Jasons hot dream turns into a cold affair

He tried to ask her with his eyes why he was trapped in this room. He wanted to know why he kept dying here only to come back to life in this room again. He had to get an understanding as to why...


...he was back in this damned room every time he died in it. Why does he keep waking up, standing with his back to the mirrored wall and couch? What is the reason for this room and the many deaths he had already suffered (or pleasured) in here?

Jason quickly jumped to his right to escape the possible touch of the vampiress and her familiar that he knew was behind him. He knew in his heart that at her seductive touch, he would quickly give in to her lust and his and die at her hands again.

He made his was around the large bed, giving plenty of room between himself and it as he headed for the table and two straight back chairs. He needed to sit down and think this thru. As he neared the chairs, he quickly remembers the last time he fell into a chair and what happened.

Jason turned his head over to the corner where the "wicker chair" was at and saw the spider succubus lying in her web. It looked like she was actually sitting in the wicker chair, but Jason knew better. Turning his attention back to the table and chair, he hesitated.

Could this be another deadly trap, he thought to himself. Where are the strings that are attached to this particular situation? He knew deep down that if he sat down in either one of those chairs, he would most likely be attacked by some demoness wanting to take his life.

He squatted down and looked under the table and chairs from a short distance. He couldn't see anything around the table or on the floor that could suddenly make an appearance. From his squatting position, he placed his knees on the floor and looked up at the ceiling and didn't see anything above the table either.

"I guess you won't be coming over here to attack me," Jason said, turning his head to the spider succubus in her web. "Your web doesn't seem to go across the ceiling so you can climb over me over here."

"No, my lover, my domain is confined to my web and that is only in this little corner of this world," she replied. She grinned at him and showed her sharp fangs that had paralyzed him before.

Jason turned his head away from that look of hungry lust that he detected in her eyes. He believed that staring too long into her eyes would have caused him to go back to her, just as he was about to do before with the vampiress. He may have enjoyed their bodies wrapped around his and their lust; but he still didn't want to die again and possibly never wake up again.

He looked back at the chairs and table and couldn't see anything that could possibly trap him here. Giving up on the possibility of the trap snapping shut before he stepped into it, Jason walked over to the chairs and pulled the one on the other side of the table out. Before sitting down, he touched the cushioned seat tentatively with his finger tip, making sure that it wasn't going to stick to his bare skin.

When he had pulled his finger back three times after touching the seat, he concluded that he wouldn't be stuck to the chair. He turned the chair so that he would sit with his back to the corner, facing the rest of the room. The square table was to his left at about mid-chest height to him when he finally sat down.

Jason could look around and see the entire room. Looking past the vampiress' succulent body and into the mirror's reflective surface, he could still see the seductive stare of the mermaid in the tub in the restroom. Jason turned his eyes away from hers and noticed the look of a woman's face forming in the glass reflective surface. The familiar was making her presence known again.

He watched her reflective face smile at him and her smooth tongue lick her lips in a delicious seductive move. Jason turned his attention away from her and toward the bed, the most dangerous object in this room, according to his gut instinct.

Jason couldn't understand why he felt this way, but he knew that lying down on that inviting bed would be his last action. The bottom edge of the pillows at the head of the bed just barely touched the fold of the sheets and blanket that covered the bed. The sheets that were showing were the same red satin, maybe silk, looks of those that were covering the mattress that he had in the center of the pentagram. The blanket looked warm and inviting to his chilled body, since he was in the buff as he had been since he started waking up in this room.

Taking his eyes off the bed, he saw the hole in the wall on the other side of the bed. He began to wonder if that may be the way out of the room. It wasn't very large. If he was to try it, he would have to get down on his hands and knees and crawl into it. It didn't look too inviting, but he hoped it would be warmer than the room felt at the moment.

That was when Jason suddenly noticed that his body was cold. It was the first time in this room that he actually felt cold in the room. He turned his head to his left to look at the wall in that direction. He wondered if there was a vent along the wall that was blowing a cold breeze on his back.

He couldn't feel a wind blowing, but the air behind him was very chilly on his skin. As he was looking around, he suddenly felt the front of his body feeling chilled as well. Concentrating, he tried to focus on where his body was the coldest at and noticed that his back and his chest were the coldest. Even his upper thighs were cold, but his shins weren't cold.

Jason thought maybe the breeze was blowing from above him and into the corner, making that air around him cool down quickly but not hitting his body directly. As he raised his head, he felt the gentle touch of something, not a wind, but something cold on his shoulders. It was a caressing touch that slid around his neck from the front to the back and ran up thru his hair on the back.

He knew that something was wrong with this, but the touch was comforting besides the chill that it ran down his back. The chill moved its way down and came back up between his legs and to his dick. For some reason, it was causing him to slowly grow hard. The cool touch playing with the hair on the back of his head was sending seductive feeling thru his body.

