Loving sub counts for rewards from his Mistress

He's on his knees before me. He's bigger than I am. When he is allowed to stand his 6'4" frame towers over my height of 5'3", but when he's tied to the table or forced to kneel it makes little difference. His hands are tied behind his back and then tied to the cuffs around his ankles in a form of hogtie.

"How many clothes pins can we get in a row along the little seam that runs from your little asshole to the head of your cock?" I ask him as I run one across his nipples.

"As many as you wish my Lady."

He answers so sweetly. His eyes are cast toward his feet.

I ask him with the sugary tone of a little girl, "Will you count with me my poppet?" I see his face contort in anticipation of the pain, I swear I see him thinking, Great no gag and I have to count; this will take some self control.

"Yes, my Lady." He answers.

I undo his hands from his feet and tell him to bend over the table in front of him with his ass spread wide. I retie the ropes around his wrists and secure them to the table and the counting begins.

"One, Lady. Two, Lady."

His voice is calm.

"Six, Lady. Seven, Lady."

He's starting to whimper a little.

"Eleven, Lady. Twelve."

I swear I could do this all day long. I watch his body jump slightly with the addition of each new pin.

"Eighteen. Nineteen Lady."

I love listening to the quivering tone in his voice as he counts higher. I add more clothes pins.

"Twenty-three, Lady. Twenty-four, Lady."

I've run out of room. Sweat has formed on his body like a lightly sprayed mist.

"I love the way your body gives you away my pet. Is this too much for you?" My voice drips with a light acid. His voice is shaky as he strains to control his whimpers.

"No Lady, you pleasure is never too much for me."

"Well, that's all the room there is. How many are there poppet?"

"Twenty-four, my Lady."

I tap the end of the clothes pins with my leather paddle.

"Answer me correctly!" I bark at him.

"It has taken twenty-four clothes pins to run completely along the seam from my little asshole to the head of my penis.

I don't allow him to call his member anything but his penis to remind him that it is not an object of power.

"Good boy." I turn to leave the room. "Now, I'm going to get the first surprise for you. Be a good boy and wait here for me." I leave the room giggling to myself because telling him to wait is a moot point since he's still tied to the table.

I'm gone for about 5 minutes--just long enough for the circulation to be cut off from his skin as it is pinched in the clothes pins a little bit longer. I return with a chilled bucket of ice.

"Now I'm going to remove the clothespins slowly one by one. Count backwards as they come off. When I'm done I want you to tell me what you feel."

"Twenty-four, Lady. Twenty-three, Lady." He's having trouble controlling his tone as he feels the sting of their removal.

"Nineteen, Lady. Eighteen, Lady." He flinches with every pin removed. "Twelve, Lady. Eleven." His gasps have turned to little squeals. "Seven, six, Lady."

I keep removing the pins on after the other. I grab a piece of ice and prepare to rub it along his seam as I remove the last pins.

"Two, Lady. One, Lady." I start rubbing the ice along his flesh. "Lady, it feels hot and then cold, so cold." He's panting as he flinches at the sensations. He's done so well with the pins so I decide to give him a reward.

"I'm leaving for a short while. I'm leaving you tied here so I won't be long. When I get back I'll have a second surprise for you."

"Yes Lady, as you wish Lady." I leave the room smirking at what's next.

I walk into my play room. I see that my toy is still tied bent over the table where I left him. I have donned my favorite toy. It is a beige leather harness. The buttery smooth leather is warm on my skin. The leg straps for the harness frame my ass like a heart. I have my favorite dildo fastened in the ring. It is a 6x1 1/2 inch electric blue dildo, the color is the only non-phallic component in this toy's appearance, but then again I've always preferred the brightly-colored toys. I grab the lubricant and put some in my hand. I walk to where he can see me and order him to open his eyes and look at me. I stroke my dong enjoying the feel of the shaft in my hand. He watches me as I stroke it up and down; it begins to glisten with the wet lube.

"You know what's coming next, don't you my poppet?" I ask him

"Yes, Lady."

"Tell me what it is, then, so I know you're not lying."

"You're going to fuck my little ass."

"Yes, my toy."

