Two sexy nurses use and abuse the errant husband

When Linda found out that Brian had been fucking her sister she was furious!

Stacey had found it amusing to tell her sister all the lurid details of Brian's all too easy seduction. When Linda told her how she wanted to get even with her unfaithful husband, Stacey was more than happy to help.

A few evenings later while Linda was out, Stacey came home, dressed in her nurse's uniform and lured Brian into her bedroom. It wasn't hard. She just leaned over him from behind while he was on the couch, shoved her tits into his neck, grabbed his balls and told him to come upstairs. Brian was hesitant at first but when she began to jerk him urgently through his pants, it didn't take long for Brian to agree. She told him to give her a minute and come up.

It was only moments later that Brian walked into her bedroom. He stopped in amazement when he saw his slutty sister-in-law. Stacey was sprawled out on the bed in spectacular fashion. Her uniform jacket was open and her lush breasts were straining through a little red bra. She had her nylon sheathed legs bent and open. Her bare, juicy cunt was gaping wide between her lewdly spread thighs. Stacey smiled at his eager, lust filled expression as he stared at her enticing body.

"What took you so long baby?...I've been waiting for you!...Do you want to play doctor?... Ummm?...Why don't you come over here and we'll play!..." Stacey teased, lazily opening and closing her thighs so that her pink pussy beckoned her dazed brother-in-law.

"Are you going to fuck my slut sister Brian?..."

Brian wheeled around at the sound of his wife's voice. He immediately broke into a cold sweat.

Linda was standing behind him, also dressed as a nurse. Well, mostly dressed. She too had a white nurse's jacket unbuttoned to her waist. Her apple sized breasts were covered only by the tiniest of black nylon bras. She was noticeably taller than usual wearing four inch black stiletto heels. Her legs were sleekly clad in black nylons, the tops of which were clearly visible beneath her micro mini skirt. She looked incredibly sexy and at the same time she looked very intimidating.

"So you like to play games do you Brian?...I hear you particularly like to play with my sister!..." Linda accused, as she stepped up to her wide eyed husband.

"Linda!...It's not what you think!...Let me explain!..." Brian stammered. His heart was racing a mile a minute and his heart was pounding.

"Oh you don't have to explain lover!...Nurse Stacey has told me all about you two playing house when I wasn't around!...You should have told me Brian!...We could have all played together!...You wouldn't have had to sneak around to fuck my sister whenever you had the chance!..." Stacey spat at her husband as she reached out and clutched his balls through his pants.

"Lindaaaaa!..." Brian gasped as his pretty wife jiggled his nuts and then closed her fist on them in a meaningful squeeze.

Brian had no idea what to say to his wife. He noticed Stacey get up from the bed and walk towards them. His wife pushed even closer to him so that her taut little body was rubbing against his side. Stacey moved to his other side and pressed her voluptuous curves against him as she murmured....

"I told her everything Brian!... I had to!...I felt one of us had to tell her!..."

"Nooooo!..." Brian moaned as the extent of his predicament became clear to him. He knew he should just turn and go but his limbs seemed made of lead, all except for his cock which seemed to be made of fire as the two sultry sisters sandwiched him between them.

"She told me everything Brian! All the nasty sex games you played! Well now it's time we played one of my games!..." Linda hissed exerting a brutal pressure on her husband's cringing nuts.

The pain that shot through Brian's groin was excruciating as his wife wrenched his lurching testicles. He could hardly breathe, hardly think. He tried to get away but Stacey had wrapped herself around him like a python and held him fast. When Linda released his pain wracked balls a few moments later he panted feverishly in relief. His wife then edged around in front of him, slipped her nylon sheathed thigh between his legs and nudged it up into his balls.

"Nurse Stacey told me you love her blow jobs you bastard!... " Linda whispered into Brian's ear. She kicked his ankles wider apart and resumed tantalizing his nuts with her nylon sheathed thigh.

"Well now we're going to play one of my games!... I don't think your going to like it as much as fucking my sister, but I will!.." Linda said as she leaned in and kissed her husband heatedly, but just for a second.

"Are you ready baby?...Are you ready for this?..." Linda murmured darting her moist tongue into Brian's ear. At the same time she swung her shapely leg back and then brought it up with all her strength, jolting her husband up off the ground as she pitilessly kneed his testicles.

"Whhhhhhuuufffff!....Mwaaahhhhh!..." Brian screamed gutturally.

"Mmmmmm!...." Linda murmured happily, grinding her punishing knee into Brian's lurching groin.

He would have collapsed to his knees but his wife held him upright on her raised knee.

