She finds herself in submission

After writing my first story, I am now delivering on the follow-up. Actually the reason I wrote my introduction is so people would be able to see how I entered my current lifestyle.

After college, I moved to New York City, several hours from my home and quickly became bored with the kinds of lesbian and bi girls I had met. None could compare to the type of sexual chemistry I had with Catherine. Fortunately, I eventually saw an ad in a local underground publication that piqued my interest. It read:

"Attractive, late 30s domme lady seeks attractive sub woman as live-in companion. Please send resume, with picture, on your qualifications to serve."

I figured the ad might just be a gag but I did send a letter and picture. I wrote about how I served Catherine but didn't really expect a response. However, one week later, Susan called and we chatted for about half an hour. She told me she'd like to 'interview" me and asked me to bring documentation that I was STD and hepatitis free. She added that she liked what she had read and asked whether I could get Catherine to email her a letter of recommendation. Catherine was more than happy to do so, as long as I told her how it all worked out. Susan also made it clear that she was looking for a good-looking woman to be her sexual slave whenever we were alone together.

Two weeks later, Susan told me to come to her house for my interview. I dressed up in my nicest work suit and went to her house, which turned out to be an estate on Long Island. She answered the door, also dressed in formal clothes and welcomed me. I was happy to see that she was indeed attractive, what would classify as 'soft butch." Susan has short, dark hair, very striking, attractive facial features, thin body, 5'8" and 36b chest.

She asked me if everything I told her about Catherine was true and if she could be trusted to be truthful in the email she sent. I replied that yes, I expect Catherine had been 100 percent truthful in her recommendation. "Good," said Susan and proceeded to read the last lines from Catherine's letter aloud: "Though I was occasionally willing to give Amy a lateral role in our sex life, it was clear that she relished domination and I believe can easily be trained to be even more submissive."

Susan then commanded me to remove my clothes. She told me that if I was "hired" I would be wearing next to nothing around the house, I would address her as Mistress or Mistress Susan and I would be referred to as "slave," among other things. After I had stripped, Susan complimented me on my body and asked me to take a seat. While she was still fully dressed herself, she then proceeded to tell me a bit about herself.

She: Is 38, has been gay since she was a teenager but in the past ten years has been increasingly dominant in her sexual relationships. She acquired her home in an inheritance and works full time as an executive in Manhattan. She recognized that she has a strong libido, might be able to entice a housemate to be her sex slave and placed the ad. I was the first respondent who was worthy of an interview.

Susan then told me to remove her clothes but only touch the clothes, not her body. I carefully removed her tailored suit jacket and blouse, leaving her breasts covered in only a black, strapless bra.

I was very nervous about this part of the interview process and was shaking as I got on my knees to unzip her slacks. She laughed at my trembling and kicked off her pants so that she was only in her bra and black lace panties. I was instructed to continue...

I reached around to remove her bra and I saw her very pointed dark nipples. Her breasts are magnificent, very firm and stand high on her chest. I lowered her panties to see a gorgeous pussy. A beautiful fold of pink lips (nowhere near as big as Catherine's) with a narrow row of dark, trimmed pubic hair around them.

Then Mistress Susan turned up the heat on our situation from what, despite our mutual nudity, still seemed very formal. I was somewhat shocked as she grabbed my head and pulled it so I was inches from her pussy. "Like what you see, slut?" I knew this was very much still part of an interview though and quickly replied, "Yes, very much so Mistress."

"Good, because if you're hired, it will become the center of your whole world," said Mistress Susan as she sat back on her bed. She continued, "Catherine wrote that you were not good at sitting on your knees sucking pussy, that you preferred having your face sat on. Well, the first thing you're going to learn here is that you must spend many hours kneeling between my legs."

Mistress then pushed my head in closer so I could do just that. I could not stop staring at her pussy and she could tell. She reached down and caressed my hair. "Pretty, isn't it?" she asked. I could only nod in response. "Make it cum," said Mistress and I felt myself instinctively leaning into kiss her fold of pink lips.

I was floored by how soft her lips were and the sweet taste. I licked her up and down for a couple of minutes, then Mistress pulled me away by my hair. She looked down and said "My my, you ARE a cunteating lezzie whore aren't you?" "Yes Mistress," I replied. "NO," she said. "Say it ALL back to me!" "Yes Mistress Susan. I am a cunteating lezzie whore."

Mistress smiled. "Do you want the job of servicing my desires, of worshipping my cunt, my tits and my ass and becoming a complete slave to me." I repeated it all back in the affirmative.

"Good! Now get to work bitch," she yelled as she grabbed my hair and jammed my face back against her pussy. I returned to licking her. I must have done it for half an hour and she came multiple times. As she neared climax each time, Mistress Susan would wrap her legs tightly around my head and start to call me a slut. She would shudder as she came and more of her juices would coat my chin.

My jaw was sore at the end of it but I was incredibly aroused. Mistress Susan told me that my reward for pleasing her would be to masturbate to orgasm. "I will never be licking you or fingering your pussy. You are not worthy of that but you will learn to love cumming on your hand while kneeling before me," she said. "NOW, rub your clit till you cum!"

