Man is taken by female interviewer

Luckily, I had the cash to live for a few months without working, but the months were quickly going by and the cash was wasting away. I had many interviews, but none like the interview I had at STRAP-ON ENTERPRISES. A week had passed, and I was dreaming of the phone to ring and hear Ms. Kitrell's voice again.

As I surfed the want ads on the Internet, the phone rang. Ever since my interview at STRAP-ON ENTERPRISES, my heart had become accustomed to skipping a beat every time the phone rang.


"Is this Sam?" a female voice inquired.


"Sam, this is Ms. Gere with STRAP-ON ENTERPRISES. You interviewed for our company with Ms. Kitrell a week back."

"Yes, Ms. Gere."

"We have a position opening up here, and we were wondering if you were still looking for a job?"

"Yes, mam. I'm definitely interested in working for STRAP-ON ENTERPRISES. Is it the job I originally applied for?"

"Oh, no, Sam. This is a job working under me. I'm the Vice President of Product Development. If you're the right person for the job, you would be working under me exclusively. I need a tester for our products. Are you still interested?"

"Yes, mam. I sure am."

"Good, I thought you would be. Ms. Kitrell had nothing but nice things to say about you, and I have your resume here in front of me."

"Yes," I said tentatively, remembering what Ms. Kitrell made me do to my resume.

"It's quite impressive, Sam. You have LOADS of experience. How does Monday at 10am sound?"

"Yes, mam. I will be there."

"Good, come prepared."


What did she mean by that I wondered? Come prepared? She already had my resume, and I recognized her name. She was the same long blonde haired lady who saw Ms. Kitrell taking my ass. Would she do the same? I had to be "prepared" that she would.


I approached the front desk, and the same young lady I had met during my first interview manned the desk.

"Hello, again," she said, "I'm glad to see you're back."

"Hi, uh, yes, I, um... I'm glad to be back."

"I bet you are... Are you here to see Ms. Gere?"


"Good, she's the best. Let me see if she's ready for you... You can go ahead and have a seat."


The young girl buzzed through, I assume to Ms. Gere, and said, "Your 10am is here."

Not a minute later, Ms. Gere appeared before me. She was cloaked in a black business suit with her long, white-hot blond hair in a bun. A single strand of curled blonde hair dangled from the side of her head. This seemed to be a theme at STRAP-ON ENTERPRISES. Her horned-rim glasses and ruby red lipstick accentuated her marvelous body and tanned skin.

"You must be Sam."

"Yes, mam. And you must be Ms. Gere."

"Indeed I am, Sam. Why don't you follow me?"

I followed close behind this tall specimen of powerful sex. I could only imagine what I could do to her in her high heels, and only dreamed of what she could do to me. As we walked down the hallway, she stopped short and caught me watching her ass.

"Do you see something you like, Sam?"

I was so embarrassed.

"Oh, uh, ah... yes, mam, I mean, no mam."

"So, you don't like my ass?"

"Oh, uh, yes, mam."

"It's okay, Sam. Don't be nervous. If you are going to work for me, you are going to have to be honest with your feelings. When I ask you a question, you better tell me the truth."

"Yes, you're right, Ms. Gere. I'll tell you anything you want to know."

We stepped into her office.

"Good," she said, "Because I won't tolerate dishonesty. I expect confidence and a desire to please... Now, tell me, Sam, how do you feel your first interview went?"

"I thought it went very well."

"What makes you think that?"

"I'm back for a second interview, aren't I?"

"Yes, but I want to know why you think you're back for a second interview."

"Ms. Gere, I'm going to tell it to you straight. I have a fetish for strap-on cock from a woman. I love it and I love the feeling of giving up control and power to a sexy woman. I'm back for a second interview because you walked in on Ms. Kitrell fucking my ass, and you saw just how much I was enjoying it. That made you hot, and you want to get some of my ass for yourself. Does that sound about right?"

"Well, I see you're going to have no problem voicing your opinions and more importantly, your desires... For the record, your body impressed me, and, yes, your enjoyment of our products made me very hot. It's obvious to me that you know our products, but what I do not know is if you can confidently sell our products. Have you ever used a strap-on on someone else, Sam?"

"No, I've always just used my cock."

