Nurses drain their subject of his essence

There was no way a woman like that would be alone in a bar. A man would always be at her side, possessive, the way a lion watches over his kill. Eric was hoping to meet a woman, as he finally had a free evening to himself and at this bar there were more than enough to choose from. Blonde, brunette, tall, short, busty, they were all there though but he wasn't interested in anyone but the tall woman with jet black hair and the sliver locket.

She noticed him the moment he came in as well. He was the man she was looking for and came up to him soon after he ordered his first drink. Soon after they started talking her hand was on his knee and they were talking like old friends. The entire time he felt himself erect and he couldn't help but imagine what she looked liked naked.

Her lips were full, with a moist gleam of red and her hair gave off a warm scent. There was an aura of sex emanating from her that spoke to exactly what he needed. Out of nowhere there was a kiss- a bold, no restraint kiss that came at a pause in the conversation when Eric found himself entranced by the sight of her legs, sliding from the tight skirt she wore and he was caught.

It wasn't unpleasant, merely surprising. She was forceful and he felt her tongue licking his lips and pressing inside him as he opened. Their tongues darted together and slipped over one another. When they broke he was out of breath and breathing heavily. She had a powerful look in her eyes, daring him. Tentatively, he reached for his beer and inhaled a deep swallow. Feeling the rush down his throat, filling his insides, he studied her. He made to speak and opened his mouth at the moment everything went black.

* * * *

Time had passed but he couldn't tell how much or even what day it is. Eric woke up on his back in the middle of a strange room. He came to slowly, looking around and wondering what had happened. There was a door at the foot of the bed and as he looked down he realized he was naked.

He moved to cover himself but realized he could not. His arms felt bolted to the table and his legs were made of lead. There was a haze in his head and a struggle to keep his eyes open but despite this he felt calm. His penis, unlike the rest of his body, felt light. It was stiffened to his fullest and pointing upwards. It pulsed in time with his breathing and bobbed lazily in the air.

The door open and a tall blonde wearing only a silk knee length robe walked in. It seemed as if she was floating she walked so purposefully. Coming to his side, she places a warm hand on his chest just above a nipple and looked over a clipboard that lay on a nightstand at his head.

Pads were connected to his temples, chest and groin and, as she read, she fiddled with them aimlessly. After some time, while Eric had helplessly watched her, she finally spoke.

"You were selected," a quick thumbing through of pages, "...Eric, because you have the qualities women seek in a mate to pass to their children." His eyes showed a range of emotions; curiosity, lust, anger, fear. "I can see you're wondering how you got here. I'm not at liberty to name names but a former girlfriend submitted your name as a prime candidate."

"Right now your mind is no doubt going through your mental rolodex wondering who it was that you slept with and had reason to put you in such a place but that is irrelevant now. What should concern you is where you are and why you are here."

She stepped back and took a moment to examine him. His body was near perfect. Broad, wide shoulders with a strong build, well muscled legs and a complexion that belied a healthy lifestyle and predilection for exercise. Most importantly his cock was full, thick and easily aroused. Even without help from her it stood proud and unwavering. His balls, the most important part of this exercise, were heavy and full. She held them delicately in her hand and assessed their weight. Eric commanded his limbs to move to protect himself but they remained dormant.

"You will be drained of your seed though a series of techniques, some enjoyable, others less so- some downright painful. However, they have all been scientifically designed to get the maximum amount of fluid from your body." She spoke matter of factly, which worried him even more than he already was. He hadn't ejaculated in days and the thought of being helpless in a strange place as it was sucked from his body upset him. She was incredibly beautiful though, and he figured there were worse ways to be relieved.

She playfully assessed his penis. Despite her obvious attempt at professionalism, she couldn't resist reaching to play with his equipment. One finger skated around the very tip of his swelled cockhead, tapping him on his hole while another pulled back his foreskin to display the full crown of his cock. He couldn't help but moan at her touch. Going a step further, she traced the distance around the rim of his cock, bringing a whine from the bottom of his throat.

"I can assure you," she said, patting his erect penis playfully, "You won't be hurt. You won't enjoy the entirety of your stay here, in fact at the end of it I expect you'll be begging to leave, but you will never be injured or damaged in any way."

