Wifeled household goes beyond his initial fantasies

As usual, I was home from work before she was. I immediately began straightening up the place and preparing dinner. She expects dinner to be nearly ready, a glass of white wine poured and an immaculately clean house to await her when she arrives home from work. My wife has a very stressful job, making almost three times the money that I do, and she likes to begin unwinding immediately after she gets home. After we eat dinner, I will clean the dishes as she goes into the bedroom to get into more comfortable clothes. She will then take her place on the couch in the den and either reads or watches television as I kneel in front of her and massage her feet.

It hasn't always been like this; I haven't always been so completely focused on serving her. I had always wanted to submit to her, but our relationship was so incredibly vanilla that I never had the courage to confess my true feelings to her. It was only when the Around Her Finger movement (based on the premise that men are happiest when wrapped around the finger of the woman they love) started taking off and became a cult phenomena on the internet that I realized that there were many men just like me. We wanted to confess our submissive desires to our wives, but we lacked the courage or the knowledge to know how to go about doing it.

What surprised me the most when I finally did confess to my wife was how completely open she was to the idea. I had already started a program of stealth submission where I was doing everything I could to serve her without revealing my motives. I was doing virtually all the housework (including her laundry which I had never done), giving her foot rubs, massages, keeping my hands off the remote control -- you name it. One day she asked me what had come over me and I opened up like a book. I told her everything about my submissive fantasies. She recognized what this lifestyle had to offer both of us and she took to it immediately. She went to the web and learned all she could about how to nurture my submission and embrace her dominance.

She made it very clear to me that she expects that I obey her. All of the household chores are now my responsibility. I still work, but she is considering having me leave my job to focus more attention on the home. All the major decisions in the home are now hers to make or delegate as she sees fit. She controls all the finances and gives me only a small allowance. My early evenings are spent relaxing her with foot rubs, massages, pedicures, etc. Late evenings are spent attending to her more intimate pleasures. While my orgasms are now strictly controlled, her orgasms are more frequent than ever.

She will typically lie on the bed on her stomach as I massage her shoulders, back, and all the way down to her feet. On her cue, I will slide a pillow beneath her waist so that her ass is lifted off the bed. I will position my face between the cheeks of her ass and draw small circles around her asshole with my tongue. Then I will begin making tiny tongue-thrusts in and out of her rosebud as I begin to massage the flesh of her pussy between my thumb and forefinger. Eventually she rolls on her back and I begin slowly licking her pussy until she comes closer and closer to an orgasm. I then focus all of my attention on her clit to drive her to multiple, intense orgasms.

All has been going wonderfully. We both enjoy our new roles in the household and I think we would never be happy going back to the way things were. Very recently, however, she asked me a question for which I was unprepared. She wanted to know what I thought about the idea of her making love to another man.

I was dumbstruck. Of course I was aware of cuckolding; I even have to confess to the occasional cuckold fantasy. However, fantasy was where it ended with me. I didn't want to deal with the emotional baggage of watching my wife be fucked by another man. I told her the truth. I told her I wanted nothing to do with it. She looked at me and smiled. She said she would take my opinion into consideration, but ultimately she would decide and she would expect me to obey.

That night she afforded me what had by now become a rare opportunity to have intercourse with her. She mounted me and slowly eased my cock into her pussy. She instructed me to lie still while started to slowly thrust her warm pussy up and down along the length of my cock. She leaned forward and put her mouth on mine. She opened her mouth so that the air she exhaled became the air I inhaled. My breathing matched hers. Her hips slowed, but her pussy remained clasped around my cock.

She spoke to me in a low, throaty voice. "I would think you would want to see me fuck another man if you thought it would make me happy. I would think you would love to be my little cuckold. It would really take us to a new phase; it would be a great way to prove your devotion to me." I was silent. She clenched her muscles around my cock and again began the steady back and forth motion with her hips. "Of course you would be involved. I would want you to watch as he slides his cock into my pussy. I'm sure that most men couldn't stand that humiliation – to watch another man fuck their wife – but you aren't most men. The more I can do to demonstrate control over you and the more you can do to demonstrate submission to me… the more loved you feel. And I want you to feel loved, because you are loved. I love you so much." I remained silent. "Honey, tell me you want to be cuckolded. Tell me now that this is what you really want."

She again slowed the motion of her hips. My cock was completely in control of my thoughts. "Yes, Dear, please make me your cuckold. I want you to be happy. I want you to fuck another man." A wicked smile came across her face. Her loins tightened around my cock, and I exploded inside of her. She quickly slid her hips up along my abdomen and chest so that her pussy was positioned over my face. She lowered herself onto me, and for the first time I tasted my own seed from her body. She giggled as she gently stroked my hair. Things were about to change.
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