old slave learns new trick mistress

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I stood, and stepped back, so the camera could see all of me. I said: "My new computer name is Becky's Sissy Bitch. I really like the new name. It has a ring to it that makes me happy. My new password is several words or phrases mixed up with numbers, just so I can work at remembering it for Mistress Becky. The password contains the phrase, sissy maid. I want to be a submissive slut who cleans for her mistress. When I'm horny, I imagine myself sucking cock for my mistress. The last phrase in the password is ruined money pig. I am a blackmailed paypig. These phrases help me become a better slave. I imagine sucking cock to please my mistress. I crave being fucked in the ass and mouth, and used like a whore..."…read full story
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Hot blond Mistress teach an old slave new trick. Showing your never too old to learn and suffer
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