Around his naked body she was much happier. She knew it must be humiliating for him, to be so naked and vulnerable in front of a strange woman but that only added to her arousal. It was against the code to have intercourse with a subject but for the first time she considered it, even in light of the penalties for doing so.

She couldn't keep her mind focused on the job at hand. Her eyes remained on the stiff beam of his cock as she went about her business. Smiling to herself, she found the tube of lotion and squirted a dollop onto her fingers. It made a wet, squishing sound as she coated her hands with it.

Lazily she ran her hands over his shaft. He moaned in appreciation and she turned to smile at him. "I want you to enjoy this as much as you can. It won't always feel good so appreciate it when it does." Turning back to his cock she said, "We want a nice big load from you."

Eric moaned, unable to do anything else. His limbs were useless at his side. All he could feel were the gentle urging motions of her hands. He pondered her words, unsure of what she meant. All he could think about now was the rhythmic motion of her hands expertly gliding over his bloated shaft.

One hand maintained a slow squeezing pressure at the base while the other playfully flew up and down his length. Words attempted to form in his throat, he yearned to speak, but all that came out were unintelligible grunts.

Her index finger and thumb clenched the base of his stem now while her free hand squeezed and juggled his balls. From the prone position he could see her face. She was smiling widely, obviously enjoying the task. The feelings passing through him- an urgent, unstoppable need to come- denied him any chance to think about his position. It was a strange place, and certainly a strange situation, yet it wasn't unpleasant. Already he could feel his balls tightening against his body. Each vessel of his body was heightened. He could feel the tiny tubes of his balls and the opened passage of his urethra, all readying for a heavy flow that churned inside his body, almost causing an ache.

As she happily played with his balls, her other hands slowly pulled upwards, clenching tighter as it reached the head. He could feel his orgasm on the edge, being held in check by nothing but her tiny hands. If he could speak he would plead.

She relented and her fingers became soft and delicate. They began dancing on the head of his prick. A fingertip skated up and down his slit, causing his body to writhe. Her other hand squeezed his balls, firmly squeezing his load from his testicles like ripe fruit. As one solitary, lube slickened finger traced circles around his crown he could restrain himself no more. The effect was overpowering and he surrendered, his body falling limp as his orgasm burst forth.

He could feel each motion; the rush of fluid from his body through his vessels, into his shaft, where it burned with a warmth indescribable. It hurt coming out, leaping from the tip of his prick with a speed that caused discomfort. His moan was that of pain. He yelped like a wounded dog and whined. Each spurt was as powerful as the last. Vulgar grunts accompanied each one and his face burned with shame as he felt relegated to nothing more than an animal. His cock flexed like a separate entity, forcing his seed out like a billows. It came out of him in a rush and he imagined the sight she had, a man so needy, so full of sperm that his entire body weakened to give his penis the strength it needed to force it out of him. Eventually, after what seemed to be countless pulses, he slowed. His body grew weak and he felt an irresistible wave of fatigue laying him still.

At first he thought he'd passed out but he didn't even sleep. Time seemed to pass but he didn't realize it, caught in the peaceful moments as his body recovered from such a strenuous climax. His cock felt worn and sore though not unpleasant.

When his eyes opened there were two women in front of him. The blonde stood at his left, while another woman, a younger looking brunette was at his right. The two were talking though he couldn't make out what they said. Slowly he slipped back.

"Oh, he's back with us." The blonde's hand was resting comfortably on his balls. A thumb gently stroked his sack.

Eric could feel his arms. Whatever they had drugged him with had worn off. Now his hands were immobile and bound by thin leather straps. He struggled but was too weak to make anything more than a show. The women looked down at him, broad grins on each of their faces.

His penis felt tighter and a little sore. Looking down he saw a device had been attached to him. It held him in a clear plastic sheath-like skin that gripped his length. It was comfortable, almost too tight. As he watched, he began swelling. The blonde stood back while the brunette placed her hand beneath him and began squeezing his balls rhythmically.

"He's had enough time to recover. We should be able to get a few more good loads out of it." Eric tried to speak but found he had not the strength. If they would release him, he'd promise to give them what they wanted in more enjoyable ways. They were beautiful women, after all.

