Escaped convict becomes prisoner of wanton women

Oh christ now she's showing them the "wedding pictures", its so humiliating! I should have gone to Mexico not here to Canada where they have extradition! But I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I?

Escaping from prison since privatization is no biggy, a bottle of hair dye to make my hair literally orange like one of those punk kids what work in the kitchens and the guards barley glance at the photo ID clipped to the lapel of my contractors uniform which was brought in for a measly three hundred bucks by another one of them wage slaves that the contractors get.

But even these few simple arrangements are no easy task from inside the joint, that's where she comes into the picture. Long story short we were matched up through a website that matches up prisoners with lonely ladies to become pen-pals. So naturally I fled to her place in Canada rather then the smart thing and head south of the border.

Now I wasn't in the lockup for all that long, a litter under three years, and I don't cotton none to that boy friend nonsense like so many does when the loneliness gets to one. So when I got to finally meet with her it wouldn't have mattered if she had a face like a mule and the body of pig you could have stuck a fork in me 'cause I was done!

But she weren't no dog, indeed while she was a bit older then myself she was still one red hot dame! Long legs, stacked and wide alluring hips, you getting the picture? She was built like a god damn brick shit house is what I'm trying to say!

And while we are on it I'd best mentions her abode. It's more of a grand compound. A vast estate who knows how many acres? There's a main house and an obligatory pool house which is where she "keep's" me.

Sex addition, is there such a thing? I believe so, now. At first when I arrived we did it morning noon and night! And after 3 years with out you can only imagine what a feast after the famine it had been! Then the "games" started at first she had me tie her up and wear the fancy costumes, while I played prison guard. Long story short, it reversed itself in real short order.

So I put my foot down at long last and refused to "play" along any longer. And that my friends was when the trap was at long last snapped shut on me. She said she would put me out with nothing! And inform the local constabulary that a dangerous American escaped convict was on the loose. Did I mention we were in the northern tracts of Quebec? They don't like it much none here if you don't speak French, and less so if you are an American. And being winter and all, I'd die in the cold and snow if the Mounties didn't find and arrest me. So back to jail, death by hypothermia or the lady and her games, that one were a no brainer.

So playing her games became a no choice situation. Which brings us to today and she and her friends having a giggle fit over "the wedding" pictures. Now first let me tell you her friends are all much younger and are dressed in "club" wear, tight fitting ultra short dresses with parts missing in strategic places to reveal more then conceal. And boy do these doxies fill out them fucker-wear mini's!

Any way this all really gets started about a month or two ago, recall what I said earlier of sex addition, well she wouldn't be able to keep me her addict with out supplying the goods. But part of her game is to see to it that the addict in me is always jonesing.

And its always feast or famine with her. So it was during one of her feasts sessions that it all began. I won't go into details about the "chastity" device my member is kept locked up in. Suffice to say the simple padlock on it wouldn't stop any one from my cell block for a moment. So getting it off is no "problemo", problem is getting caught. The whole pool house is wired like one of them reality shows. First and last time I got caught taking the damn thing off she chained me up in the basement (which is outfitted as her dungeon) with the kind of restraint devices that would stop cold my entire cell block from getting free of. The beating and ass raping I'd been subjected to saw to it I kept my thingy lock down.

And while it keeps my tool from any "pleasures" being a kind of clear plastic tube where it's attached around the base of my jewel sack it leaves them on display for my ladies inspection and subjugations. It doesn't help much that the only clothes for me are either her assortment of special costumes or the smock I am wearing now, which keeps everything below my waist quite bare and on constant display.

But I digress, during one of her sex feasts she was trying too discover how many times a day she could make me cum for her. Now as I said she's a hot looking cookie, but a fellow can only drink from the well so many times and all. So she started getting porno stuff off the web and satellite dish. That's when she and I discovered I had a bit of a fetish for Asian dames, one particular porn star in fact, the actual one is of no import.

