eyes and smiled. …read full story
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