Jessica and Lisa surprise Ken

Jessica had just finished getting ready to go out for the evening when Lisa arrived at Jessica's loft. They greeted each other and Jessica offered Lisa a glass of wine. Lisa quickly accepted.

"So where do you want to go out to tonight?" Jessica asked.

"Let's hit that new club just down the street. I wanna dance. Have you been there yet?" Lisa replied.

"Not yet, but I heard it's been packed the last few weekends. All kinds of hot guys go there from what I hear," Jessica mentioned. "Have you hooked up lately, Lisa?"

"Note lately, unfortunately. The guys have been boring me lately. They're always so self-centered and when they get off, that's it. It's frustrating!" Lisa complained.

"Don't you ever do anything to spice it up?" Jessica questioned her.

"What do you mean? We usually kiss while I stroke their cock, and then we have sex. What do you do?" Lisa related.

"It just depends, but sometimes when I'm feeling ornery, I'll lick his balls and tease his hole with my tongue. Then I work around his cock to tease him more. When I think he can't take it anymore, I'll take his cock in my mouth and then I'll work a finger in his butt hole," Jessica explained.

"You what?!! You stuck a finger in his butt?!! He lets you do that?" Lisa inquired.

"Of course. When you suck a guy off, you can do anything you want," Jessica laughed. "He cums so much and so hard that it's hard to swallow it all. Guys love it because it is such an intense orgasm!"

"I still can't believe guys let you do that!" Lisa exclaimed. "I don't think I could do it."

"If you play it cool, there's a good chance they'll go along with it. I even used my dildo on one guy. I really worked his tight hole good. I get so wet just thinking about seeing that dildo go in and out. It's a powerful feeling!"

"Wow Jessica! I never knew you were so kinky!" Lisa responded.

"I'm not kinky, I'm fun!" Jessica giggled. "I want to have some 'fun' tonight." Jessica smiled.

Lisa nervously glanced away.

"Lisa, I didn't mean just us two. I meant with a guy," Jessica explained. "I didn't mean to make you uneasy." "Of course not," Lisa lied. "I knew what you meant."

"Good! Tonight is going to be a lot of fun. I bought a new toy for later," Jessica informed her.

"What did you get?" Lisa inquired. The curiosity was killing her.

"You'll see." Jessica smiled. "Finish your glass of wine. I'm ready to get us some action!"

With that, the girls hailed a cab to the club. The bouncer quickly waved them to the front of the line. Being hot girls definitely had benefits. The club was already bouncing, but the girls decided to head to the bar to get a feel for the club. A couple guys quickly offered to buy them drinks and the girls accepted. The guys made some mindless chatter and told some ridiculous stories that obviously had little truth to them so the girls excused themselves to the bathroom to get away.

"Hey Lisa, are you ready to dance now?" Jessica asked.

"I've been ready all night!" Lisa yelled over the music.

The girls went over to the dance floor where some guys quickly began dancing with them. It didn't take long before the girls were grinding their asses and gyrating to the beat. Jessica smiled to herself as she felt the guy's cock grow against her ass. He obviously had a nice cock and she imagined his cock slipping into her ass. Lisa quickly brought her back to reality when she wanted to go to the bathroom again. Her guy was creeping her out.

After they got out of the bathroom, Jessica explained they should target a nicer guy. They went to the bar and ordered drinks. There was a guy standing at the bar next to them that didn't appear to be there with anyone that Jessica could tell. Jessica thought he was kinda cute so she introduced herself and Lisa. The guy's name was Ken. She could tell Ken was questioning why these two hot girls were talking to him. So before he could slip off, Jessica asked him to dance with her and Lisa.

"Oh okay," Ken said. Jessica winked at Lisa.

They went out to the dance floor and began dancing. Ken cautiously kept his space not wanting to creep the girls out. Undaunted, Jessica worked her way in close and pulled him into her body. She could see Ken become a little more comfortable, and Lisa worked in behind him. The girls knew they were making other guys in the bar jealous of Ken, and they loved it. Unexpectedly, last call came so the girls invited Ken back to Jessica's, but excused themselves to the bathroom first.

"Lisa, are you having fun?" Jessica asked.

"Oh yeah. Ken is so cute!" Lisa squealed. "I wanna hook up with him."

"You're going to hook up with him alright. When I leave you two alone back at my place, make sure you get him back in the guest bedroom, and make sure he eats your pussy," Jessica ordered.

"Mmmm, I can only hope," Lisa sighed.

The three of them luckily hailed a cab without too much effort and were back at Jessica's place before they knew it. Once inside, Jessica made everyone drinks and turned on some music. They chatted a bit and then Jessica excused herself to her bathroom. Lisa took that as her cue to move in so she began kissing Ken. Ken kissed her gently and Lisa sensed her breasts becoming more sensitive as her pussy moistened.