Then came my next famine. She locked me up good in my cock cage and went off to who knows where. (I later learned to Japan. Where they manufacture such things, where she had to have this one custom built to her specifications.) Any way it had been a whole month of not getting any by the time she gets back. And while my balls weren't actually blue they sure as hell felt like it! And I almost had a 24 hour a day rock solid hard on. The only relief I had gotten in all that time was after the first few days of this solitude, was a god damn wet dream.

So when she got back I thought I was going to be in heaven again. But such was not the case.

"I've brought you some pictures of someone I'd like you to meet soon." Were almost her first words to me. The women in the pictures was dressed rather conservatively in an oriental gown with long slit along one side revealing one hose encased leg with the stocking's welt showing clearly. And I almost recognized her as that Asian porn star, but it was clearly not her just a woman with very similar features.

As she showed me more of her "pictures" she clasped my balls gently in her hand as if trying to read my reaction to each new photo. Finally she unlocked me. And I thought for sure we were going to have some wild sex. Wrong. She handed me a bottle of baby oil and stood behind me, "Ok toyboy I want you to whack off on those photos starting now!" When I turned my head to address this, she walloped me good. Saying, "Your choice bucko, either whack it for me now or it's back in lockdown mode for say another month or two!"

My balls were almost swollen with the need to release and the threat of further enforced chastity was enough to get my hand wet with the baby oil and working the length of my month long hardened shaft. The girl in the photo's was so very much like the one in the fuck flicks that had so turned me on, and while none of the photo's were very revealing it wouldn't have taken much anyway for me to get my rocks off just the same.

To be sure I spattered a large hot load over them in short order. As soon as my member had stopped its post ejaculation heaving's, she reached around from behind me with her tiny fists slicked up with more oil and began stroking me off in the way only she knew how to do. "Come on honey look at the pretty girlfriend I have for you." And though even her handling my tool right after orgasm was something I generally disliked I was still so backed up with cum I had no problem with this. So I obliged her and looked at the photo's while she handled me like a pro. And long story short she had me pumping more man juice onto the photos.

Lather rinse repeat, if you followed the directions on the side of a bottle of shampoo you'd never be done. Well that's how the next few days worked. She had a huge portfolio of those damn picture's and if she wasn't abusing my shaft she was seeing to it that I did. First thing in the morning she'd wake me and get me handling my self to the pictures which were very completely revealing or at most showing her in scanty lingerie. Her pussy and ass were picture perfect and even her muff had been groomed to near perfection in the little landing strip so popular in today's sex vid's.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.

"I want you used to cumming for her, when she gets here, silly!" was her brief reply.

"You want me to have sex with your friends? And you're training me to do it? Have you gone freaking insane?" was my only response.

She laughed so hard at this, and of course it really was quite funny. At least from where she was sitting. Falling down isn't funny when it happens to you, but watching some one else is a laugh riot. And I think you can guess who the fall guy is in this scene. Of course you can guess that after all this it was back into my cock cage for the next few weeks during which she had me measured for a Tux. Well at least for the jacket part.

What goes on in the main house is mostly unknown to me in the pool house. So when she told me to put on my "Tux" and get over to the main house I didn't have a clue. She met at the back door and quickly guided me into the living room and practically threw me down on the big over stuffed couch, crushing her mouth to mine. She snaked her tongue deeply into my throat so much so I had to stifle my gag reflex to accommodate her wanton passions.

Naturally my manhood was as stiff as ever in the confines of the chastity device and in addition she had taken a hold of my packaged balls and wrapped the rest of her warm hands around the base of my shaft so even through the thick plastic tube encasing me I could feel how hot she was. And as usual after my lengthy chastity I was desperate for her and having her hot little hand against my flesh was all I wanted in the world.

"Now honey I know how very much you want to be let out of your chastity belt, but I'm only going to let you out if you do exactly what I tell you to do. And one of the things you are not going to do is cum until instructed too, because if you do its right back into lockdown and if you think a few weeks was bad you ain't seen nothing yet!"