When he suddenly thought that it was a seductive touch, Jason tried to rise up off the chair. He noticed instead that there was some pressure on his lap keeping him in his seat. The cold on his chest also pressed him into the back of the chair, as well. His head was still looking up at the ceiling and he brought it forward to see if he could tell what it was that was pushing him into the chair.

When his head was looking forward, he couldn't see anything, but he did feel something. It was like a smooth cheek was pressed to his right cheek and a pair of soft but cold lips were kissing his earlobe.

Jason's body shivered at the kiss and his dick stiffened a little more at the feeling. The invisible soft lips moved their gentle touches down his cheek, kissing along the way gently, making their way along his cheekbone and down to his mouth. When the reached it, they didn't seem to do more than just gently press against his lips as if to only to give him a peck.

Jason took his left arm off the table where he had it resting and raised his right arm too. He tried to touch the person that must be sitting on his lap, but his arm passed thru the air in front of him. The air was almost freezing as it passed thru the empty space. He put his arms back down, both hands resting on his knees.

The lips were now kissing along his left jaw line and toward his neck on the left side. Jason was growing more aroused with the kisses from the supple invisible cold lips on his face and neck. When they did reach his neck, they were no longer just pressing on to his skin but seemed to be more open with each kiss. He thought he could feel what would be a tongue between them as well.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the touches of the fingers (because that was the only thing it could be) running thru his hair and sensuous kisses on his neck. With his eyes closed, he could imagine it was a woman that was straddling his lap, her arms around his neck, her fingers tickling his hairline and her tongue caressing his neck between her lips.

But if it was her arms around his neck and her hands in his hair, then whose hands were now moving around his sides to his chest from behind? Jason quickly opened his eyes and moaned at the same time as another pair of lips started kissing the base of his neck on the back side. The coldness was creeping into his skin, but his erection was growing harder by the second. He finally figured out what the trap was here.

Jason was being seduced by two ghosts. He knew that he was trapped between the two of them and knew that if he was going to live, he had better escape. He moved his left hand off his knee and placed it on the table for leverage. Pushing off the table, he tried to rise up off the chair, but he could actually feel the weight of the ghost on his lap this time. Her thighs were smooth as the slid along his legs, tightening their grip to the chair to hold him down under her.

Jason also felt her breast now pressing into his chest, as well. Her nipples must have been aroused or cold, because the feeling of their cold points in his chest let him know that he wasn't the only aroused and cold. He strained to try and stand again but the hands that had slid around his chest now seemed more solid as well. They gripped him back against the chair. The pair of lips slid to his right earlobe and started kissing, licking and sucking on it.

The body on his front began to grind it's crotch against his hardening erection, pressing it between the cold body of the spirit and his cooling skin. Jason thought he could feel some moisture dripping onto his balls, but it felt more like ice water than actual juices from an aroused woman.

He could feel a cool breath along his left ear from the mouth of the ghost sitting his lap. She was breathing heavily as she ground her moist pussy against his near full erection. Jason tried to control his lust again, as he had tried several times before; but it was, as always, a losing battle. He was becoming aroused a lot quicker now than he had before calling the succubus that first night.

The arm that had slid along the right side of his chest now rose up to his neck, the cool fingers of the invisible hand gently gripped his chin and turned his head to the right. When it was turned as far as it could, Jason felt the mouth on that side press to his and a cold tongue was caressing, teasing his lips. He stopped resisting finding out what it would be like to kiss a ghost.

His mouth opened up and a cold air quickly passed into his mouth along with a probing tongue. It snaked in and tested the warmth of his mouth and teased his tongue with licks and prodding. Jason returned the tongues movements with his own, wresting this cold muscle that was invading his mouth.

Something tight suddenly slipped along his shaft, encasing it in a very smooth, silky, freezing grip that massaged his erection. The cold nearly caused him to lose his hard on, but the massaging was just too luxurious for him to lose it completely. He moaned into the mouth that was warring with his tongue, his hot breath breathing into it.

Jason's eyes had been closed from the moment he had begun French kissing the ghost behind him, but he opened them at the sudden temperature drop around his cock. As he moaned into the ghost's mouth, his eyes closed half-way but he glimpsed her face take form.

He couldn't make out her skin tone, but her face looked to have several sharp edges to it before it faded back into nothing. He closed his eyes and continued to let his tongue wrestle with the spirit pressing against his lips. His body was growing colder with each passing second, but the feeling of what had to be a pussy around his cock was just too good to try and escape anymore.

Jason was letting his breath come out his nostrils with the kiss, but the ghost seemed to have other plans for it. Jason felt his breath being pulled out of his lungs after the next breath, while the ghost continued to keep him tongue tied with her tongue. When his lungs were nearly empty, he was able to take in another breath thru his nose again before it was pulled out by the invisible mouth again.

He opened his eyes a little to see if he could catch a glimpse of the woman's face again and he found he was able to see more than just her face. It was like looking at someone made out of smoke.

