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She barely made it to her place before the teacher entered, but at least she had made it. On the other hand, she had to hurry so much, that she was now sitting in class, half naked, surely smelling pussy, and her overly sensitive clit was threatening to push her into an orgasm sooner or later. While walking, she found out how devilish the piercing on her clit works. When she had the titanium band holding back the hood, offering her love pearl to the world, she only had to struggle with the skirt rubbing on it every now and then. But now, with every single step she made, the weight of the piercing kept tugging on her clit, pulling on it like a lover might playfully do. And now, sitting down, she also quickly learned that the piercing jewellery was wide enough to force her to keep her legs open. If she closed them, the bar got twisted, really hurting her clit. She ended up having her knees more than a foot apart meaning anyone in front of her looking her way might be able to catch a glimpse of her dripping pussy.…read full story
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