Oh gods I thought, not another one of these denial games. But what could I, do but agree. She had me not only by the short hairs but by the long arm of the law so while I wasn't in prison any longer I was still very much a prisoner of her.

Once she let me out we had a make out session on the couch, she stripped off her shirt as I unclasped her bra causing her full breasts to trundle free of their confines. She guided my head to suckle at one nipple, I took it into my mouth and pulled hard on it bring as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could, then squeezing it out again between tightly pressed lips before repeating. She moaned sweetly as I did this, she had never even known how much she liked this until I had taught it to her, life can be so very odd. Of course all this fore play was keeping me in turgid state of utter rampancy, which was of course what she desired.

After a time I thought finally she was going to take some pity on me as she went down on me, but as she did she spoke these dark and more dreaded words "Don't you dare cum, if you think you are going to with draw at once! NO FUCKING CUM, for you! GOT IT?"

Even as she first pressed her lips gently to the tip of my glans I began quivering in fear or excitement I am at a loss to say, but as her mouth engulfed me fully I was struck with both a wave arousal and nausea. I grabbed up her head and pulled her off of me. "Please Mistress I can not control myself."

"Oh, excellent!" she squealed back at me, she wiped at her chin where a long strand of sticky seminal leakage clung and even though she had taken her mouth away a very steady stream of translucent fluid flowed unabated form the tip of my cock, oozing its way down in a long viscous line along its underside.

She gave my hard on one affection pat, grabbing up some cum and putting one cummy bright red manicured finger tip to her red glossy lips "This way you will have a boner for as long as I need!"

The "reveal" came next as she pulled back a curtain that divided the room. What do I say, she never does anything half way and the elaborate set up that was there was mind numbing. The second thing to catch my eye was the photographers flat which depicted a clergyman standing before a none descript church like background. Even as I was taking all this in she was grabbing up her digital camera.

Now getting back to the first thing I noticed which had made my heart sink so hard I almost collapsed to the floor in a heap. She'd spent days and days getting me off on those pictures, to the point I had actually begun to fantasies about meeting the girl in them for real. I didn't have any real expectations of doing it with her like Mistress seemed to imply, I figured it was be more of a way to tease me and humiliate me in front of her if I bonered up at the mere sight of her.

Well now I realized the pictures had been airbrushed up a bit, because what stood before me while ultra-lifelike was one of those ten thousand dollar latex love dolls. She was dressed up in white fish net stockings a white mini-skirt that only half covered her be-thonged ass, a white corset and topping off her "wedding dress" a white halter with spaghetti straps.

Don't get me wrong when I tell you that while you'd never mistake this love-doll for a real woman that it wasn't still hot and erotic Her lips were full, red and glossy her red fingernails while fake were just as real as the fake ones women do wear. And her anatomy both below and above the waist was done up in hyper realism with colors and textures that over emphasized its femininity, or maybe I was just too fucking horny to know any better.

"You like her! You think she's pretty!" Mistress sang in a sing song like voice teasing me to no end! "You want to have sex with her! She make's your lil' cocky weep more juices and dance!" Indeed I could feel my hard-on jumping in sympathy with my heart beat something it usually only did in post orgasmic release.

She continued on in her sing song teasing voice, "Well if you LOOOOVVVVVEEEE her SOOOO much then you will just have to marry her!" She guided me to stand next to the love-doll who was holding a plastic bunch of flower, how appropriate. And she began her portrait taking in earnest. "Put your arm around her and put your face up close to hers!" was the first pose she demanded of me. More followed, I had to pose kissing her and with her holding my very exposed dick instead of my hand, I had to carry her over to a chair and pose her seated so she could take pictures of me taking off her garter with my teeth and so many more.

When all this had grown so tiresome that even my abused and teased dick slackened off to semi rigidity, that at last she ceased this endeavor. "Ok back into your storage container my little lonely penis." At which point I nearly struck her, I'd had it up to here with this none stop tease! But she was just so good at reading me that before I could even fully think my murderous thoughts "But don't worry! You and your wifey are going to have a wonderful honeymoon! And I promise you lots of sex, I'm not leaving you hanging I promise you will have a wicked hot sexy time of it, and I'll let you, no I will make you cum loads and loads. But I just need a few more hours of patience from you. Please???" She said this in her best saccharine voice as she got a good grip on my drooling pole and locked it up once again.

