Brittany and Chantz continue his humilatio

This is a continuation of "Being Brittany's Bitch" and "Chantz and Brittany's Toy"

Brittany had just gotten done fucking my ass in front of all of my coworkers, and was leading me to my office by the leash to which I had grown so accustomed. "You thought we were rough on you, you better brace yourself bitch boy, because you're about to be gang-banged," she laughed. As we entered my office, I saw a circle of five of my female coworkers all sporting strapons of various length and girth. There were also some male interns present that I had publicly humiliated. Brittany saw the terror in my eyes, and laughed, but said nothing. "Let's get this show on the road," she announced. "I know everyone wants to go first, but don't worry; everyone will get a turn, and will get to go as long as they want."

Brittany handed my leash to Kara. Kara was a friend of my sister, and was, by all accounts, a living Barbie doll. Standing about 5'8" with long blonde hair, a small waist, and large, natural double D breasts, I had ogled her since I was 16. When she graduated college, I hired her, but not without putting her through my usual "final interview process." Apparently, she had not forgotten. "Wait until I tell Jenny about this," she chuckled, as she led me over to the large window that overlooked the city. "Let's see how big of an audience we can get. I know how you loved to be watched, you little slut," she said as she bent me over at the waist so that I was facing the window as well.

With that, she slapped my ass with her cock a few times, then began fucking me doggy style. It was tough keeping my balance with my hands cuffed behind me and Kara tugging on the leash with one hand, as she slapped my ass with her other hand. As she tugged on the leash, it pulled my head up, and I could see a crowd gathering in the office building across the street. Kara looked up as well, and noticing the crowd, laughed and waved as she continued to slam my ass. She tugged on the leash harder, and began to play to the audience as she slapped my ass cheeks in an alternating pattern. For her grand finale, she lay the leash on my back, grabbed me by my hips and power fucked me for what felt like eternity, but was really only about fifteen seconds. Then she pulled me to a standing position, flipped up my skirt in the front, so the audience could see my cock, then turned and walked away.

Next up was Kaitlin. She was a real bitch, but I hired her boobs and her brains, not her winning personality. She was shorter, with long brown hair, and big boobs. She was in great shape, but was just naturally bigger than Kara. After dragging me over to my desk, she tore off what remained of my sweater and threw it on the floor. "We can't have those babies confined, now can we?" she asked. "I know how much you love mine." As she sat down on my chair behind my desk, she tugged on the leash so that I was forced to sit on her cock facing away from her. I squealed into the gag as her big pink cock invaded me. Kaitlin laughed, and reached forward to maul my tits as she forced me up and down on her rod.

"This asshole didn't even want to look at me, just fuck me in the ass and play with my tits," she commented, as she continued to slam me violently up and down. "I guess payback's a bitch, ain't it, sweetheart?" Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Just a minute," Kaitlin said. All the spectators scrambled into my closet, and I knew this was not part of the plan. The door opened, and I heard my boss's voice, just as Kaitlin spun around in the chair.

"Kaitlin, is that you?" he asked.

"Yes, I was just in here fixing Brad's computer. It's been running so slowly lately," she said as she dug her nails into my nipples. I screamed into the gag. "It's really complicated so if you'll excuse me."

"Certainly," he said, as he left. I heard the door slam.

"You are so lucky, bitch boy," she snarled. "I really shouldn't have done that. You owe me for that. Now get off my dick," she said as she shoved me to the floor.

"You know ladies, it's getting late, and I have a date with a real man," said Heather. The other ladies agreed, it was getting late, and they had better things to do than fuck such a loose whore. "Can we take a rain check?" she asked.

"Absolutely, ladies" said Chantz. "He's your bitch now, while he's at work, so it's up to you. I certainly wouldn't want him to stand in the way of your more important plans. You can just come in here any time and bend him over." The ladies filed out, and Chantz and Brittany blindfolded me, flipped my skirt up, and led me, topless and bound to their waiting car. About ten minutes later, the car stopped, and I heard both women get out, and I thought I heard airplanes landing in the background. Then I remembered that Brittany was going on the road. I heard the two women kiss and then Chantz got back in the car.

By the direction of her voice, she must have looked back at me, bound and practically naked on the floor. "You're in for it now, sissy," she said. "Brittany was so nice to you, but you are mine for the next few weeks. We are going to have so much fun. Well, at least I am," she laughed as we sped down the highway. She stopped the car, dragged me inside, and removed the blindfold. We were at home.

