When a slave mistress loses control

A trembling Marie faces the much taller and stronger Elizabeth.

Elizabeth presents an intimidating figure, dressed in black leather bra and panties with tall leather boots, also in black. In Elizabeth's hand she brandishes a nasty looking black leather whip with brass fittings. Elizabeth looks sternly at the cringing Marie. Elizabeth tells Marie, "Strip naked for me, slave!"

Marie seems on the verge of some sort of refusal, and then she begins to slowly unfasten her dress. She pleads with Elizabeth, "I will strip naked for you, Mistress. I will do what you tell me, always. Just, please, don't hurt me."

Slowly, Marie removes each item of clothing. By the time she gets to her fancy panties, they are soaking with her own juices.

Elizabeth then manacles Marie's wrists and loops the connecting chain over the top of a peg protruding from a slanted board. Elizabeth has to lift Marie nearly a foot to get the chain over the peg. Even if Marie weighs less than 100 pounds, the lift is still an exhibit of Elizabeth's strength.

Elizabeth prods Marie with the butt of the whip. She snarls, "You went out with a boy when I told you not to. Is that correct, bitch!?"

Marie is now both crying and shaking slightly. She says, softly, "It meant nothing Mistress! It was just for coffee, nothing more. I swear!"

Elizabeth again prods Marie with the butt of the whip. She commands, "Silence slave! You will speak only when I order you to speak. Is that clear?"

Marie trembles, "Yes Mistress!"

Elizabeth walks back and forth behind the bound Marie. She sneers, "I was going to eat your pussy, slave. Would you have liked that?"

Marie says quickly, "Oh yes Mistress! You always treat your slave well."

Elizabeth snaps, "I treat a good slave well. A disobedient slave must be punished."

Marie is, by now trembling visibly. She pleads, "Please don't whip me Mistress!"

Elizabeth thunders, "I said silence, slave!" Elizabeth then seems to consider the matter of Marie's disobedience. She muses, "I must make the punishment fit the crime. You were disobedient with a boy. I could whip you, but that does not really fit the crime. No, slave, if you want a boy, well then you shall have a boy. In fact, you can have the big cocks of two boys up your disobedient little ass. You will take both huge cocks without a whimper or I will whip you. Is that clear?"

Marie continues to tremble but says only, "What ever my Mistress orders me to do, I will do."

Elizabeth then snarls, "If you submit totally to the two big cocks, you will not be forced to suck those same cocks when they are removed from your disobedient little ass. Is that clear."

A softly sobbing Marie says, "Yes, it is clear, Mistress."

Behind Marie is the sound of the cellar door opening and closing. Marie then feels a presence behind her. A male voice says, "When I am ready, you will relax your muscles and let me shove my 10 inch cock deep into your ass slave. Do you understand?"

Marie sobs, "I will always do as I am told."

A second male voice says, "When Ed is finished, I will also fuck your tight little ass. If you have been good, I will even use lube. Do you understand?"

Again Marie sobs, "I will always do as I am told."

Suddenly there is the sound of a scuffle. Marie can not see what is going on behind her and does not dare to try to turn.

From what Marie can hear, Elizabeth seems to be in some sort of trouble and she is trying to do something with the boys.

Suddenly, nude and gagged Elizabeth is manacled and suspended from the peg next to Marie. Unlike Marie, Elizabeth faces the board.

The first male voice, apparently Ed, says to Elizabeth, "Gary will fuck your Mistress ass hard and deep. You will relax your muscles and let him shove his big cock as deep as he likes into your ass, do you understand?"

Elizabeth squirms and tries to say something. However, her gag turns it into a confused mumble. The same male voice says, "Bitch, if you do not play our little game, I will whip you and then fuck you in the ass. Do you understand?"

Elizabeth now ceases trying to struggle and says something that the gag almost completely muffles. Then, Elizabeth lets herself relax against the hard board.

Meanwhile, Marie is lifted from the peg by which she is suspended and then turned and hung facing the board. Marie feels the hard board against her breasts and then something big and hard presses against her anus. Then something too big thrusts itself past the resistance of her sphincter muscles and into her ass. It then makes its painful way deep inside the trembling Marie. Marie is in pain and so scared that she barely notices that Elizabeth next to her has stiffened, apparently as Elizabeth receives the same cock in the ass treatment that Marie is undergoing.

As the big cock tunnels its way into her virgin hole, Marie feels pain and a sort of overstuffed feeling. She does her best to bear the pain without crying out, because she is afraid of worse consequences if she fails to perform exactly as the boy wishes.

Next to Marie, the bound and gagged Elizabeth is receiving the same treatment from the second boy. The outrage of the whole situation fills Elizabeth with hate for the boy fucking her ass and she silently vows revenge.