"Do you want to fuck me, Sam?"

"More than anything."

"Well, I don't let my employees fuck me, Sam. I do ALL of the fucking around here... I like you, though. You have definite potential. I need to see how you use that cock of yours."

Ms. Gere pressed a button on her telephone.

"Amy, please send Ms. Kitrell in."

Ms. Kitrell walked in, as if expected. She wore red, thigh high boots and a red corset. Her beautiful ass was bare, no underwear.

"I believe you know, Ms. Kitrell."

"Yes," I said, "how do you do?"

"You passed Ms. Kitrell's interview, Sam. She said you loved taking her cock. She said you really understood the satisfaction of using one of our products. Since you are so good at receiving, I need to know how good you are at giving."

"I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"I need to know that you know what it is like to fuck with a cock. The next phase of your interview will involve you demonstrating how to properly fill a subject with a hard cock... which I can see you have."

Ms. Kitrell approached the side of Ms. Gere's desk and bent slightly over her desk. She looked back at me and then down at my stiff cock. I couldn't believe it. Her nodding was the go ahead for me to do anything I wanted to her. I immediately bent to my knees so that her beautiful ass was eye level. I should say tongue level because I immediately spread Ms. Kitrell's cheeks and began to lavish her hole with my tongue. Her clean-shaven nether region was perfect. I tongued furiously to break inside her ass. At first, my tongue met her resistance, but she soon wanted my tongue in her ass, and she pushed back onto my face as I licked.

Ms. Gere crouched down near me, removed her glasses, and guided me, "Confidence, Sam... I want to see confidence, and I want you to make her cum. Better yet, I want you to be so good at fucking her that I, myself, would even consider taking your cock... Is that clear?"

She stood up and smiled as she watched me. I was stroking Ms. Kitrell's crack with my tongue. There was nothing more in the world at that moment except for me being engulfed inside her. I grabbed both her ass cheeks firmly and continued thrusting my tongue into her invitingly, wet hole.

"Ooh, that's right," Ms. Kitrell said. "Suck it."

I sucked her ass, and I gave her a quick THWACK on the ass.

"You like when I suck it, Kitrell?"


"I know you do. Tell me what you like."

"I like you to suck on my asshole and make me wet."

"Ooh, I bet you do. Do you want me to get that ass nice and wet so I can fuck it for you?"

"Ooh, yeah. What are you going to fuck it with?"

I thwacked her on the ass again harder.


Ms. Gere was now reclining in her office chair. She had removed her eyeglasses and was caressing herself under the desk out of view.

"I'm going to fuck that ass with this cock of mine. Tell me you want it."


"Ow, damn... I want it."


"Not good enough."

"Ow... I want it! I want your cock."

"Beg for it, Kitrell. Beg for my cock in your ass."

"Please, give me your cock, Sam. Please give it to me in my ass... oh, please fill me up."


"Ahh, god! Your tongue feels so good inside my ass."

Ms. Kitrell was getting to a boiling point quickly. She stood erect and reached behind her pressing my face into her as with both hands.

As I was deep inside her ass, now, I heard Ms. Gere comment, "Oh, yeah. You two are hot."

"I'm begging you, Sam. Please fuck my ass," Ms. Kitrell begged.

I heard a thud – the unmistakable sound of clothing hitting the floor.

Ms. Gere slowly walked around the side of the desk behind me as Ms. Kitrell caressed her own breasts that bulged from her corset.

"Yeah, assfuck his face, Erica," Ms. Gere commanded. "I want to see you cum with his tongue in your ass."

Ms. Gere called her Erica. I had not previously known her name. I thought I would use this to my advantage, but my wheels were turning. What was Ms. Gere doing behind me? And, I had assumed I was going to get to fuck Erica's ass, but Ms. Gere now wanted me to make her cum by licking her.

"Do you want me to make you cum, now, Erica?" I dared. Ms. Gere quickly pulled me by the hair from between Ms. Kitrell's cheeks.

"Did you just call her Erica?"

"Yes, mam."

"Get this straight, wonder boy, you will address all women within this company as "Ms." Do you understand? I don't ever want to hear you calling us by our first name."

"Yes, Ms. Gere."