"Come on," Lisa ordered Ken. She took his hand, led him back to the guest bedroom, and left the door slightly ajar. She stripped down to her black lace bra and panties while Ken stripped down to his boxers. They began making out feverishly with Lisa on the bottom. Soon Ken began grinding his cock against her pussy; Lisa quietly moaned. Ken unhooked her bra and began kissing her stomach until he worked up and took a breast into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Jessica quietly changed into her outfit in the bathroom and tried to listen to make sure Lisa was hooking up with Ken. Jessica slipped over to the bedroom door and peered in. She admired Ken's nearly naked body.

Ken began to kiss lower and lower on Lisa's body until he was kissing Lisa's inner thighs. He quickly pulled her panties off and kneeled so he could kiss her inner thighs better. His senses were overwhelmed with the aromas from her moist pussy. He ran his nose gently along her shaved pussy. Lisa quietly purred as she tried to push her pussy into his mouth. She couldn't take it any longer so she gently used her hands to push Ken's face into her pussy. Lisa purred more loudly as he eagerly devoured her pussy.

Jessica sensed her opportunity and quietly walked over to the bed. She gently rubbed Ken's back and admired his nice ass. Ken was a little startled at first, but was enjoying Lisa's pussy too much to care. Seeing that Ken didn't move away, Jessica decided to go for it and pull Ken's boxers off. Again she succeeded, so she reached around and began to stroke Ken's cock. Ken began to moan loudly as she stroked him.

Jessica sensed the time was right and she began working her tongue around his asshole. Ken was surprised and started to sit up, but Lisa, feeling herself working toward orgasm, used her hands to keep his face in her pussy. Jessica continued to tease Ken's rosebud. The aroma was a little musty, but something about it was really erotic to Jessica. Jessica began to gently penetrate Ken's tight hole with her tongue. Ken was a little alarmed that he was allowing this girl to play with his ass, but it felt so good. Ken could feel his cock drip pre-cum.

Jessica was excited that her plan had worked so well. She decided it was time to take it to the next level. She licked her finger and slowly ran it around the rim of his ass. She unhooked her bra and quickly slipped her shorts off. Unbeknownst to Ken and Lisa, Jessica had put on her new toy in the bathroom. Her new toy was a strap on cock with attachments that inserted into her pussy and ass. She loved the feeling of wearing a cock and gently stroked her cock as she imagined a guy do. She quickly lubed her cock.

"Ken baby, I want you to relax and enjoy this," Jessica whispered. Jessica gently rubbed his back. Ken whimpered with nervousness as Jessica placed her strap on dildo up to his hole. "Baby, just relax. You're going to have the most intense orgasm in your life." She slowly pushed the tip of her dildo in and Ken grunted. "Just relax baby. You're doing it," Jessica purred.

Ken could not believe he was eating a beautiful girl's pussy while another was playing with his ass. Ken could feel his ass adjusting to her cock. He was shocked at the sensations he was receiving. Jessica slowly began to push her cock in even more.

"That's it baby. That's it. Take all of it. Mmmm," Jessica whispered. Jessica pushed her cock all the way in Ken's ass. The sensations Jessica were feeling from the strap on's attachments was intense.

Meanwhile, Lisa began moaning louder and louder as she felt her orgasm build. "Faster," she hissed. Ken worked his tongue on her clit faster and faster until finally, Lisa reached her orgasm. "Thank you," she whispered.

With Lisa having her orgasm, Ken became all the more aware that a gorgeous woman was fucking his ass. He was too turned on and overwhelmed by all the sensations to ask her to stop. Ken wanted to get off.

Since Ken's ass had finally adjusted to Jessica's cock, Jessica knew she could really start to work his ass good. She grabbed Ken's hips and forced her cock in again and again. Ken couldn't believe how good it felt. He got used to the motion and felt himself working his ass back on her cock.

"That's it baby. Work that ass. This is so hot!" Jessica related to him. "You're such a good little ass slut and you didn't even know it."

Jessica was really stimulated by the dildo inserted into her pussy as she fucked him. She fucked him harder and harder until she screamed in ecstasy.

"That was so awesome. You're so wonderful you don't even know," Jessica told him.

"Okay, we're going to get you off now baby. I'm going to sit and I want you to lower your ass onto my cock," Jessica ordered. "Now work it."

Jessica winked at Lisa. Lisa knew that was her cue to take Ken's cock into her mouth. Lisa wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked up all the pre-cum. Ken worked his ass the best he could, but Lisa was doing too good of a job sucking his cock. It took no time at all and Ken screamed. Lisa swallowed his hot cum, and he just kept cumming until she finally got it all.

"Jessica, that was so amazing! You were so right! I'll never doubt you again," Lisa relayed to Jessica. "This was the most fun I've ever had!"

The three of them passed out in the bed for the night.
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