"Ok, ok I know I'm being too cruel to you my little sweetie. And I know how very badly you need to be sexed dry. But be a dear and carry your new wifey back to your "doll house". And I will be along shortly, but expect company you can't have a wedding reception with out guests.

Oh and while you are locked up feel free to make out with your wife and play with her tits and ass all you like. But nothing too rough, her skeleton is much tougher then her latex shell and you can at pressure points like her hip and elbow cause ruptures!"

So as she left me then to this task, I will admit that as carried it in my arms to what had been christened "The Dollhouse" I was more then a little curious to explore this more then slightly realistic love-doll. So when next I examined "Her" I found its breasts felt about as real as any woman's who has had implant augmentation surgery. Though while the skin was not exactly like latex it still did not feel exactly like human skin either. But her nipples and areola were large and dark compared to her flesh tone, to mimic the coloring of that porn queen she so resembled. And that had a certain added allure.

As for her cunt I had studied it in the pictures so often that it was like seeing an old friend, its folds revealing a bright pink slit at its center, I then found that her pussy's lips were malleable like a kids stretch toy, I could pose the pussy blooming open in deep sexual arousal and over time it would shrink back to its original shape and form.

Even her feet were done up with realistic toe nails painted a garish red that Mistress knew turned me on. Sadly her face was the greatest let down, this was the one thing Mistress had altered with airbrushing in the photo's she had been "getting me ready" with. Now it isn't to say she was not a beautiful doll, but a lifeless face is still just lifeless and there is just no getting around that. I was surely not inclined to make out with it, as Mistress had stressed I should so I didn't explore the dolls mouth, which it would turn out was no small wonder of fuck doll technology.

Which brings us back to the beginning of the story, with her friends admiring the newly printed wedding pic's. Her friends are all fox's from what few I have met and these three were no exceptions. Two of them were blondes one platinum the other one a honey streaked blonde with flowing hair that ran down to her waste (No doubt a wig, but given my new situation who was I to point fingers?).

The third one was an aspiring actress from the western provinces who was trying to break into the burgeoning Canadian television industry, she was also of Korean decent I guessed by her high wide cheek bones. She was new to Mistress's inner circle I would later learn and was part Korean and Vietnamese and so was fluent in French. Which made her ideal for local summer stock theatre here in Quebec. Which was the carrot Mistress had offered her in return for a "working relationship". Mistress has her finger in a lot of pies in this area you can be assured of that.

So there I was back in my smock while they passed the photo's back and fourth and occasionally glanced over at my caged up cock. After this had gotten old, they adjourned to the engineering control room, I told you before this house is wired like a reality show with camera's and microphone pick ups everywhere. It is from the control room that you can monitor all the goings on everywhere in the house. After she had sequestered her guests in the control room she returned to me and again released me from the confinement of my chastity belt.

She had dressed up in tight black pvc with a captains hat and riding crop and wore her thigh high stiletto heeled boots. The pvc teddy had a very high waist line that fully exposed her hips except for a tiny thong that narrowed as it made its way betwixt her legs, and from behind it only just boosted and squeezed Mistress's ample buttocks into a perfect valentine shape.

To complete the setting she snapped an oversized leather collar around my neck with its attached chain and led me down into the "dollhouse's" dungeon, before hand cuffing me with my hands behind my back She had already taken my "wifey" down there and had tied her up

A spreader bar was manacled to her ankles, her arms had been placed in a binding glove that enwrapped them from wrist to upper mid-arm binding them snuggly behind her back. The binding glove was in turn chained down to the spreader bar leaving her on her knees with back bent in a back ward arch. I had enjoyed (which is not the word I would use) that same binding myself when Mistress wanted me to perform in extended oral sex upon her.
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