"We have box seats to the opera, and we are leaving in an hour," she informed me as she unbound me. "Get yourself cleaned up and be in my room naked in twenty minutes." I showered quickly, as the water stung my already sore ass, and presented myself to Chantz, who was already dressed to kill in a man's three piece suit, complete with wig and light facial hair. "I need a lady who will look elegant, yet sexy. I think this will do the trick," she said, as she pulled out a sparkling red v neck halter style full length dress. I pulled on matching red thong panties, but was not given a bra. She helped me into the dress and fastened the clasp behind my neck. The dress left a good part of my back exposed, as well as a lot of cleavage, which didn't surprise me, given the size of my tits.

I sat down on the bed to attach the strappy red heels to my feet, and Chantz came back with some jewelry. "This pearl necklace should complete the look," she laughed. "Won't be the only one you're getting tonight." With that, she handed me a small purse, and led me down the stairs to the car.

We arrived at the opera house, and I took Chantz's arm, and she led me to our box seats. I was very well known there as a patron, and was often accompanied by attractive women. This time, the shoe was on the other foot. As the lights dimmed, and the show started she whispered to me, "Honey, why don't you sit on my lap." I did as I was told, and felt her strapon jabbing my ass as I tried to make myself comfortable on her lap. A few minutes later she whispered, "Honey, I want you to stand up, bend over at the waist, and remove your thong." As I did so, I heard her undo her zipper and a rustle and a flop and I knew it was her dick. "Now sit back down," she demanded, as she forced me down on her lap by my shoulders. She took the panties from me and stuffed them in my mouth. I felt her hands on my tits and her cock rubbing against the smooth material of the dress, which was the only thing covering my ass.

"Stand back up, slowly," she growled. "Now reach back with both hands and roll your dress up over your ass. Make it hot, bitch." As I was concentrating on making as little noise as possible, she reached up, grabbed my shoulders and impaled me on her cock. I screamed into the gag. I was thankful the theater was mostly dark, and that to anyone that could see, it just appeared that I just a woman sitting on my boyfriend's lap. Since she was already balls deep in my ass, Chantz decided to maximize the penetration by simply flexing her hips, thus driving the cock further into my sore bottom as she massaged my shoulders. "You are such a whore, letting me fuck you like this. You just never get tired of getting it in the ass," she whispered. "I could fuck you like this all night."

It seemed she was serious. She reamed me like this for the next two acts. Finally, the show entered the final act, and I thought I was saved. I should have known better. As the show ended, everyone began to stand up and applaud. "Stand up slowly, slut, and make sure you stay on my cock," she warned. I stood up slowly. "Now lean over the balcony, and cheer your little ass off." I did as I was told, leaning over, her cock still firmly embedded in my ass, and the panties still in my mouth, and began clapping. She leaned back, and for a moment my ass was empty. Then in a split second, she jammed all 10 inches back into me. It was too much. I screamed and dropped the panties onto the section down below.

Slowly a few people began to look up. Chantz continued to remove and then reinsert her entire cock into my waiting ass. The more I screamed the more of an audience we drew. She reached up, and undid the clasp behind my neck, letting my tits free to the bewilderment of the crowd. "Sorry to disrupt the show," Chantz said. "I'm just teaching Brad here a lesson in respect. You all remember Brad, don't you?" she said as she drove into me. Then she reached forward and lifted up my dress exposing my hard little cock as my huge tits continued to sway over the balcony. "He was always coming here with a new woman, but not his wife. You all knew it. Now you are witnesses to what can happen when you cheat on your wife and disrespect women."

The men continued to look on in shocked silence, but most of the women broke into applause. The applause egged Chantz on, and she began pulling hair with one hand and slapping my ass with the other, as she continued to hammer away at my ass. My dress was bunched up in the back, and providing no support in the front, which meant my tits were swaying wildly over the balcony. My thighs were getting sore and I was losing balance on the heels. Chantz continued to berate me. "This slut is so worthless; she can't even stand a good fucking. I guess it doesn't matter to me, as long as I get off. Can I have the spotlight please?" she asked.

Soon, I was bathed in white light, as she withdrew from my ass and spun me around so that we were both sideways, so that the remaining women could see us. She grabbed my by the hair and started fucking my mouth. "If you can't finish me off properly, then I guess this will do," she laughed. With that she pulled out of my mouth and I felt a warm, creamy liquid soak my face, hair, and tits. She had a squirting strapon. I winced as it got in my eyes, and she laughed as jet after jet soaked me.

"Well, that was the climax to this show. If any of you want to see how it ends, see lady at the ticket window. She has our website and email address. We've got a lot more of this on video. I'm sorry, but there will be no autographs after our show tonight, we must be on our way. Thank you; you've been a lovely audience." I cleaned up my face as best I could, reclasped my dress, and walked hand in hand with Chantz, my eyes lowered and my head down, back to the car. Could my life get any worse?
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