However, the boy feels the lack of cooperation and tells Elizabeth that she will either relax her internal muscles or he will whip her until she does relax her internal muscles

Suddenly, the huge cock in her ass begins to drive Marie to the most shattering orgasm she has ever experienced. The pace of the thrusting of the huge cock increases and then Marie feels the shuddering that presumably indicates that her rape is finished. A thoroughly dominated Marie feels the cock withdraw from her ass and she lies panting on the slanted board that holds her prisoner.

Elizabeth realizes that she can not fight the big cock up her ass. She tries to wiggle a little to bring the guy off so that he will finish. It is all to no avail. The painful pounding continues and there is no hope of release or escape until the cock shoots cum inside Elizabeth's ass. Worse yet, Elizabeth is beginning to feel the same excitement that made Marie climax and now Elizabeth in her turn will be forced into a climax in front of her slave.

The pain suddenly transforms into the strongest orgasm Elizabeth has ever experienced. Elizabeth's whole body shudders as she reacts uncontrollably to the orgasmic sensations coursing through her body.

The boys then discuss the anal fucking of the two girls in the crudest terms imaginable.

The second voice, that of Gary, then tells Marie that he will clean and lube his cock before he fucks Marie because she has been a good slave. He asks Marie, "Do you understand?"

Marie answers, "I will do anything you want, please do not hurt me."

The answer is a stinging slap across her buttocks. The male voice says, "Slave, you will always say Master when you speak to one of us."

Marie sobs, "Yes, Master!"

Ed tells Elizabeth that he is not going to clean or lube his cock, as she has been a bad slave. Elizabeth tries to say something, but the gag prevents anything intelligible. There is the crack of a whip and Elizabeth jumps in pain as she feels the raw sting of the whip mark on her buttocks. Ed's voice says, "You will be silent and obedient or I will whip you again!" Elizabeth cringes and does not reply.

The rested Ed then enters Elizabeth's ass with his huge cock. Once again, Elizabeth feels the pain in her anus and also the pain where the whip has stung her buttocks.

Marie again feels the entry of a cock into her anus. This time the smaller, well-lubed cock does not hurt so much as it penetrates past her sphincter muscles and she is able to stand the deep thrusts more easily. The voice of Gary asks, "Do you like my cock up your ass, slave?"

Marie answers, "I love to give my Master pleasure."

The twin anal fucking continues until Gary shoots his cum into Marie's ass. Then Marie feels herself again lifted from the peg and reversed until she hangs from the peg as before only now facing out, rather than facing in to the hard board. She can feel the cum drip from her outraged anus.

Marie can now see Ed continuing to fuck the ass of Elizabeth with hard, deep strokes. It takes a while, but she can hear the breathing of both Ed and Elizabeth pick up as Ed strokes toward climax. As Ed shoots his cum in Elizabeth's ass, Marie can hear Elizabeth climax as well.

The two boys lift Elizabeth off of her peg. Gary brandishes the whip in Elizabeth's face. He snarls, "Bitch, you will eat my slave's pussy until she climaxes. If you cause any trouble, I will whip you so hard the first whipping will feel like a love pat in comparison. Now eat pussy, slave!"

Elizabeth can neither kneel nor stand to put her mouth on Marie's quivering pussy lips. Instead, she has to brace herself with her still manacled hands and half bend, half lean and lick Marie's pussy.

The still bound Marie begins to wiggle in ecstasy as Elizabeth's tongue does its familiar work on her pussy. Marie moans throughout the eating and finally climaxes noisily as Elizabeth's tongue flicks her clit.

Ed pulls Elizabeth back and re-hangs her from her peg. Gary meanwhile, prods Marie's breast painfully with the whip handle. He asks, "Did the bitch give you more pleasure?"

Marie gasps and says, "I live only to pleasure my Master. Her tongue was good only because it followed my Master's fucking."

Gary smiles a bit grimly and hoists Marie off of her peg. He unfastens Marie's manacles and says contemptuously, "Get dressed slave! However, leave the panties off. If either of your new masters wants to feel your pussy, what do you do?"

Marie says softly, "Spread my legs for my Master's pleasure. I live only to please my Master."

Ed in turn addresses Elizabeth. He snarls, "Bitch, you will be left free but manacled and gagged. You will wait down here in the cellar for 10 minutes. Then you may go upstairs and search for the key we will leave. If you exit the cellar before 10 minutes, we will leave you down here, hanging helplessly from your peg. Do you understand?"

Elizabeth nods meekly and says something that might have been, "Master," through the gag.

Ed continues, "When you find the key you will free yourself and clean yourself up. Then you will begin the process of recruiting the next slave for Gary and me. Do you understand?"

Again Elizabeth nods meekly and again says something that might have been "Master," through the gag.

Ed then lifts Elizabeth off the peg on which she hangs.

Elizabeth does not really stand, but leans against the slanted board.

Then Gary turns and tells Marie, "Lead the way, slave."

Marie meekly leads Gary to the steps that lead up from the cellar.

Ed follows and Elizabeth is all alone in the cellar.
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