Slave Michael arrives naked at his new home

After about 45 minutes, some obvious time on a highway and then again over more windy roads, Mistress Sheila indicated we were almost at our destination.

"You may remove your blindfold Michael," she spoke in a somewhat preoccupied voice. As I reached up to raise the blindfold, the car slowed dramatically and turned sharply into what I could now see was a driveway. Before I looked around, I took a moment to glance at Mistress Sheila. Though we had exchanged photos, hers had not done her justice. Mistress Sheila was slim and very attractive. She was a brunette with reddish highlights and petite features. She was wearing a business skirt, what appeared to be stockings and a white blouse. A black bra was visible beneath the blouse supporting two nicely sized breasts. Mistress was everything I could have asked for.

Before I was caught staring, I glanced away to look over my new temporary home. The driveway was about 100 ft. long. At the end, stood what appeared to be a recently built executive styled house. There was a rundown barn about another 100 feet behind it. As I glanced around, I saw Mistress Sheila had neighbours on either side of her home. These houses too were big and new-the lots massive. Directly across the street was another home, but most of the lots on this street were still awaiting construction. Mistress watched me looking around as she parked the car.

"My family used to own a farm up here." Mistress explained. "When my parents died I inherited all the land. A short time ago, I sold a strip of land covering 200 acres. The builder built me my own home exactly to my specs. He only does executive homes, and so far has only built the three you see. Eventually he will have built many along this street. The land you see out back is all mine-another 150 acres of fields and forest."

"It looks very nice Mistress," I stated. "Mistress," I hesitated.

"Yes," she seemed impatient.

"I have to use the facilities."

"The WHAT?" she laughed. "What exactly do you mean Michael?"

"I have to pee Mistress." I forced out the crude language even though it embarrassed me.

Still chuckling Mistress said, "Oh, so that's what you mean. I'm not used to such subtlety Michael. You must speak plainly around me." She looked at me with all knowing eyes-she had wanted to embarrass me... "Well let's see," she thought for a minute. "You could use that tree over there or the near corner of the barn. Or perhaps the centre of the yard. Well?" I felt my face go red. Mistress was going to make me go outside and it was still a long time till sundown.

"Uh... I think I can hold it Mistress," I said with my face down.

"Nonsense," said Mistress Sheila, "that's how you get kidney stones. I think I'll have you go in the centre of the yard. That way both my neighbours can see my new pet." She reattached my leash and opened the door. I got out of the car and started to walk towards the middle of the yard. Smack... my ass felt on fire as Mistress used her cane on me again. "How does a dog walk Michael?" she barked.

Immediately I dropped to all fours. Mistress walked me around the yard-thank God it was covered with a nice soft grass. When we got to the spot where Mistress wanted me to urinate, I got up on my knees. With a strong jerk, Mistress pulled my head back down to the ground. "A dog pees by lifting its leg Michael-you know that!"

In fierce embarrassment, I raised my leg and started to pee. "Good dog Michael" she cooed.

Suddenly I heard another car. To my utter horror, one of her neighbours was arriving home. And just as quickly as I had started to pee, I couldn't go anymore. I heard two doors slam and then, "Sheila, what's going on?" To make matters worse, the voice was approaching.

"You are not going inside Michael until you have peed properly," said Mistress quietly, and then, "Hi Rhonda, Kathy... how are you? This is Michael. He's my newest toy-wants to be my pet slave. Michael... This is Rhonda and her daughter Kathy. Kathy is at university working to become a veterinarian." I looked up and saw an attractive though heavy set woman of around 45, and a stunning girl who might only have been 20... Immediately I became erect. Great... peeing was going to be much harder now.

"So this is what you meant when you said you have slaves," murmured Kathy. "Do they do whatever you like?" she asked.

"Of course silly," said Mistress "or they are punished."

"How do you do that?" asked Rhonda.

"Well the next time I have to punish Michael I'll invite you over," laughed Mistress Sheila. "There are almost no limitations on how I might punish him. In fact, if you have any ideas, I'd welcome them. I'm always looking for new ideas and things."

"So are you walking him like a dog?" Kathy sounded fascinated.

