Young man and his aunt become quotclose relativesquot

I was raised in a very repressed, religious household, and therefore by the age of eighteen, I was still sexually inexperienced and quite shy.

When I was young, I didn't go to summer camp with the other boys. Instead, my parents would send me to stay with my Auntie for my summer vacation. This continued all the way through high school. There were no other children in her neighborhood, so I spent most of my vacation reading, swimming in the pool, or exploring the woods behind Auntie's estate.

Overall, my summers were fairly boring. Boring, that is, until the first year that my voice started changing. That was the year that I outgrew my shoes and clothes so quickly. That was the first year that I started to notice things about my Auntie, and she began to notice things about me.

First, I should tell you that going to Auntie's house was like going back in time. No, not WAY back, like at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Mom used to say that Auntie's house hadn't changed at all since Uncle Fred died in a car accident back in the early 1960's. And Auntie hadn't changed much, either. She still wore the same fashions and hairstyles from the 50's and early 60's. She had several huge walk-in closets filled with vintage outfits that still looked brand-new. Uncle Fred was very wealthy, so there has always been a maid to come in and keep the house immaculate.

I guess that Auntie must have gained a little weight since the old days, because most of her clothes were just a little too tight on her. Most of her dresses were fairly conservative, like what a teacher might wear, but the extra-tight fit accentuated all her curves. Push-up bras helped to create cleavage visible even with a high neckline. The way that she would overflow out of her vintage swimwear was practically obscene. But no one would think that Auntie was trying to dress provocatively, because they knew that when her outfits were originally purchased, they fit properly and were quite modest.

As I mentioned, I noticed none of this until the first summer that I began to grow facial hair, and nothing really happened until the summer that I turned eighteen. Maybe it was because I was legally "of age". Or perhaps it was because Auntie knew I was going away to college in the fall, and this was to be our last summer together.

My last summer with Auntie started off normally, but as we stood in the driveway, waving goodbye to my parents, I noticed the subtle changes more than ever. As we walked in to the house, Auntie remarked again at how much I'd grown. But this time she didn't say it the way Grandma and Grandpa did. This time I noticed her voice was huskier. When she looked at me I noticed she involuntarily licked and bit her lips. As I walked up the driveway in front of her, I could feel her eyes on my body.

Then, as she led the way up the stairs to the spare room, it was my turn to examine her physique. My eyes took in all her curves in a way I never had before. From three stairs below her, I felt as if I were lost in a sea of Auntie's large, firm ass, and shapely, nylon-clad legs. How could I have not appreciated this before?

As we reached the top of the stairs, Auntie threw a quick glance over her shoulder. Did she catch me staring? My face blushed red and hot, as it would many times in the weeks to come. As I mentioned, I was still painfully shy.

We walked into my guest bedroom, next to Auntie's huge master bedroom. I had stayed in this room every summer since I was a kid. I noted that my room was one of the smallest rooms in the house. It had actually been Uncle Fred's study back before he died. I wondered why I couldn't use one of the larger bedrooms, but said nothing.

I put my suitcase on the bed. I heard Auntie say something about doing laundry, then without asking my permission, she opened my suitcase and dumped the carefully folded contents on the bed in a heap. Then she proceeded to hastily "sort" through the pile, mumbling negative comments as she went. "These can't possibly fit you", "These are clothes for a boy", "I can't possibly let you dress like this around HERE." One by one, each item landed in a laundry basket at her feet. When literally all my clothes were in the basket, she turned to leave for the basement laundry room.

Just before she left the room, she turned around and faced me. "Oh, I almost forgot. Let me wash the clothes you're wearing."

"What?" I said, stunned.

"You heard me, Take off your clothes and give them to me so I can put them in the laundry." "NOW!" She shot a stern look at me, and I knew she was not playing games.

She supervised my clumsy undressing, pretending to be impatient as I fumbled with my clothes. When I had finally removed everything but my underpants, I looked up at Auntie in utter embarrassment.

"Oh, I forgot, you're so modest" she said. "If you're ashamed to let Auntie see your body, I'll turn around. When you're finished, just put on my kimono robe that is hanging on the door." She gestured to the kimono, then turned around impatiently, while I removed my briefs. I noticed that she had turned away from me, but was now facing a huge mirror on the wall, and was shamelessly staring at the reflection of my body. I wanted to protest, but I knew Auntie had a short temper, so I said nothing. I stripped as instructed and handed my underwear to Auntie.