For the first time she addressed him. "Your semen came up as highly potent in our tests. You have just the amount we want and are the perfect donor." She looked him up and down, noting the fearful look in his eyes. "Just stay still and don't resist. We're going to take it from you. All you have to do is stay still and don't fight. It will be easier if you try to enjoy it."

Enjoy it? It did feel very good, why would he resist? They were beautiful and he'd gone without for too long. He could use a good orgasm like the one he'd had. As he remembered his last orgasm, his cock grew with the help of the device as it powerfully sucked and pulled his member. It thickened larger than he was used to until it pressed obscenely against the tubing. The two women noticed this, their eyes growing wider. The brunette gasped in surprise and quickly dislocated it from his body. She was apologetic, addressing her partner; "I guess I put it on too high. The poor guy's in pain."

She was right, it hurt. His penis ached and the rough treatment it just received only made him more aware of what it had been through. The skin of his shaft, once a healthy cream color, was now a deep pink. He felt her tiny hand rest on him and lovingly stroke the worn skin. She began to manipulate him, her touch more unpracticed than the first nurse.

His balls were throbbing from the first release, one that seemed to call up all the reserves in his body, but now a gentle, warm feeling returned as he felt his balls slowly begin producing more sperm.

"That's it," the brunette cooed. He had closed his eyes, a soft smile spreading on his face. "Just lay back."

Those were the last words either of them spoke to him. For the rest of the evening he may as well have not been there. They didn't even look at him again. Instead they concentrated on his penis. They spoke to it as if it was separate from him. It was obvious they enjoyed their work though he couldn't help but feel like an instrument to them.

They coated his shaft with a cooling salve that made him feel good. From what they said he learned it would repair the damaged skin he suffered from their treatment. It was rubbed into him slowly until he began to engorge once again.

When he was full he felt the release of their hands and watched as the blonde held a long, thin piece of stainless steel. It was rounded at the end and, as he watched, she began coating it with another slick lotion. She held the swollen head of his cock between her index finger and thumb. The tiny slit opened up and, so carefully, she inserted it into his shaft. Eric thought it would be intensely painful but only stung with a dull pain. More easily than he expected, it slid down the tube of his penis. He wanted to speak out and beg them to be careful with this most valued part of his body but he was unable to form words.

It created a subtle pressure that brought with it an undertone of pleasure. The shaft hardened in response and he discovered sensitivity he never noticed before. The inner walls of his urethra tingled and warmed as the gentle caress of the instrument passed by.

She repeated the process, stimulating him further until he was moaning helplessly. The women looked at each other and smiled. His reaction was exactly what they had hoped for. The instrument was pulled out slowly and, just as slowly, pressed back into him. He could feel it at the very base of his shaft where it turned into a teasing sensation. His balls awakened so it seemed each of his vessels were alight. Sperm formed and slowly filled his genitals until it felt as if he would spill. When the instrument made it's final motion up his shaft and pulled from the bloated knobhead a thick line of fluid connected to him. The nurse gleefully rubbed it off with a pad of gauze.

He was full now and in need of his release. His seed filled him to the point of discomfort and his eyes closed tightly, wincing at the ache. Clear fluid steadily dripped down the head of his shaft, leaving the tight skin shining with the viscous fluid.

This time they worked together. Unable to look up at them, he only felt the two pairs of hands on him. The more expert of the two gripped him firmly around the base of his shaft in a tight clench. Her thumb and forefinger massaged the area firmly, pulling up and slowly squeezing down. It did nothing but aggravate his need further.

The head of his shaft, which so desperately needed attention, felt another set of hands. One rested on his slickened tip while her smooth palm, twisting and circling swiftly, incited him so he could only grunt helplessly. Her other hand rested just below the rim of his heavy crown. This area, now throbbing and begging for stimulation, trembled as she slowly traced it. Her finger barely touched him, only gently brushing his member. His mind reeled. Please, his mind begged. His mouth moved in unison though his voice was silent. His chest rose quickly and fell as he took in great gulps of air. The semen in his sack, now primed to expend, caused a dull pain that forced him to ejaculate.