"Ohhhhh!....I'll bet that really hurts doesn't it baby?....Linda can get a little kinky when she's upset!..." Stacey said, squeezing her gasping brother-in-law tight.

"But some of the boys we used to date were into kinky!...How about you Brian?...Do you like that?...Let's see?...Linda, do him again!... Let's see if he likes it!... " Stacey purred, staring eagerly at her sister.

Brian couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Noooooooo!...." he grunted, his eyes darting wildly between his wife and his sister-in-law.

"Oh Yessss!..." Linda hissed excitedly. She edged backwards a little from Brian, swung her leg back and then up again with wicked force. Cruelly she drove the bony center of her knee into his already excruciating nuts.

"Nnnnnnaaaaaaa!..." Brian cried pitifully as an overwhelming nausea swept over him. He thought he would faint.

Stacey continued to hold him up and it was evident that it was taking all of her strength to keep her shuddering brother-in-law on his feet.

"Mmmmm!....I think you've got his attention now little sister!...What about those other games we talked about?..." Stacey asked her sister with excitement in her voice.

"You're pretty anxious to get at that cock of his aren't you, you slut?...Well you can have him when I'm done with him and I'm not quite finished yet!...I think he still needs just a little more of this!...." Linda said with a malicious smile as she took a step backwards.

Almost faster than Brian could see, Linda's leg shot out as she kicked her high heeled stiletto into his savaged groin. Her aim couldn't have been better as her pointed leather toe slammed one of his spasming testicles agonizingly up into his crotch.

""Whhhhaaaaaa!...." Brian screamed, choking and reeling, and this time Stacey let him go. He rocked back and forth on his heels for a moment and then he collapsed into a shuddering fetal position on the floor. Through fluttering eyelids he was vaguely aware that the two sexy nurses were standing over him and looking down on him with amusement.

"Linda!...Stacey!...Pleaseee!...Nnnnnnn!..." he moaned. He was trying to plead with the two vixens to help him but then he saw Linda draw back her leg again as she launched one more vicious kick into balls.

A blinding white flash of excruciating pain erupted from his groin just before he passed out at the feet of the two smiling sisters.

When Brian came to some time later it took him a little while to figure out where he was. As it turned out, he was still in Stacey's bedroom. His arms and legs were tied to bolts on the ceiling and the floor so that he was stretched out upright into a taut X. He had been stripped naked and the girls had put a pair of tight leather shorts on him that were constricting his genitals excruciatingly.

The sexy sisters were sitting on the bed facing him and watching him while sipping on glasses of wine. They were still both attired in their hose, high heels and scanty, half open nurse's uniforms.

"Linda!..." he pleaded in a hoarse whisper...."Let me go!....I'm sorry!...My Goddd!...So sorry!...We can work this out if you'll just give me a chance!..."

His blonde wife regarded him with a cool smile.

"Of course we can work this out lover!...I'll let you go, in a little while, but first I've thought of a few ways you and Stacey can make it all up to me!...And Stacey's going to help!...Won't that be fun!..."

And with that Linda took Stacey's wine and put both of their glasses down on the floor. Then she reached into her sister's uniform and peeled the cups of Stacey's tiny bra down so that her melon sized breasts were bared and hoisted out of her jacket.

"It's not fair that she's got such big juicy tits and all I have are these little babies.!...When we were teenagers the boys would never pay any attention to me!... They were always so busy trying to get their hands on Stacey's 'jugs'!...These tits were always getting her into trouble and I was always the one who had to get her out of it!... She always needed my help, didn't you Stacey?..."

"Yes!..." Stacey murmured, biting her lip shyly.

"And now you're getting into trouble again and you know what happens to bad girls don't you sis?...Now sit up straight!...Shoulders back!...Elbows back!...Let's see those puppies really sit up there!...That's it!..." Linda encouraged as Stacey obediently sat up and drew her shoulders back, making her generous mounds push up towards the sky.

"Yes!...That's perfect!..." Linda said with a mischievous smile. With her eyes fixed on her husband, Linda brought one hand back and taking a round house swing, she slapped one side of Stacey's out thrust tits.

"Ohhhh!.." gasped Stacey in discomfort as a bright red imprint of Linda's hand appeared on the side of her shuddering mammaries.

"Ummmmm!... It's been a while hasn't it sweetheart!..." Linda taunted before she backhanded the other side of Stacey's tits making them wobble crazily.

"Ahhhhhhhh!..." Stacey hissed, her eyes hooded in pain from her sister's blows.