I was instructed to keep eye contact with her while I diddled my wet pussy, which made me feel very much inferior to her as she stood above me. I came explosively a minute later. Mistress Susan commanded me to lick my wet hand clean.

I moved in with her the following week. And I'd like to explain what things I have been doing since I took on my role as her slave.

Mistress Susan and I both work full-time career-oriented jobs. When we are out in public together, most people would just consider us roommates or close friends. When we are alone, I assume my duties of sex slave.

My clothing is very limited at home and subject to her whims. She has purchased me a few outfits, including that of a catholic schoolgirl, cheerleader and tennis player, all of which have short skirts. I am not allowed to wear underwear and usually have a tight top to go with it. Fortunately, Mistress heats her house well, so I am not cold in the winter in such skimpy clothes.

As we sit around the living room following dinner, Mistress will often beckon me with her finger. I know that I must drop to my knees between her legs. She then leisurely peels off her pants and pulls my head in close. Mistress will look down and say something like: "You may begin now."

I then lick her pussy and clit until she has cum several times and left my face drenched in her secretions. Just like at my interview, with each climax, she is verbally abusive and calls me a whore and a slut who will be forever on my knees eating pussy.

When mistress wants a change, other nights she will make me eat her ass. Of course, I had done this for Catherine but Mistress Susan expects an equally thorough ass sucking, which I apparently had still not properly learned. The first time I did not perform analingus to her expectations, she gave me my first spanking. I had never been spanked before and it was a surprise that it turned me on. She beat my ass red and told me I would get another spanking the following night if I did not suck her asshole completely clean.

I made sure to do a better job the next time and when I was done, she instructed me to bring her face up to hers. Mistress sniffed all over my mouth, nose and chin before she pronounced that I had done a good job. "Your face smells like you've been eating an asshole!"

I now eat her ass almost as much as her pussy and rub her clit to bring her to orgasm when my tongue is completely inside her rectum. I can actually feel her sphincter clutch at my tongue when she cums.

A few weeks after I started as slave, Mistress came home with a dog collar. I was told I would be wearing it on certain occasions, the first being that evening. I was ordered to strip and only wear the collar. Under the moonlit sky, Mistress, herself nude, took me out in the backyard. I was 'walked' around by a leash on all fours. When I had gotten the hang of it, Mistress asked "Does my doggie have to pee?" I nodded. "Then go ahead," she said. I couldn't believe how kinky it felt to be treated this way and piddled into the lawn.

Mistress then brought me back into the patio and commanded me up on my knees. She asked whether it felt good to pee on the lawn like a dog and I told her yes, very much. "Now rub your clit and cum for me," she ordered. I began my ritual of masturbation while crouching between her legs.

She began saying softly, "mmm, you like pissing when I tell you too huh?" I was nearing orgasm and a little lightheaded from all we were doing. I was shocked back to reality when she harshly yanked the leash so I was up against her pussy and felt Mistress let a stream of hot pee go right into my face. Mistress said loudly, "Drink my urine you goddamn whore. What kind of woman lets herself be turned into a dog? Well I'm going to make you my toilet. Drink it!"

I opened my mouth and got so much pee that I gagged. Mistress stopped for me to catch my breath, then dragged me down on my back and squatted over me. Again, her stream started. " You.. fucking slut!," I heard her hiss. I drank so much pee, my stomach felt queasy. Then Mistress ground her pussy into my face, all the while calling me cunt-eating slut. I never did cum myself that night but it was one of the most thrilling I've ever had.

From that day on, occasionally when we are sitting in the living room, Mistress will take the glass I am drinking out of, lower her pants and piss a little in it. I happily drink it down, which, by her twisted grin, pleases her immensely.

Mistress had a very stressful project at work a few weeks later and would come home very wound up each night. After the third night, she arrived home and called me to the front door. "Lie down on your back now," she said.

I did as told and Mistress Susan stepped out of her shoes and pulled her stockings and panties down from under her skirt. She quickly squatted over my face so that the skirt covered my head and chest and proceeded to sit down on my face.

She rocked back and forth on my lapping tongue and mouth for almost 20 minutes, grinding her cunt and asshole all over me. When she was done, Mistress Susan said, "Now THAT was a great stress reliever." Each of the next few nights, I was summoned to the front door when she arrived home for the same treatment.

The following week, I had my face sat on for only five minutes, when Mistress told me she had something for me to take out of her jacket pocket. I reached into retrieve a strange-looking strap on with a very small harness. She told me it was a 'chin-strap on' and to put it on immediately. I pulled it over my head and lay back again while Mistress lowered herself down on the fake cock, facing forward. I couldn't believe how she brought her full weight down on the dildo, which I was tightly attached to my chin as she began to ride it

She was bouncing up and down on my head and groaning as she did. Occasionally, her clit would rub against my nose and mouth, which I loved. Mistress came twice this way. Then she got off my face and turned around. As she was preparing to squat over me, she spread her ass cheeks wide and said "bon appetite!" She sank down on the strap on and her asshole reached my mouth. She fucked the strap on again, while my tongue was forced up her ass. I made her anus quite wet. When she was done cumming this way, she leaned back to sniff my face, which she always does now when I eat her ass. Mistress pressed forward to kiss my forehead and reminded me "You smell like ass. Dirty Whore."

