Hes kidnapped by three bikiniclad Black women

It was a warm early Wednesday morning in June, with the temperature in the mid-70's. The 7-11 on Route 60 in Valrico, Florida was very quiet and 26 year old Kevin Butler who worked the 11PM-7AM shift was reading 'USA Today'. At about 3AM the quiet was suddenly shattered by a commotion at the front door of the store. When Kevin looked up he could not believe what he was seeing. Three beautiful black women wearing only bikinis and high heels rushed through the front door giggling and acting drunk. The bikinis that they were wearing and the way they were staggering and giggling held Kevin's attention and he did not see Suzette flip the open sign on the door window to closed.

Tammy Cato, 22 years old, stood 5' 7", her 32B breasts filling her black bikini top, her long slender smooth legs totally exposed, her hips barely covered by her black bikini bottom. Her 2" black heels made her 5' 9" tall. Her curly black hair was flowing down to her shoulders.

Veronica Redic, 26 years old, stood 5' 9", her shocking pink bikini top hardly containing her firm 34C breasts, her pink bikini bottom exposing her firm 32" hips. Her 3" pink high heels making her 6' tall. Her long frizzy black hair flowed down to her breasts.

Suzette Evans, 28 years old, stood 5' 7", she was wearing a white bikini whose top was tied in front that her 36D breasts strained against. Her 3" white high heels made her 5' 10" tall.

Kevin watched in amazement and shock as Tammy staggered into the rack holding bags of potato chips, pretzels, corn chips and popcorn and scattering them all over the floor.

"Whoa ladies," Kevin called out through the microphone. "Please be careful with the merchandise."

"Woops," Tammy giggled.

Tammy brought her right hand to her lips to suppress her giggling.

"Hello," Kevin said through the microphone in frustration. "Ladies, can I help you?"

The three women stopped staggering and turned towards direction of the metallic voice and saw Kevin behind the Plexiglas partition, that all 7-11 stores used to protect their employees and prevent robberies during the late night hours.

"Ooops," Tammy giggled. "Sorry about the mess, mister."

"We want some wine," Veronica said.

Veronica started staggering towards the wine rack. Kevin knew that he was not supposed to come out from behind the partition between midnight and 6AM but he also knew that if he didn't, that these women were going to knock not only the bottles of wine all over the place but everything else and then he would have one hell of a mess to clean up when they left. Besides these women didn't look dangerous at all, they were apparently drunk and besides there was also a video machine that was tape recording everything in case they did rob him.

"Hold on, lady," Kevin called out. "I'll get the wine for you."

Kevin came out from behind the partition, leaving the door ajar and made his way quickly towards the wine rack. He could not smell any alcohol but he could smell their perfume.

"Why thank you, young man," Veronica said a little too loudly. "You're such a gentleman."

"Don't you ladies think you've had a little too much wine to drink tonight?" Kevin smiled.

"Why we haven't had anything to drink," Suzette said a bit to loudly. "We just want to party."

As Kevin walked past Suzette she goosed his ass and he swung around to face her.

"Hey," Kevin said. "Watch the hands, lady."

Veronica quickly came up behind Kevin's 5' 9" body and wrapped her soft feminine ebony arms around him in a bear hug pinning his arms to his side.

"What the hell," Kevin cried out.

"Gotcha," Veronica said.

"Hey, let me go," Kevin demanded.

"Ahhh, come on, baby," Veronica said. "Let's party."

Kevin could feel Veronica's firm but feminine breasts pressing into his back as struggled to break free from her grasp to no avail. He could feel her soft, sexy but strong arms pinning his arms against his sides.

"Let me go," Kevin said again.

Kevin continued to struggle Suzette stepped directly in front of him with a bright smile on her face.

"Like I said," Suzette said with a smile. "We just want to party, honey."

Before Kevin could respond Suzette punched him in the belly.

"Oommpphh," Kevin said.

"And you're the guest of honor," Suzette said.

The air rushed out of Kevin's lungs as he slumped in Veronica's grasp and she eased him to the floor. Tammy ran over to the L'eggs display and came back with a pair of pantyhose in her hands.

"Let's tie his hands behind his back," Tammy said.

"Good idea, Tammy," Veronica said.

Tammy knelt down next to Kevin as Veronica held his hands behind his back and Suzette ran her hands thru his hair.

"Just be a good little white boy," Suzette cooed. "And let us three ladies of color show you how to party."

"Uuuhhh," Kevin moaned.

Tammy tied Kevin's hands securely behind his back with the pantyhose as Suzette kissed him on the forehead.

