Regina gives her new husband an adventure

Regina smiled broadly as she entered the secluded cabin nestled among the tall ponderosa pines. At 24, she had a considerable amount of sexual experience compared to that of the 21 year old man that she married that same morning. Their courtship had lasted nearly eight months, and although they had engaged in sex play, she had not allowed him to have intercourse with her, saying that she would only allow that with a man to whom she was married.

Their sex play had consisted of everything but penetration. Regina provided exquisite blowjobs. After he ejaculated in her mouth, she liked to let his semen dribble and ooze through her parted lips while she looked at him with a coy expression in her eyes. She also provided expert handjobs, during which she teased him mercilessly over a prolonged period of time before allowing him to squirt. In return, she had him perform frequent cunnilingus and manual stimulation for her. They had even spent a few nights together, during which he, in desperate frustration, had lain on top of her in mock intercourse without penetration, and, with his throbbing member nestled between her legs, spurted on the sheets. He worshiped her pussy, mostly with his mouth, which delighted her.

On the drive to the cabin, which entailed negotiation of many miles of winding road with numerous hairpin turns, Regina titillated his fantasies about what was in store for them, interspersing her remarks with cryptic utterances which caused him to question his own sanity at times. She had specific plans for the course that their wedding night would take - plans which she did not divulge. He, of course, anticipated a scenario in which he would tear Regina's clothes off and fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her. In his fantasy Regina's mouth would be wide open and her eyes shut in ecstasy as he lay on top of her, repeatedly plunging his engorged manhood into her body, driving her wild, and finally spurting jets of hot semen into his naked, unveiled new bride.

They had brought all the luggage into the cabin, and the front door was open, letting the cool mountain air waft through the place. Regina, standing in the center of the front room with her hands on her hips, deeply inhaled the fresh air. Goose bumps formed on her bare legs all the way down to the tops of the white sneakers that she wore without socks.

Regina's eyes sparkled like the diamonds in her ring. Their lips met, gently touching at first and rapidly progressing to passionate tasty kisses. She reached down, unfastened his trousers, and put her hand around his already growing erection. With wide eyes and a bright smile, she knelt down in front of him and tugged his jeans and undies down past his hips.

"Regina, let's go to bed now," he implored.

"Not yet. Don't worry," Regina replied as she put his already seeping member in her mouth. She worked her tongue all around and made the slurping noises that she knew he would further stimulate him. When she sensed that he was near ejaculation, she opened the back of her throat, pressed forward until her lips were at the base of his penis, and started to hum in a low moan as she kept her tongue working. She knew that he would not endure more than a few seconds of this before ejaculating.

"Uhhhh! Oh, Regina!" he exclaimed as his knees weakened and his pulsing erection erupted in his new bride's mouth. She immediately pulled back and accumulated the spurts of semen in her mouth, milking him in the process. When he had spent the last of the fluid she withdrew, exaggeratedly pursed her lips, and slowly ejected the milky-white liquid from her mouth, letting it dribble and leak messily down her chin and onto the carpet.

"Regina, that was beautiful, but I really wanted to have you," he stated.

"I know, but I want it to be really special - I want to wear my wedding dress and bridal veil when you take me. Also, I want to stimulate you in a special way before that."

"What do you mean?" he asked, referring to her last remark.

"You'll find out later," she replied. "I'm starving! Let's have some dinner and celebrate!"

An hour after their dinner they were back in their secluded place.

"I think you had more to drink than you should have," Regina announced to him. That can affect your performance, you know."

"Now you tell me!" he exclaimed. "What should we do?"

"I'm going to give you some enemas, and then we'll see"


"Haven't you ever had an enema?" she asked with a calculated hint of ridicule.

"Well, yeah, when I was a kid, I used to get them occasionally when I wasn't feeling well. But they weren't fun," he replied defensively.

"Nothing's fun when you're sick," Regina continued, "but do you know that some people actually like them? Look, I'll make it as pleasant for you as I can - but I want you to do everything I tell you. Right now, I want you to get undressed. Take all your clothes off and lie down on the bed while I fix your enema!"