Linda started up a rhythmic pummeling of her sister's out-thrust breasts, striking them over and over. The giant orbs swung and danced and began to turn a vivid crimson from Linda's careless abuse.

Brian couldn't believe the scene he was witnessing. Stacey was grunting and panting continuously but showed no resistance as her blonde sister beat up on her sensitive mammaries. His cock began to swell with growing arousal. As Stacey's breasts got redder and redder, more blood pumped into Brian's cock, turning it into a fierce erection that was clearly outlined beneath his tight shorts.

"Linda!...Stop!..." he cried as he watched the tears spilling down Stacey's cheeks as Linda mauled her breasts.

Linda stopped her hand in mid-swing as she turned to regard her husband with amusement. Instead of delivering another slap to her sister's chest she reached out and took Stacey's nipples between her sharp nailed fingers. She stretched them brutally away from the red head's heaving chest.

"Ooooohhhhh!..." Stacey whimpered as her nipples became painfully engorged at Linda's stern squeeze.

"Why!...My hero!..." Linda said sarcastically..."I haven't forgotten you!..."

She released her sister and turned her full attention to her husband.

Stacey's breasts and nipples were hugely swollen and Stacey was snuffling back the tears as she tried to compose herself. She did nothing to try and cover herself however and Brian was mesmerized by her glowing breast flesh.

"Once again you seem transfixed by my slut sister's tits!...But in this case I'll forgive you!... After you make it up to me!...Stacey!..."

Stacey got up from the bed on slightly shaky legs. Then she turned a hostile glare on Brian as she turned to the bed and opened a case that was lying there. She pulled out a pair of latex gloves and slipped them on.

Brian watched in confusion as Stacey pulled out a syringe and a small vial. She stripped the needle, jammed it into the vial and loaded the syringe with clear fluid. Then she turned back to Brian and walked up to him with a wicked grin, the needle pointed up in the air between her latex clad fingers.

"Stacey!...What is this?...Don't!...Linda!...Don't let her!...Noo!..." Brian cried, squirming helplessly against the taut ropes that bound him in a helpless spread-eagled stance.

Stacey just smiled at his distress as she dropped down in front of him.

"You like me on my knees don't you Brian?...Well here I am!...But it's going to be different this time!...You'll see!..."

Stacey reached out, grabbed the front of Brian's shorts and ripped it down. There was a velcro flap that tore away. Stacey reached in, pulled his balls free and, with a little wrestling, yanked his dwindling cock out of the opening. It was a tight squeeze.

"He's getting a little soft Linda!...I think he's kind of nervous!..." Stacey said with a grin at her sister while gently squeezing Brian's meaty shaft in her hand.

"He should be and he knows it!...But you're the super slut!...Make him hard and make him hard now so you can get that needle in him!...Go on!..."

"Nooo!...Don't!...Please!..." Brian squealed in horror, his cock shrinking even further at Linda's terrifying words.

But Stacey wasn't concerned. She knew what to do. She turned her smiling eyes up into Brian's as she dropped her fist down to the root of his shaft. She squeezed his prick hard for a few moments and then released it. Nurse Stacey repeated this simple technique over and over and it didn't take long before his cock responded. She slid her relaxed fist up his rapidly growing prick. Then she squeezed him hard again making his cock crown mushroom hugely above her clenched hand. Now she had him trembling with excitement. With the pad of her thumb, she frictioned that sensitive knot of nerves under his knob with swift back and forth strokes.

"Unnnnnn!...Noooo!...Nnnaaaa!...Pleaseeee!...." Brian gasped as his cock responded helplessly. His balls were numb from all their previous abuse and all his sensitivity seemed to have been transferred to the end of his cock.

"Oh Yeahhhh!...That's it!...Come on!..." Stacey encouraged, smiling up at Brian as she began jacking him off with fast, hard strokes. Her big tits jiggled lewdly as she flailed Brian's cock with her shuttling fist. After a minute or so of feverish pounding, Stacey said over her shoulder to her sister..."He's hard as a rock!..."

She stripped her fist to the root of Brain's cock and squeezed it roughly. All the veins bulged out on his throbbing shaft. Even from across the room Linda could see that her husband was enormously aroused.

"But not as hard as he's going to be!...Not even close!...Give him the needle!..." Linda purred ominously.

"Noooo!...Stacey!...Don't!...What's in that!...Please don't do this!...." Brian whimpered, writhing furiously but ineffectually at his restraints.

But Stacey, ignoring his pitiful whining, leaned in and jabbed the needle into one of the swollen veins in Brian's shaft.