"Now get back to pleasing Ms. Kitrell."

I fervently lapped up Ms. Kitrell's ass and planted my tongue as deep as I could get it. Suddenly I felt a sharp slap on my own ass.

"How's he doing, Erica?" Ms. Gere asked.

"He's doing great, Ms. Gere."

"Would you hire him?"

"Well, he hasn't... oh, god, lick it, Sam... he hasn't made me cum... oh, fuck, lick it harder; lick my asshole... That's it. Suck on it... He hasn't made me cum yet, Ms. Gere."

I started to sweat profusely. Was this all for naught? I felt a cool liquid drip onto my ass.

"Well, he has the confidence I'm looking for," Ms. Gere said as she applied lubricant to my ass. "And, according to you, he loves to take a fat cock."

"Oh, yes, Ms. Gere, fuck... don't stop licking... he took my cock like a pro, of fuck... Lick it, Sam. Suck on my ass if you want to make me cum."

I felt Ms. Gere's hands on my shoulders. She pressed my face into Ms. Kitrell's ass to where I almost couldn't breathe. I could feel Ms. Kitrell's body beginning to rumble. I felt Ms. Gere slowly slide her strap-on inside me. It caused me to grimace slightly, but I was more concerned about making Ms. Kitrell cum for me. I began sucking furiously on her asshole. My lips encompassed her anus, and Ms. Gere's cock slowly filled me.

"Do you like that, Sam," Ms. Gere asked.

I mumbled a yes as Ms. Kitrell's warm ass muscles were contorting in my mouth. I licked every inch of her insides. Ms. Gere laughed at my muffled answer.

"Suck that woman's asshole while I fuck your ass, boy."

Ms. Gere's cock burned my insides as she stretched me. In and out, slowly she fucked me. As her pace quickened, she pressed my face harder into Ms. Kitrell. Ms. Kitrell was about to erupt.

"I'm going to cum, Ms. Gere. Just keep on fucking that man's ass... You're going to make me cum with his tongue in my ass... oh, yeah... oh, fuck!"

Ms. Gere rocked our bodies hard. She raked her nails down my back and into my ass cheeks, squeezing while she thrust her cock inside me.

"Cum, Erica... I demand you to cum."

I was such a tool for both of them. Ms. Gere was using my body to get Ms. Kitrell off.

"Taste her ass, Sam. Get a full taste of her ass while I fuck you good."

I was engulfed in Ms. Kitrell's ass, and I wanted desperately to cum. I could feel the cum boiling inside my ultra hard cock.

"I'm going to cum, Ms. Gere," I warned.

With that, Ms. Gere grabbed by ball sack and squeezed ever so slightly. Not before Ms. Kitrell, Sam. She kept her rhythm of taking my ass, but now she was pulling my sack backwards.

"Oh, Oh!" Ms. Kitrell exclaimed. "Ahhhhhh! Yes, lick it faster... I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Deeper, deeper... fuck, fuck."

"Yeah, bitch," Ms. Gere said. "Cum for me."

Ms. Kitrell's ass reverberated on my face. She was cumming, and she wanted my tongue as far inside as she could get it. She clutched my hair with both hands and rubbed my face up and down into her crack. I was ravenous for her ass.

"Now, it's your turn," Ms. Gere said as she let my balls go. "Get on the desk."

I stood up and Ms. Kitrell moved out of my way. I laid backwards onto Ms. Gere's desk with my legs hoisted into the air. Ms. Gere moved right in and held my legs in the air. Ms. Kitrell helped her by holding my right leg up. This allowed Ms. Gere to POUND my ass as hard as she wanted. I was in heaven looking into the eyes of these two beauties, as Ms. Gere took full control of me.

"You may touch your cock, Sam."

As I took her strap-on into my ass, I stroked my cock.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Gere. You fuck me so good. You fuck me so good with that cock of yours."

The women smiled. When I saw them smile, I could hold back no longer. I exploded all over my belly. It was like a jet propulsion fountain as my white-hot cum shot up like a rainbow and down to my chest.

"You're hired," Ms. Gere said as she removed her length from me. "I'll see you here first thing tomorrow morning – 8am sharp."

"Thank you, Ms. Gere. I'll be here."
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