"Be good, sweetie," Suzette said. "I'll be back shortly. I have to get some money to party with."

Suzette got to her feet and went behind the Plexiglas partition, she opened the cash register, scooped the up the bills and shoved them in her bikini top and bottoms.

"Don't forget the video tape, Suzette," Tammy called out. "While you are back there."

Suzette looked around and could not find the videotape machine.

"The tape machine is not back here," Veronica said. "I can't find it."

Tammy grabbed a handful of Kevin's brown hair and pulled his head up till she was looking directly into his brown eyes and smiled.

"Baby, where is the tape machine?" Tammy asked him.

Kevin was still breathing heavy, trying to get his breath back, from Suzette's punch to his belly and he was in no mood to cooperate with these black women.

"Fuck you," Kevin gasped.

Veronica dug her fingernails painfully into Kevin's biceps from behind as Tammy slapped him sharply across the face.

"Where is the fucking video tape machine?" Tammy demanded.

Veronica dug her nails deeper in Kevin's biceps and if his short-sleeved shirt were not protecting him her nails would have broken the skin.

"Oh my God," Kevin moaned in pain. "It's in the back office."

"Thank you," Tammy said sweetly.

Tammy kissed Kevin on the lips her tongue invading his mouth as Veronica loosened her painful grip on his biceps. Suzette went through the door directly behind her and was in the back office. She looked around and saw the videotape machine on a table in the corner.

"There you are," Suzette smiled.

Suzette went over to the table and removed the videotape from the machine.

"I got you, baby," Suzette said.

Suzette came out of the back office waving the videotape triumphantly in her hand.

"I've got the tape, girls," Suzette shouted. "Now let's get the Hell out of here with our guest of honor."

Suzette moved quickly from behind the Plexiglas and towards the front door of the 7-11 and held it open.

"Let's go, stud," Veronica said.

Veronica and Tammy stood up pulling Kevin to his feet with them. He struggled with them and they quickly twisted his arms behind his back.

"Aaaahhhhh," Kevin cried out.

"Stop struggling," Veronica said.

"OK, OK," Kevin said.

"You're coming with us," Tammy said.

Veronica and Tammy kept Kevin's arms twisted behind his back as they led him towards the front door of the 7-11 that Suzette was holding open.

"No," Kevin moaned. "Plea---mmmpphhhh."

Tammy pressed her left hand over Kevin's mouth while keeping his left hand twisted behind his back with her right hand.

"Shush, be a good boy," Tammy said. "And everything will be just fine."

Tammy and Veronica took Kevin out of the 7-11 and into the parking lot. Suzette opened the back door of their silver 2001 Ford Taurus SES.

"Get in the car," Veronica said.

Tammy and Veronica shoved Kevin into the leather seat in the back of their Taurus. Suzette closed the back door of the car, quickly got in the driver's seat and drove off.

"We did it," Suzette shouted. "The BBB's have pulled it off."

"Who would have thought," Tammy said. "That three black women in bikinis could pull off kidnapping a white stud and robbing a 7-11 at the same time?"

Kevin couldn't believe what was happening to him. 10 minutes ago he was working, minding his own business, when these three beautiful black women, wearing bikinis, came into the 7-11 and now he found himself in the back seat of a car, his hands tied tightly behind his back with a pair of pantyhose, with a black woman on either side of him, not knowing where they were taking him. He could feel their almost naked, bikini clad, bodies pressing against him from either side. Their perfume wafted into his nostrils. Suzette put a 'Destiny's Child' CD on. Tammy who was on his left side placed her right hand on his left thigh.

"How are you doing, sweetie?" Tammy asked.

"Great," Kevin said sarcastically.

Veronica looked over at Kevin with a smile on her face. She ran her right hand through his brown hair.

"Oh, come on," Veronica said. "It could be worse you know."

"Yeah," Kevin said. "How?"

"Well you could have been kidnapped by a gang of over sexed gay men, who would fuck you up the ass," Veronica smiled.

Tammy and Suzette laughed but Kevin, turning red in the face, just looked at Veronica.

"Instead you got kidnapped by three beautiful black vixens," Veronica continued. "So consider yourself lucky."

"Thanks," Kevin said bitterly.

Tammy moved her right hand to the zipper of Kevin's pants, unzipped it and reached in grabbing the shaft of his cock in her hand. She started massaging his cock with her soft feminine fingers.

"Do you like that, honey?" Tammy asked.

"No," Kevin said.

"Maybe you don't," Tammy giggled. "But it seems that your cock likes it."

Kevin's manhood was betraying him and responding to Tammy's milking of his cock.

"Ohhhhh," Kevin moaned.
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