Still he could not. His release was dependent on the whims of his two tormentors. The women, both beautiful beyond belief, soft and feminine, held his agony in their hands. His mind reeled. Their beauty, his need, his helplessness all contributed to his state. His emotions flowed unbidden. He felt like crying, screaming, hurting, laughing. He was lost, each feeling entered him without reason and left just as soon, confusing him even further.

Still his penis burned. His testicles ached and the tight ring around his shaft increased the pressure in his cockhead where it was teased to a brilliant pleasure that now caused him pain. The palm gliding over his drenched tip now smoothed down to the cleft of his cockead to assist the burning in his rim. Tears welled at the corners of his eyes and he felt a leaden sadness at his position.

At the moment of orgasm he felt a transformation to an unexpected bliss. Bursts of white flashed before his eyes as his body propelled to completion. His cock stiffened and shook spasmodically as bolts of thickened jism shot from the end of his organ.

His body twisted and the firm muscles of his abdomen clenched. The nurses watched entranced as semen jumped from his penis. They caught it in a small plastic cup that almost filled to overflowing. Pleased with his produce, they sealed the specimen and labeled it. As his climax subsided he felt drained. His body felt heavy and his muscles grew slack. Were he not tied and bound he would have been unable to move regardless. As the nurses went about their business, he forget his nakedness, forgot his vulnerability, and peacefully slipped into a blank sleep.

When he awoke it was much later. During his sleep he had been turned on his stomach. Beneath him was a firm cushion that bent his body so his feet rested on the floor. A pillow rested under his head and his arms lay comfortably by his side. The women seemed much kinder now and talked sweetly. The brunette rested her hands on his bare back and softly stroked him just above his ass. He was not aroused but felt a complete satisfaction, as if awakened after a day long sleep.

He could not see the blonde nurse but felt her by his legs. The center of his ass, around his hole had been shaved smooth so he could feel her fingers as they stroked his back end. It felt suprisingly good but made him uncomfortable. He didn't resist it. She had coated him with a thick layer of lubrication, making sure that it filled the tight ring of his anus.

His penis, soft and worn, rested beneath him. He was uncertain what she had planned and sure he could not provide any more sperm.

"Pay attention," the blonde said to the brunette nurse. "This is a difficult technique but, if done right, can really produce a great result." The nurse left his side to get a better view of what she was doing. He imagined what they saw; his cheeks spread openly, his asshole on view to them. His face colored at the thought. Just then he felt a noticeable pressure on his anus that turned to sharp pain.

"It will hurt at first," she explained to the brunette. "The most difficult part is insertion. No male enjoys that."

True to her word, the pain worsened until he felt himself gritting his teeth. His body responded, tightening around her intention, forcing her to stop and soothe him. "It's ok, just take deep breaths," she advised. "Let me in. I'll go slowly."

He did as she said, inhaling deeply. When she was behind him he could see her looking at him kindly. Her blues eyes and pretty face helped him focus elsewhere. As their eyes held each other, he felt a deeper pressure in his ass. She had penetrated him with another implement, one that fit tightly in his back passage.

He stretched out, exerting himself to ward off the pain and found that the discomfort had turned into a foreign feeling deep in him. It tickled him and made his cock, which he thought deflated and weakened, fill to an almost complete erection. The younger brunette took it in her hand and squeezed him happily. "He's not ready yet," the blonde said. "I need to prime him first."

Just as she said this, he felt a distinct surge of pleasure deep in him. It was inside his ass, in an area he never felt before. "Males have a biological need to come," she explained. "If they don't do it on their own, their body does it for them, expending his seed while asleep or at other, more inappropriate times. One technique that has proven sound for those males that want to avoid the complications of orgasm but relieve internal pressure is called prostate milking." The younger nurse listened intently. "The male prostate gland is located deep in the rectum. It adds to the volume and frequency of the ejaculate but it is very sensitive and women have found a way to use it to expel semen. If massaged and stroked it causes a highly pleasurable sensation in the male." While doing this, she demonstrated by pushing it in until it touched the area. The sound he gave off, a happy sigh, proved her words.
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