She didn't look solid, but there was the form there of her head, cheekbones, nose, eyes and the roots of hair. Her eyes showed that she was smiling at him just before another breath was taken from him. Her eyes closed as she pulled his breath from his mouth. He could feel her tongue teasing his while she did it, making sure that he kept his mouth open for her.

A cool tingling sensation began to from at his crotch where the invisible pussy was milking him. The body was grinding harder on Jason's dick, trying to drive it as deep as it could go. He responded by pushing into it as best as he could.

Jason's mind was now focused on the pleasures that his body was receiving and his little head was thinking for the body now. The teasing pleasure of the tongue in his mouth and the tongue licking all over his ear were sending shivers along his spine. He closed his eyes as he moaned again into the mouth taking his breath away.

The probing tongue was becoming warmer to the touch of Jason's mouth. He didn't notice or care at the moment as his eruption of pleasure began to boil toward explosion. The up and down motions of the pussy that had him trapped became more demanding of his attention; and he countered with his own movements to keep the motion going and at a much easier pace to control. His efforts failed him as his sperm began to flow out of his body.

Jason tried to scream his pleasure but he only muffled it into the mouth already pulling his next breath out of his lungs. He noticed that the pussy ensconced around his cock had suddenly grown hot and wet with his seed. The sudden heat felt delicious to him and he continued to push into the massaging, climaxing walls of heat.

His hands finally found a grip on the hips that were sitting in his lap and he caressed the invisible body that was pushing him to greater heights of ecstasy. Jason opened his left eye a little and looked in the direction of the ghost that was riding him.

He once again saw the features of a woman that looked to be made of smoke. Her face was contorted in the grimace of orgasm, before she brought her head back to his face and began to suck on his earlobe again.

Jason felt her warm tongue touch his sensitive skin before her mouth wrapped around the flesh. Her hot breath blew across his ear before her lips locked on its target. Another breath was stolen from him by the mouth sucking on his tongue again. The mouth that his tongue was now in had grown quite warm and more solid that he had expected it to be.

Running his tongue along the insides, he was able to feel the perfectly normal teeth of a woman's mouth. As the last of his breath was pulled out, the woman kissing him moaned into his mouth, sending her cool breath into his lungs and pulled it back out of him again. The exchange of her saliva and breath drove Jason further into an ecstasy that he couldn't imagine pulling himself out of on his own or ever reaching again.

When his next breath came from the spirit entered his lungs again, Jason felt its heat pass his throat and warm his insides before it left him as a cool breeze against his and the spirits tongue. The cool caress inside his mouth somehow pushed him over the edge again and he shot a second load of seed into the gripping, massaging heaven that wasn't going to let him go.

The ghost riding him again moaned into his ear, her breath feeling like a blast furnace to his cold skin along his ears. Jason registered the thought that he was cold but these two women were much warmer now than before, but his dick didn't care. It was in bliss with the pleasurable attention it was receiving.

His hips began to push into the gripping hot thighs that were wrapped around his waist. Jason figured that her legs had to be wrapped around the back of the chair, locking the two of them into a type of lotus position with her in total control. He didn't give a damn, though. He was just too deep into the bliss that the two women were giving him.

Jason brought his right hand up, sliding it along the back of the woman riding him into another of her orgasms, and pushing him to another ejaculation. She shivered at the cool touch of his cold fingers before he lifted his hand off her skin and moved it to the back of the woman's head that was kissing him.

Jason wanted to press her harder into the kiss, fell her pressed harder against him, know the feel of her soft hair as his fingers wrapped around inside it. What he felt was nothing.

He opened his eyes just a little bit as his cold breath was pulled from his lungs again and didn't see what he wanted to see. The blonde that had her mouth tight around his continued with the exchange of breaths, her hair golden and looking luscious and needing to gripped by her lover.

Further to her left, Jason saw an identical blonde hair in his line of sight. He could feel her still breathing her hot breath into his ear as she moaned her way into another small orgasm. Between the two identical twin spirits, now solid in appearances, Jason held his hand up for him to see; but his hand looked like it was made of smoke, and slowly fading away.

Fear gripped Jason at the thought of just fading from existence. As the fear gripped him, the next heated breath had entered his lungs. He tried to scream for the women to stop, but it was pulled from his lungs with the freezing temperature of his breath. The fear gripped his freezing balls and crushed them with great pleasure as the boiling hot pussy gripped and sucked his orgasm from him.

Jason was screaming at himself in his head, angry with the direction that he had taken.

"Why didn't he take the only possible exit out of this room?" he thought to himself as the last of his seed was pulled from him. What was the reason for staying in a room full of traps when the only way out stared at him every time he...


...opened his eyes and saw the cursed room in front of him again. He had to act fast before he was doomed to another death at the hands of these sexual demons that he was constantly accosted by.

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