warming up my boy toy foot

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<i>This is part of a series of events that my wife/mistress has told me to relate in the hopes of improving other couples lives. I would suggest reading them all (in order preferably) to get a clear picture of our female led marriage. A FLM does not have to include the delivery of pain or other kinks that some people object to (I do not like pain and my wife hates to administer it but I still clearly know who is in charge). It only needs to include what the wife wants. Look for other stories under my author name: Nancysboybill.</i>…read full story
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Yo Cougar Mama warmin up her Luscious Boy Toy n help ease his camera Jitters! No Cum shot in this clip, but its Guaranteed to Heat you Up Real Quick! Enjoy Mature Muscle Erotica! XXX
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