He was apprehensive as he slowly removed his clothes, while Regina, with a carefree smile, unpacked the equipment that she planned to use on him. As he lay on the bed he heard the water running, along with the other sounds of enema preparation. Regina had assembled the douche nozzle onto the hose and fitted it to the red open-top enema bag. Then she scraped a bar of Ivory soap until a suitable amount fell into the bag. Warm water followed until the bag was bulging and full. She got a wire coat hanger and placed one end of it over a door hinge, thereby arranging a makeshift hook for the enema bag at the appropriate height.

She went to lie next to him, still clothed while he was naked. She applied a teasing tickle-touch around his groin with her fingers and coaxed a healthy erection from him. She kept up the teasing while giving him nuzzling kisses. The deepening of his breathing signaled to her that she had him where she wanted him. His arousal meant that he was more likely to cooperate with her wishes.

"Your soapsuds enema is ready," she whispered. "Come on over where I have it set up," she continued, leading him by the hand. "Down on all fours, now," she coaxed, "and touch the floor with your forehead. That's it. Now stay that way until I tell you otherwise."

Regina used some of the soap as a lubricant for the douche nozzle. "UhhhhhUHHH!" he exclaimed as she pushed it in. She released the hose clamp and the warm soapy solution surged into him. He felt a sensation that was completely new to him.

"Aughhh! Regina!"

"It's okay," she said in her most convincing tone.

"Oh! Owwww," he whined.

She cut off the flow for a moment. "It's only two quarts, love. It's all got to go in, and then you hold it for five minutes." The solution surged anew when she released the clamp. A few seconds later he protested anew.

"Uhhhh! It's too much! I can't take it!"

"You stop that fussing!" she snapped. "You need to take it all and hold it in you!" She slowed the flow somewhat, and in a short while the bag gurgled as the last of the solution went in.

"Ow! Ow! I'm cramping," he complained.

"The cramps only last for about ten seconds," encouraged Regina. "Try rocking back and forth while you're holding it in." Her cool fingers grasped his penis and gently manipulated it to a turgid state. This appeared to stop his complaining, except for an occasional groan as the soapsuds solution did its work. When he had retained the enema for at least five minutes, she told him to go get rid of it.

After about fifteen minutes he came out of the bathroom, and Regina had prepared the rinsing enema. "Down on all fours again. You need another one to rinse out all the soapsuds!" she cheerfully instructed.

The second enema went in more easily than the first, and was also easier to retain, especially when Regina manipulated his penis and testicles as she had done before. She made him retain the rinsing enema a few more minutes than the first enema, and told him to get rid of it and take a shower.

After showering, he entered the bedroom to find Regina dressed in her bridal veil, wedding dress, bare legs, and heels. He also noticed that she had stacked two pillows in the center of the bed, with a towel over them.

"Wow, you look great!" he exclaimed, wide eyed.

She smiled sensuously. "Do you want to fuck me silly?" she asked coyly.

"Mmmmm, yes!" he said, his member hardening.

"Do you want to go inside me and fuck your new bride till you can't go on anymore - all through the night?"

"You know I do!"

"Good - 'cause I'm anxious to let you in - but first I'm going to do the fucking - I'm going to take your virginity."

He looked at her inquisitively. "What - what do you mean?!"

"Come on - face down over these pillows," she instructed, leading him to the bed.

"Y-you mean..."

"Yes, I'm going to use a strap-on, and I'm going to enjoy it. Maybe you'll like it too!"

"Oh, Regina! What kind of -"

"Now, now. It's going to happen, and you might as well submit. It may feel different from what you may expect, and you may come to like it. It's also good for your prostate - some guys find it a real turn-on!"

"R-really? They do?" he tentatively asked.

"Of course. Remember, I'm a lot more experienced in those matters than you are, and since we're celebrating our wedding, I know that you want to have me, but I want to have you too. Over the pillows - now!"

Cautiously, he assumed the position directed by his new bride. With a worried countenance, he looked back at Regina.

"Now, my little virgin,' she spoke, "I want you to put on this eye mask. This is going to be a pleasure trip." Regina placed the eye mask on him and adjusted it. "Now spread your legs... okay, now relax and I'll do the rest."

With total darkness before him, he felt unsure and vulnerable, unaware that Regina had planned it that way in order to maintain the upper hand. He heard her moving around the room, obviously preparing for the adventure. A few minutes later he felt Regina's fingers part his nether cheeks, then felt a small intrusion. She pulled it out, saying, "That was some lube for your insides. Now I'll put a little more in and work it around in there."