I move behind him and kneel so my shaft is at level with his sweetly-clenched hole. I apply lube directly to his skin before I gently slide myself into him. He starts moaning as he feels his rectum stretch to accommodate me. I behind thrusting. I love the smack-pop sound of my body against his as I thrust into him. I swear I can feel his tight little asshole clenching around my dildo, almost like its silicone surface is my own living skin sliding through him. His moans are as lovely to hear as any woman's. They serenade me towards culmination. I grab his hips as I thrust harder, his giant hands reaching back, grabbing my thighs begging me to thrust harder and deeper. I feel sweat dripping off my face. It falls onto his lower back and mingles with his own mucky scent. The vibrator in the hidden pocket of my strap vibrates without mercy forcing me from one earth shattering orgasm to the next. I see his buttocks clench, he's about to cum, I'm sure of it.

"Please Lady, don't stop. I need you now," he whimpers between gasping moans. I thrust in hard and hold it in, the end of my phallus deep in his body.

"Why should I let you cum? Tell me what you have done to deserve that release." I'm teasing him but he doesn't know it. I have every intention of letting him cum, just not yet, not like this. My hand reaches around and grabs his long hard cock. I'm squeezing it as hard as I can. He looks back toward me.

"I have done all my household duties, my Lady, and cooked you the dinner you have said was so delicious." I slap his right ass cheek as hard as I can.

"Those are your regular duties!" I snap. "What extra things have you done to deserve to cum?" He drops his head.

"I am sorry, Lady, I didn't mean to upset you. I have done..." I slap his ass again, not letting him finish his sentence.

I pull out of him and remove the harness from my body. I drop it in front of him and untie him from the table.

"Clean that up and put it away, then clean yourself up. When you have finished with those tasks meet me in the dining room." I bark the order at him, perhaps a little too roughly.

While I wait for him to complete these tasks I go and put on the new fishnet body stocking I bought. Its black thread strikingly dark against my pale skin. I slip on my black stilettos and my sheer black robe, the one with the red roses on it.

I walk to the dining room admiring the click of my shoes against the floor. I look around the room. I notice his bowl on the floor still has the table scraps I put in it when I finished my dinner. He must be feeling guilty about something to have not eaten his meal. Maybe it was the new recipe he cooked for me. He may have been worried it displeased me and is waiting for a beating.

He is kneeling next to my chair eyes cast to the ground, hands clasped behind his back. I look at his body still glistening with the sweat from me fucking his ass. His monstrous cock is the hardest I've seen it in a while, I haven't let him cum all week. I open my robe to reveal my breasts as they emerge through the webbing.

"Look at me poppet." I say coolly. I can tell he thinks it's a trick. He glances up and immediately drops his gaze back to the floor. "I said look at me you insolent slut!" I growl at him.

"Yes, Lady." He answers in a whisper and raises his head. His eyes trace visibly up and down my body.

Cautiously he asks, "May I have permission to speak honestly Lady?'

I nod.

"That is a very nice new outfit; it compliments your beauty, Lady." He is still watching his words and his tone carefully. He must be afraid I am tricking him into another beating. I spread myself over my dining room table.

"Come to me my poppet." I beckon sweetly like a little girl trying to coax a kitten to her. I drop my robe to the floor. "Make love to me, let me feel how much you need me, maybe then I'll let you release."

His cock fills me, it is sweet ecstasy. My cunt is dripping wet from fucking his ass. Hell, I cam so many times doing it I'm surprised there's not a puddle in the room where I did it. The smell of our sex fills the room like incense. I rake my nails down his back and see goose bumps arise on his flesh.

He whispers, "May I grab your hips Lady so I may love you deeper?"

I grin.

"You know I love feeling you as deep as I can."

He grabs me, and pulls my pelvis closer to him with each thrust. He's so long and thick I can see my abdomen move up and down with his thrusts. We're fucking so hard and fast I know I'll need him to carry me when we're done.

"Oh poppet, you are so good at all you do, cum for me now, you deserve it."

"Thank you Lady."

He starts pumping more determined now that he knows he can cum. His back arches, eyes clench, jaw snaps open as he moans through his orgasm. He's pulsing in me as he fills my pussy; it is bliss to be filled.

"When you've caught your breath carry me to my room, I think I need a rest now."

"Yes Lady." He picks me up off the table and carries me to my room. He lays me down on my bed. I pull him down and kiss him sweetly on his sweaty brow.

"Wake me in an hour poppet. Use this as your free time."

"Thank you Lady."

To Be Continued...
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