The next morning she told me, that the chin strap on wasn't the only one she bought.

That night I was collared and nude and Mistress took me in the bathroom and gave me an enema. I was a little uneasy emptying my bowels in front of her, I must admit. Then, she had me bend over and slowly twisted a thick, very well lubed butt plug into my asshole.

I was next positioned face down on Mistress' specially designed sex cushion. She came over to face me wearing a strap on that is considerably larger than the one Catherine used and carrying a regular dildo, equally long with a strange button on the flat end.

I told her, I'd never had any thing so large inserted inside me. "Well, then, you'd better help me get it wet," Mistress replies as she pushed the fat head of the strap on against my mouth.

I'd only sucked a real cock a couple of times and never a fake one. But I knew that was about to change. I sucked the head a little and got a very rubbery taste. Mistress kept pushing until it was nearly at the back of my throat. I started to get the hang of it as she fucked my mouth.

Mistress suddenly stopped and pulled the strap-on from my mouth and moved around behind me. She started to rub the head all over my pussy but it was clear it would not easily go inside me and I squirmed.

Mistress strongly slapped my ass and said "That's it! If you're going to squirm around while I try to get this inside you, I'll have to tie you up." I was flabbergasted as she got silk ropes I had never seen before from her dresser and in five minutes, tied each of my limbs down. Though I'd never been bound before, I completely trusted her, as it was obvious she never wanted to cause me any extreme pain. She then resumed working the dildo into my pussy. This time, it went inside me and I groaned loudly. The head felt extra thick. And Mistress pushed it in slowly, but steadily.

In a couple of minutes it was in my all the way. Mistress let my pussy loosen up and then started pistoning in and out if me. I could tell she knew how to use a strap on. While she said things such as "like that, you slut?" I could barely pant back, "yes Mistress, thank you"

With the butt plug still prying my asshole wide, I had never felt so exposed and open. Then Mistress said "You know what else Catherine wrote that you liked?" I could not think straight and didn't answer. WHACK, I felt a very strong slap on my ass. I realized what she wanted me to say but I was hesitant. After another slap, I said "assfucking?"

"Of course," she answered, slowly pulling the butt plug from my anus. "Why do you think I put this in you in the first place?" As the plug popped out, I felt an incredible sense of emptiness in my butt. However, the head of the strap on was quickly placed up against my rear hole and Mistress was grabbing my hips for leverage.

The thick dildo went into me much easier than I expected. The plug had definitely done its work well. But a few inches in, I could hear myself groaning involuntarily. I'd never had such a thick tool pushed up my ass. Mistress slapped one of my ass cheeks yet again and asked "What's the matter?" When I replied that the thickness took getting used to, she said leaned into my ear and said "Oh Amy, your asshole will never be quite the same after tonight but that's okay because it's MY asshole to fuck from now on anyway!"

And as she said that, she pushed further into me. I clutched the bed sheets hard and could feel her begin to saw it into my ass. The sensation gradually began to feel good and I could sense that I might orgasm. I felt Mistress' breasts touching my back as she positioned the length of her body directly against me. She was reaching for something. Then I felt it, the thick dildo she'd carried over to the bed being pushed into my pussy. Because my cunt had been stretched out minutes before and was still sopping wet, Mistress was able to push it to the hilt in record time.

Then, she leaned in close to my ear and said "Look at you Amy. You've got big dildos pushed up your pussy and ass!" By the tone of her voice, I could sense her getting more turned on. Mistress was now pumping my asshole harder as she hissed in my ear in time with her strokes "What...kind...of...woman....lets...herself...get... fucked in the ass?"

As I started to answer "A wh—" Mistress turned on the switch on the dildo in my pussy and it began to vibrate wildly. I could not finish my words. The vibrator pushed me over the edge. I exploded in orgasm and literally shrieked out loud as I spasmed. After a good 30 seconds or more, I passed out, just for a moment.

I next saw Mistress untying me and grabbing each of my hands. She could tell how weak I was, yet unceremoniously dragged me down the hall to the bathroom, leaving me face up on the floor. She parted her legs on either side of my body and let a torrent of piss rain down on me. She spent an extra amount to time drenching my face and hair. In addition to my most mind-blowing orgasm, what she was doing to me was making me feel lightheaded.

Then Mistress reached into the bathroom closet and fished out a towel. She tossed to me. When I began to dry myself off, she snapped "No you dumb bitch. You don't get to dry off. You're a toilet, understand?!! Put that towel under your head!"

I did as told and saw Mistress quickly straddle my head and drop her weight down on my face. I started to suck her pussy as she ground it down, back and forth, over and over. I occasionally looked up to see her smiling down at me and she came several times. I could not believe I was able to eat her well as weak as I was.

The next day, we talked a lot about that session and agreed to do it again. We've had similar 'Amy gets fucked' sessions monthly.

As you might imagine, I am very, very happy being Mistress Susan's slave. We would both appreciate any feedback that readers would care to give.

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