He squirmed slightly as his bride inserted a gloved finger, working it in, out, and around. When in the process she touched his prostate he noticed a somewhat pleasurable sensation, although he was not quite ready to admit to himself that he could get any pleasure from her current attentions. She pulled out for a moment, generously lubed two fingers, and inserted them. He groaned and wiggled, feeling some discomfort as his sphincter felt the pressure of expansion. Several more times she made a point of touching or rubbing his prostate, rekindling his internal conflict of emotions. She applied a generous portion of lubricant to the see-through strap-on probe that she had snapped on to its harness. The harness also had a probe for her, which she had lubed and positioned inside her vagina.

He felt Regina's hands part his nether cheeks, and something cool nestled up to his sphincter.

"If you tighten up, it's going to hurt," she explained. "So I want you to relax back there all the time. I'm going to work my way in gradually."

She went in about an inch and worked the tip of the probe in and out, then plunged it in two inches. "Uhhhhh!" he groaned.

Regina continued to penetrate a little at a time, working it in and out, while being stimulated by the probe that was inside her, which moved slightly every time she penetrated or withdrew. Then she withdrew it completely and applied more lube to the strap-on.

"I'm going to go in all the way now," she announced, trying to contain her arousal. "Remember to stay relaxed!"

She again positioned the tip of the probe at his sphincter, and then, with a slow, steady motion, buried the strap-on all the way in.

"Auuuuugh! Regina! Please!" he cried. Her sinking of the probe deep within him not only gave his sphincter a sudden stretch, it also caused the probe to press firmly on his prostate as it went in.

Regina kept the probe all the way in for a moment. "Ahhh, that feels so good," she exclaimed. Several times she pulled almost completely out and went completely in, gradually increasing the pace. His loud moans considerably increased her excitement.

Being taken from behind was a totally new experience for him. Several times when the strap-on pressed against his prostate, he felt a small volume of seminal fluid seep through his sometimes turgid member.

Regina, getting ready for more intense action, pulled out and generously spread some more lubricant on the strap-on. "Get ready for some more, honey, I'm going in again," she said as she placed the business end of the strap-on at his portal. "Be sure to stay relaxed. Now I'm going to fuck you till your head spins!"

Knowing the position he was in, he could not very well resist.

She pumped gently at first, sinking the probe all the way to the hilt, staying there for a second or two, and then pulling back about three fourths of the way; she repeated this motion again and again, gradually increasing the tempo of her thrusts.

Her hands tightly gripped his hips; she pumped in and out in a snappy fashion; her arousal increased with each thrust as the part that was inside her rocked sensuously.

He pounded on the bed with his fists. "Auuuugh! Ohhhhh! Reginaaaa! Naaaaaa! Ohhhhh!" More seminal fluid seeped from him as the strap-on repeatedly pushed on his prostate.

In a frenzy now, Regina pumped him vigorously as her arousal crested and her orgasmic passion swept through her several times. "Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhh!" she cried, while her squirming husband, in awe of the astonishing power of his aroused bride, gripped the bed sheets with tight fists. When her orgasm subsided, she pumped slowly a few times and then sank it to the hilt while panting, and draped herself over him.

After a few minutes, she broke the silence. "That felt so good - I'm going to take you like that every night while we're here."

Later, with dimmed lights in the mountain cabin, Regina lay on the bed, her bridal veil partly concealing her ample black hair. Her eyes sparkled and she displayed a wide smile. She wore her wedding dress which was pulled up above her bare legs; her gloved hands beckoned her new husband to enter her. She gasped as he, having waited months for this, impatiently plunged in to the hilt. She reveled in the fullness of his member as he thrust and pounded into her. She loved hearing his repeated exclamations of "Oh, Regina!" as he probed as far inside her as he could. Minute after minute he pumped as she moaned. Finally her open-mouthed moans and the feeling of her hot moist womanhood pushed him over the edge and he spurted months of pent-up sexual desire into his new bride. His member pulsed and spurted while he writhed ecstatically.

He stayed inside his new bride's womanhood and rested his head on her chest. She put her arms around him, and his breathing became steady. A few moments later she felt his member slip out of her pussy, and a trickling of warm juice leaked from her opening. She realized he was asleep. She closed her eyes and planned the next day's adventure, visualizing a scene in which she was taking him with the strap-on. A few minutes later she was asleep.
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