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I was painting Misty's toenails a bright red color as I kneeled in front of her. She was lounging on the sofa watching T.V. I knew she was excited. It was her first date with Chris. They had met at one of my work's office parties. One of her favorite things to do was humiliate me in front of my friends and family. The people I worked with were a close third. So I knew when she saw the tall, very dark, and handsome man that she would zero right in on them. The worst part was that he was one of my closer friends at work. A few drinks later and she was sitting on his lap. Bright red doesn't describe the color of my face as I watched him fondle my fiancée in front of everyone. It got worse when they left together and returned a half hour later with her makeup and hair fussed. After, she had me write down our phone number. He thanked her for a great blowjob. The whole table heard. Now here I was, buck naked getting my wife ready for her date with him. My peenie weenie, that's what I have to call it, was sticking straight up as usual.

It wasn't always this way. I'm actually nice looking with an average penis size. I used to think it was quite the weapon. Played sports in school, got my share of action, and was a pretty confident guy. That is until I met my Misty. Her long brown hair, perfect medium size tits, and gorgeous plump rear hooked me from the start. She had that look that made very guy immediately fall for her. Sultry, confident and she knew it. She was always condescending but could be really sweet too in a patronizing way. Our courtship was always one sided though. I paid for everything and was basically at her beck and call. If I didn't answer her calls on the first ring I got a firm reprimand. She treated me like a kid in a lot of ways, scolding me and telling me how things were going to be. After a date she would let me peck her on the check and that was all. I was so horny for her I couldn't sleep most nights.

Her dress was always very provocative and always included short skirts and heels. I would lay awake long sleepless nights jacking off thinking about her curvy tight body. Often she would flirt with guys right in front of me and if I dared say anything, she would pinch me very hard. After about a month she started letting me come in her house with her at the end of the date. I knew something was up when she referred to me as her white boy in front of her roommates.

The first time she let me in her room I was so excited I almost came in my pants. She had me sit on the edge of her bed as she slowly stripped down to a black thong and matching bra, with her four inch high platform heels on. She wiggled her unbelievably sexy large rump in my face. When I went to grab it she slapped my hand away. Than with a sarcastic grin on her face she told me to strip as she lay back on the bed. I raced out of my clothes and stood in front of her with the biggest hardon of my life. It was finally here and I was dying with lust. Than it happened.......... She looked down to my dick and started laughing.

"Oh my, is that it?" she mocked. "Its so little and pink, I knew white boys were little but my lord. It is cute though in a boyish kind of way." I was mortified. Usually girls call my seven incher big. I should have gotten dressed and walked out or at the least called her a bitch or something. Instead I stood there being humiliated and got hornier. "Ohooooo looks like Mr. Pickle likes when I call him names, is that it. Does little baby's micro sized weenie like that? Looks like he does. Oh baby I know. Go over in my drawer and get some panties to put on. All baby dicks should wear panties, don't you think?"

I was sweating. I knew if I did as she asked I was giving away a part of me. I wasn't sure what but I had a guess it would be my pride and any sort of self-esteem. It hurt but I walked over and picked out a yellow pair of panties and slid them on. Than she had me model them for her.

"That's it sweetie. Show your princess what a little sissy you are. Oh that's it. Bend over for me and show me your little pantied tushy. My my and hear I thought a good-looking jock boy like you would have actually something to offer. Hahahaha I can barely make out your little Oscar Meyer in those pretty panties. Mmmm yes. Touch your toes and show princess how little dinky white boys have fun. God I've lose all respect for you. That's it tiny. Now. Ready for you reward" she asked pushing aside her panties to show me her glistening wet perfectly smooth honey pot. I nearly tripped jumping over to her and trying to get my dick in her hole.

"Hahaha no sweetie not like that" she scolded me. "Panty wearing boys with little peenie weenies don't get to use them. They're useless. As if you could ever please a woman. The only thing I'm interested in is your tongue. We both know you could never please me or anyone else with that. Now do a good job and I might let you pull your little pud for me. Hold on and I'll show you what white girls really like while you eat me." Using a remote she switched on the DVD player and a movie of a really hot big tittied white girl getting pounded by an enormous big cock played out.

I spent the next hour pleasuring her while she watched the movie. I lost count of orgasms she experienced. At the end she made me get some tissue and in three quick strokes I shot my load into the paper. She made a grimace face when I came and made me put what she called my disgusting sissy spunk in her bathroom toilet. Afterwards I gave her a long massage with oil as she told me her plans for me . "You see baby I only like real men for sex. However, if a guy like you knew his place and that my pussy was reserved for black dick only, I think we could have a real future together. Of course you would have to how proper respect to your betters at all times Missy. That means wearing what I say and doing exactly as told. I find your body hair very offensive and want it removed immediately. That includes the hair around your little dinky. Yes baby the one you were so impressed with before now. I think is really inappropriate that you would try and act like a real man with such an inferior white bitty like that. Anyway I'm willing to train you but it will be tough for you. What I really want in our relationship is more of a mistress servant one. I mean I think we could have a very happy time together and I am even willing to help you become the pantywaist I know you were born to be. You are very lucky I am here to help you. No more trying desperately to please women and failing miserably. Yes I know sweetie, but they were acting. The might have pretended you were pleasing them to be nice but deep down they were craving a really big black cock. I know it hurts but I assure you I will definitely help you in ever way to achieve your place at my feet. I think it would be very sweet to help you realize your inferiority. Oh baby your crying. See, I knew it wasn't an act; you really were the little dicked wimp I've been looking for. Now go introduce yourself to my roommates as the new housemaid. Yes you'll be serving them too.

