A Domme visits her sub male

The door bell rang incessantly..leaving the computer and rushing down stairs, i flung open the door and ...stared with unbelief at you standing there..smiling and looking at me with that special look of control and sadistic domination.

You moved into the house, saying your flight had been rerouted thru Richmond, and you had several hours of free time. My heart lept up and my breathing became shallow a i watched you continue past me toward the special secret dungeon here in my house..the one i had built..sound proofed.. and equipped made out of a second floor bedroom.the floors reinforced, the walls covered with mirrors and all sorts of racks and suspension devices and pulleys and benches and a wall covered with whips, plugs, wands, strap-ons and other special toys.

Taking my hand, you led me there.and ordered me to strip and kneel. You moved about examining everything...finally selecting a very special chair..a heavy wooden weighted arm chair with a split seat which supported the thighs but left the center open and accessible. The high back was designed to hold and support but allow access. You turned and smiles at me as i knelt in awe of you..lovely, more so than the pictures..legs so long and a face so lovely.

william, you said..come sit on the chair..grinning at me...and after i sat, you used all the cuffs and straps to bind me immobile to the chair arms and legs tightly bound to the frame..you blindfolded me and added a cage to my already swelling cock. Reaching under the chair you adjusted the plug post so it would press up into me when you activated the levers.and you lubed it well..and your fingers opened me as well. My breathing was steady..wanting your pleasure most of all..listening for sounds and clues.

You giggles and began to touch me lightly all over..teasing sexual touching...arousing me enough to make the cage pain me awfully..and as i became more erect and the pain intensified, i could hear your breath begin to quicken You kissed my neck and ears..and bit down hard on a nipple as you toyed with my body.........


You stepped back and looked at me....smiling..you went to the wall and selected a pair of clover clamps connected by a short gold chain.....and moved gracefully back to me....and leaned over and began to suck and lip pull my nipples. My buds rose under your ministrations, becoming elongated and hard...You grinned..kissed me and applied a clover to each tender nipple and slowly pulled the chain..tightening the clamps until the flesh around the nipple began to redden.

Again you went to the wall, but this time you selected a long thin strong cord and looped it up and through the overhead pulley just in front of the chair..ran it back to the pulley behind the chair and lowered it loosely to the floor. Moving in front of me, you pulled the nipple chain again.... taut..and tied it to the front part of the cord. With a satisfied giggle, you moved behind the chair again and tightened the pull on the clamps and added just enough weight to the cord to pull my nipples up and out from my now aching breast.

You knew that from back there, even without the blindfold, i could not see as you added weights, picked up the weights and let them drop or any of the other devilish games you would play with my mind and body.

Looking at me as i sat immobile, you decided to remove the blindfold and cage..you had a much more intense idea in mind for my cock and you wanted me to see and watch as you applied the torture to me..a new CBT you just thought of as you had examined all the devices available. There was a cock torment device which had a D ring at the cock head tip end. The main part of the finely made leather strap was a combination ball spreader and a cock base ring both adjustable for maximum tightness..BUT the chief delight for you was the leather ring which closed around the helmet of the cock, just behind the very sensitive rim of the head..which would tighten as the pulling was applied.

You knelt and began to tease and stroke me..watching as my excitement and fear extended my sex up and out..pulsing and hard..showing a tiny penile tear at the tip. You attached the device to me and closed the straps and spreaders and the head piece and tightened all of the parts until my erection was encased but held hard and firm....and you grinned..and Told me to watch your every move.

The D ring on the cock device allowed you to attach another long strong cord to it, throw it up and over yet another pulley in the ceiling and lower it for the weighs..which you added until i began to moan.....and you laughed..and asked , "comfy, william...and laughed as i struggled to answer...........


You walked around the chair.touching me gently and erotically..teasing me..getting me hard....my cock swelling and extending in the harness..balls aching from the spreader...hips locked in the chair..body desire rising ..a slight sheen of perspiration covering all of me..my eyes wild as i try to follow you..loving the tender sexual touches..listening for anything when you are behind me.

Suddenly the pull is off my nipples and i see the cord go slack..my relief is so sweet..the SHOCK of the jerk on my nipples is awful....AAAUUGGHHHAAUUGGHH..my agony so much more acute. You had picked up the nipple weights and dropped them from a height so as to yank the clovers tight.....you giggled and repeated the drop several times...enjoying my increasing loud sounds.

I feel your fingers pressing the lubrication in to me..preparing me for the plug on the adjustable pole..fingers working to open me..relaxing my sphincter spreading me..lubricating my channel. and then.............. the electric motor starts and the plug slides into me rapidly all the way and begins to turn and pull and move around..taking me close to the edge..You command me not to cum under threat of a sever whipping with the long flogger.

i watch as you move to my front and lean over and so softly and sweetly kiss my lips..taking my desire for you as sucking my lips and tongue for your pleasures. You play with my cock fingers brushing along the shaft..teasing the head . leaning over an nibbling at the tip of the head held up by the stretch cord around the helmet..nibbling bites ..aahhhhuugghhh. I shudder from the pain in my cock and nipples and the working of the plug inside my hole.....

You add weights to the cock cord and grin as my body shudders and i moan in agony...Then the surprise!!!you tilt the chair back so that my head is level with your hips..and you mount my face....i hear you muffled but clearly.."william..enjoy my lips and folds..make me cum..william..pleasure my sex for my joy..and don't you dare cum"..and you settle down on my face almost shutting off the air i need to survive. and you toy with my cock as i try to please you orally. and the plug continues it torment of my hole..driving me close to orgasm from the massage on the prostate..pain flows

my lips suck the labia into my mouth and my tongue goes crazy with desire to please..you ride my mouth and tongue....taking more ..demanding more..your voice strong in its demands...and as i tire, you begin to whip my stomach and thighs... letting the whip touch my balls slightly..and as i scream into your sex, you press down revelling in the joy of my sounds vibrating inside your vulva..whipping..demanding more as my body strives to please..you ignore my moans....really enjoying the vibrating effect they have on the labia..and as i struggle to breath and orally please you, the whip plays a song of pain on my flesh...and the plug works deep to hurt and simulate me ....

You begin to rock on my face.i feel the pulsing of your sex on my lips and mouth as the orgasm takes you..shuddering and spasming..you shake to a complete release. Your juices fill my mouth and i cant breath as your body covers my face nose and mouth..the orgasm lasts a long time and my lips and tongue please you..and you rise a bit and i gasp ..drawing in air so desperately needed..and you settle down again..loving my struggles as the orgasm begins again ...you work my face and mouth wildly..you love my struggles..I suffer and strain for you and finally you collapse on ....me... and my breath comes rushing in through my open mouth. You lay on my tortured body as the spasms continue and you slowly float...enjoying the aftermath..and its pleasure.

After some time, you rise and release me from the chair and all the bindings..and take my hand and lead me to the bed..and place me under the soft covers...and you kiss my tear and juice stained face..enjoying the mixture of your cum and my tears. You kiss me again and slowly depart the room..the plane awaits and you must go to the Islands.

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