"No actually. Michael needed to pee. He had just started when you came home and scared him dry. And now of course he has an erection. So it will be tougher, but he is not going in until he pees."

"Wow..." breathed Kathy "Can I watch?"

"Sure" said Mistress. Rhonda didn't seem as interested, and said her good-byes before heading to her own home. "Hurry up Michael; we have to get inside before the mosquitoes come out."

I did need to pee, but not having any hands on my cock and having an erection was going to make it difficult. I tried to force the pee out. Just as I was about to have some success, I felt a hand on my butt. Kathy was stroking my ass. My penis hardened again to rock hard status. "He's got a nice cock," said Kathy. "Must be 7-8 inches long and thick. Can I come over and play with him at some point? I'd love to learn how to dominate a man."

"Any time Kathy," said Sheila. "In fact I might even use you to baby sit him."

"Great," said Kathy as I started to pee. The pee hurtled out of me and almost hit my own arm. I lifted it to avoid my stream, and relaxed. It felt so good to finally be able to go. Eventually I let the last couple of spurts go. Mistress Sheila bent over and shook my cock. A few drops of my urine ended on her hand, and she quickly forced me to lick her hand clean of my pee. I noticed Kathy's eyes pop wide open at that before Mistress was saying good-bye and walking me towards her huge home.

The back of Mistress Sheila's house had a lovely sunroom. It was quite a large room-seemed like it might be twenty feet by twenty feet with many of the large windows screened and a door leading into the house. Pieces of rattan furniture with pleasantly patterned cushions were neatly arranged inside the sunroom. A double sliding glass door led to the rest of the house, and Mistress Sheila pulled me further into the house. It was a lovely open concept home, but once inside, I was pulled towards what appeared to be the only closed door on the main floor.

"This is my main play area," said Mistress Sheila. "My dungeon..." she opened the door.

I paused briefly in the doorway. The room was black and quite large. In the far corner was a padlocked metal cage that would hold an individual almost motionless. Its floor area was only about one square foot-though it was about six and a half feet tall. There was a horse and a cross. One whole wall was covered with whips, paddles and floggers. There was a table with drawers against the same wall that seemed to have many dildoes and other toys covering it. A wooden chair with arms and a toilet seat was in another corner of the room. There were no windows. "I have things to do," said Mistress Sheila. She pushed me towards a padded recliner against the wall to our right. She sat on this recliner and pulled me down between her legs. "Let's see just how good you really are," she said as she spread her legs and pushed my head between them. For the first time I noticed that she wasn't wearing panties. Mistress Sheila had a beautiful pussy. She had shaved almost all the hair from it leaving just a small "V" above her clit. Her lips were a dusky pink colour and were very large. I could see a small amount of moisture leaking out from between her two lips. Before I could admire her cunt any further, she had pulled me so that I was up tight against her. Because of the heat of the day, Mistress had been sweating. Her aroma and taste were strong and a bit unpleasant. As I started to lick her, I involuntarily shuddered. Mistress Sheila noticed and cuffed my head with force.

"How dare you hesitate when given a job to do-and then to shudder!! You will be punished for that later, but right now I expect-no, I demand your finest efforts to give me an orgasm with your mouth."

Realizing my error, I feverishly started to tongue her pussy. She was very wet, and I lapped at her center. I left her clit and sucked her beautiful and large labia into my mouth before she grabbed my head and redirected me towards her clit. I could tell she was close and would likely orgasm soon. "Aaaaahhhh," she moaned. "That's it... faster Michael... lick me..." I pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked it as I like my penis sucked. Mistress Sheila twisted and moaned even more. "I'm cooommmming..." she cried and she gushed over my face. I was momentarily surprised, and then I attempted to drink her fluids. She tasted a little bitter with salty overtones, but I decided I liked it. I continued to gently lick at Mistress, but much more slowly and with a touch that was barely there. "Very good Michael," opined Mistress Sheila, "That feels very good... I forgot to tell you that I'm capable of gushing when I orgasm. You are very talented. This bodes well for our relationship. Few slaves have been able to make me come-at least like that." She smiled ruefully, "I almost regret having to punish you for your earlier mistakes-almost," she laughed.

Grabbing my leash, Mistress pulled me back into her dungeon.
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