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Anyhow, I decided to treat Troy Williamson, my first Black Male Submissive, just like the others. I am a professional Dominatrix after all and this is what I get paid to do. When he came to me, I asked him to tell me about his fantasies. The sexual fantasies of an educated Black man who's married to a White woman and works for the Canadian government. Why would he seek me out, a Black Dominatrix? I mean, since he's married to a White woman, aren't White women what he prefers? To my surprise, Troy Williamson told me that he was still very much attracted to Black women. And he liked them tall, Black and bossy. I had to chuckle at that one. Tall, Black and bossy. That describes me, Tennis legend Serena Williams and a lot of Black ladies around the world. Well, if he wanted to get dominated by the Black Dominatrix bitch from hell, this submissive Black man definitely came to the right place.…read full story
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