As I left I was in turmoil. I loved her with a deep yearning passion I had never before experienced but I wasn't sure if I could be what she wanted. After only four hours she had wrecked any sort of pride I had in myself as a man. Of course I drove to her house at mach ten the next morning when she called, and I knew I had sealed my fate even showing up after the way she had treated me.

Training consisted of severe spankings, public humiliation and forced feminization. I was made to clean her and her roommates house twice a week in a short dress and heels. Her two roommates dated black men only as well. When we went out she always put just a dash of makeup on my and always had me wear some very feminine but not too over the top clothing. I looked like a total fag most of the time. Seeing me dressed like this, and out with this gorgeous brunette gave most guys the idea I was her gay friend. Guys constantly came up to us in clubs or restaurants. If they were black and good looking she would explain I was her sissy boyfriend and that I was lacking in certain departments and that I appreciated help in satisfying her. After three months we moved in together. I mainly slept in the guest room. One thing I learned was that she was definitely a nymphomaniac. There was a steady stream of well-built black men who visited. They seemed to know about me beforehand. I was always made to wear lingerie around the house and often they would have a good laugh at my expense. Another thing I learned about in great detail was eating another man's semen from my girlfriend's pussy. Often in between rounds they would call me in to clean her up for the next go. I was mortified the first time I came prancing in wearing a pink baby doll (Misty loved pink on me) with pink slippers and saw her gooey hole displayed right in front of me. She smirked as she pointed to it. "It will be good for you baby doll. Maybe you can ingest some of his masculinity. Besides Clarence didn't believe me when I told him all white boys have at least a little bit of gay in them. Now go ahead and show us what a little no balls fairy you are." I complied and cleaned her thoroughly. I cried during it and they both loved it. After that it became a regular thing.

After I was done with her nails I helped her into a ruffly red thong panties and bra set. Than I slid down a skintight black dress that just barely covered her round ass. She looked like a high-class call girl. "Oh I am so horny for some real dick," she told me." Your tongue is good sweetie but boy do I need to be fucked by real man. Now. Go put on those super tight little daisy dukes you made and the halter-top. I want Chris to know that you're absolutely no threat in the masculinity area. It's important for black men to know that their women are all theirs. That's it missy. Now the heels. Awwww what a perfect little pansy you look. I can tell you shaved your legs today like I asked. Good girl. Now I want you to show proper respect to your superior when he shows up. Thank him for taking care of my needs and also ask if you can clean his apartment sometime. That shows real class. Hmmm maybe your should bend over for him and show him that big black butt plug you have crammed up your little faggoty ass too. Yes that's a good idea. Do that. Now I want you to write a five page letter to Chris while were gone, in your prettiest pink colored writing, explaining reasons why he is so much more of a mans than you and why you are so happy he's fucking your girlfriend. Maybe you should tell him about how we have been together six months now and the only sex you've gotten is a hand job. Okay there's the door. Go answer and and make sure to keep your eyes down."

This was a big step. Usually I didn't know the men she slept with personally. When the door opened, Chris was there. He immediately started laughing. "Damn you are one punk ass bitch. Misty told me but damn. I always heard most white boys are faggots but I guess you gotta see it to believe. Nice daisy dukes pansy, oh my god, did you shave your legs?" Not waiting for an answer He went right to misty and deeply French kissed her,right in front of me. I was burning with shame. My peenie weenie was starting to get very hard also. I swear it was getting smaller. Last time I measured, it was only six and a half. I'd lost half an inch somehow. Maybe it was all psychological.

Misty noticed his and pointed to my exposed dinky. "Oh look how happy he is that is girlfriend is getting laid" she laughingly said. Chris laughed along with her. "Go ahead sweetie, play with it for us. Show Chris how utterly useless you are as a Man. That's it honey. Make him see what a total limp dicked panty wearing wimp your are. "Ewwww, quick eat up your inferior pansy goo for us now. Hahahah that's it.

Wait till I tell everyone at work about you" Chris said. Misty loved this idea and encouraged him to do so. She made me lick Chris's shoes as they lovingly kissed. "Good boy, shows respect Now if you don't mind I'm going to take your lovely girlfriend out and later fuck her in every way and hole I can think of. Don't wait up tiny. They left with Misty's dress riding up on her left side and Chris's big hand dug deep in the crack of her ass. The neighbors already knew so I wasn't worried about that. I started crying when the left and furiously jerked my dinky till I creamed my panties and daisy dukes for the second time in ten minutes.

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