"Naaaaa!..." Brian gasped as Stacey injected him with the clear fluid. Then she removed the needle, stood up, stepped back and smiled wickedly at her brother-in-law.

"Don't be such a baby!..." she said. She was regarding Brian's cock with rapt interest as she continued...

"It's just a solution of a steroid, viagra and an astringent. It's a treatment to enhance sensitivity and penile function. You'll see!...."

Linda had gotten up off the bed and moved behind her sister. She looked over Stacey's shoulder at Brian's prick then up at her husband.

"You're gonna' need a big cock to take care of the two of us lover!... " Linda purred as she reached under Stacey's arms and grabbed her weighty breasts.

"We just wanted to help you with that!..." Linda said as she fondled her sister, pancaking her crimson tits against her chest. "Ohhhhhhh!...." Stacey gasped as Linda rubbed her bulging melons up and down, making the resilient tit flesh bulge out lewdly through her fingers.

Brian watched the two sexy women in front of him in fear and growing excitement. Linda's eyes were staring deeply into his as she leaned closer to her sister, bringing her mouth close to hers. Her tongue traced a moist trail across Stacey's cheek.

"Ummmmmm!...." Stacey groaned again as she turned her face and the two sister's tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Linda never stopped her rough groping of her sister's tits, making them roll and heave on Stacey's broad chest.

As Brian stared at Linda and Stacey his arousal soared. A new and fiery sensation swept through his loins.

"Ooohhhh!...." he gasped. His cock was turgidly erect and still getting bigger.

"Aaahhhh!..." he moaned. His balls were so swollen and heavy, he wouldn't have been able to close his legs even if they weren't tied apart.

The two girls noticed that Brian's genitals were becoming grotesquely huge and that Brian was obviously feeling the discomfort as well as the excitement. They smiled secretly together as they writhed in front of him. Linda slid around and turned Stacey.

"His cock is so big baby!...So hard!...You're getting hot aren't you?...Your pussy's getting all moist and tingly isn't it!..." Linda teased as she pressed tightly against her sister and grabbed her ass. She slipped her nylon sheathed thigh between Stacey's legs and jammed it up into against her seething cunt. Stacey did the same thing to Linda and the two women writhed against each other, grinding their loins and their chests together.

"Ummmm!...Ummm Hmmmm!...You bitch!...Pull up my skirt!...Ummm!...You too you slut!... That's it!...That feels so gooodd!...Ohhhhh!...Goddd!...Do it harder!... Ahhhh!... Squeeze that ass baby!...Ohhh Shittt!...Give it to me!....I'll bet you'd like something hard up your cunt right now wouldn't you, you whore?...Ohhhh!...You're starting to drip down my leg, cunt!...Don't stop!...Ummmm!...Give it to me!...Unnn Hnnnn!... Unnn Hnnn!... Fuckkkk!...You want me to stick my finger up your ass!...You'd probably love that wouldn't you, you cocksucker?...Yeahhh!...Fuckk meee!...Go on!...Yeahhhh!..." the two vixens taunted each other with more and more lurid obscenities as their excitement clearly got the better of them.

Brian was being treated to an incredible picture of two lusty nurses lewdly dry fucking, french kissing and luridly taunting each other.

"Naaaaa!...Nnnnn!....Lindaaa!...Pleasee!..." he howled. He strained against the ropes binding him. His hard-on felt like there was a bare electric wire running through it. His erection tingled and spasmed and stretched up obscenely from his groin. It was as big as the handle of a baseball bat. His balls were contracting with his arousal or trying to. But they were so bloated they were knotting up on themselves. Waves of nausea swept through his loins at the same time that his enormous shaft pounded for release.

Linda and Stacey stopped their torrid lovemaking and turned their hungry eyes on Brian.

"I think he's ready!..." said Stacey.

"So do I!..." Linda replied as she stepped behind her panting husband. She slipped one hand around his waist and gently encircled the root of his cock. She cupped his balls in her other hand and lightly sank her nails into his bulging sac.

"Ahhhhhhhh!...Goddd!...." Brian yelped, tossing his head back and closing his eyes. Even his wife's quick fondling send shock waves of excitement ricocheting through his drum taut genitals.

"Open your eyes baby!...Watch Stacey!..." Linda directed as she tightened her grip on Brian's tumid flesh.

Stacey stepped forward with a wicked gleam in her eyes and dropped down on her knees in front of Brian. She smiled up at him as Linda levered his prick down and pointed it at her sister's lip-sticked mouth. Stacey leaned forward and with her mouth open in an inviting O, she mouthed the end of Brian's cock.
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