I had never felt so naked in my life. Then, to my horror, the cool air on my bare genitals caused my penis to stir. I was afraid that Auntie would notice. Just as I reached for the kimono, Auntie said "Wait! Before you wear my clothing, you need to take a bath."

My face flushed red as my penis continued to rise. Auntie was looking straight at it but pretended to see nothing. "And if you're going to wear my clothes, I'm going to have to insist you shave off all your body hair. I can't allow you to damage my fine fabrics. You'll find my body razor in the bathroom."

As she turned to descend the stairs, I thought I saw her wiping her nose with a handkerchief. Or she may have been sniffing my underwear.

I didn't know it, but as I ran my bath water, Auntie wasn't putting my clothes in the washing machine. She was throwing them into the garbage.

The hot bath should have been relaxing, but it wasn't. Auntie was behaving so strangely, and there was nothing I could do but go along with it. I knew I had to comply with Auntie's wishes, or my summer would be ruined. I picked up her razor and dutifully shaved away every trace of my body hair. Doing so filled me with a strange mixture of shame and excitement. I wasn't even sure what was turning me on, but my penis remained hard. This also made it easier to get a smooth shave. I was afraid of what my classmates would think if they saw me in the shower room without body hair. Strangely, the thought of being stared at, naked, with no way to cover myself made my cock grow harder. I put the thought out of my mind, and reassured myself that my hair would grow back long before my vacation was over. When I was finished, I toweled off with one of Auntie's huge fluffy towels.

I surveyed my surroundings. This was Auntie's private upstairs bathroom. Everything was totally feminine and sensual, from the towels, to the soaps, to the dozens of different lotions and creams. The overall effect was strangely and undeniably arousing. I was just about to leave the room when I was startled by Auntie's voice through the door. "Don't forget when you're done shaving to put on plenty of my special lotion. Be sure to use the bottle on the right-hand side of the sink." Once again, I did as I was told, picking up the unmarked bottle, which was right where she said it would be. I squirted a small amount into my palm. The fragrance was feminine, exotic, and somehow intoxicating. I applied some to my chest and felt a cool tingling sensation. It felt wonderful.

I realized that I hadn't seen what I looked like yet, completely shaven. The bathroom walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors, "Hollywood style". I took a washcloth and wiped away a six-foot section of steam from the mirror. I was shocked by what I saw. I barely recognized the person in the mirror. My body was completely smooth and shining, almost gleaming.

In a strange way, I liked what I saw. I watched myself apply more of Auntie's lotion to my chest. The tingling sensation increased. The heady fragrance of the lotion filled the small room. I felt light-headed. I had to see more of what Auntie had made me do. I wiped away the steam from two more mirrored walls, allowing me to see myself from several angles. Observing myself from odd angles added to my odd lack of recognition.

The man in the mirror appeared slightly feminized by his glistening hairlessness. But in another way he appeared more masculine and sexual. It reminded me of other men who shaved their bodies: athletes, body builders, athletes, and porn actors, too. The lack of pubic hair made the penis appear longer.

I watched as the man in the mirror applied the lotion to his body, moving lower and lower down his torso. I watched from several angles as the man's penis grew erect. I watched the man's entire body grow flushed as he explored its slick smoothness with both hands. I watched him groan as he stroked his erect penis and fondled his smooth balls. Looking up at the mirrored ceiling, I could watch from above as he threw his head back in ecstasy, moaning. I heard him mumble "Auntie says use plenty of lotion." I could watch from behind, as he inserted a finger into his anus. He had never done this before. I heard him groan loudly, forgetting that his Auntie could probably hear him. I observed him insert a second, and third finger into his anus while tugging at his penis. I gasped when he added a fourth finger smeared with Auntie's special lotion. I was shocked by the way he pistoned his hand in and out of his rectum. Hypnotized, I watched like a voyeur as the tempo and intensity of the display increased. Finally I watched, as if directly in front of him, as he ejaculated, spraying thick ropes of semen all over the mirrored wall.

Oddly, I heard what sounded like far off echoes of my moans.

Or it may have been someone else moaning from the next room.

My legs were wobbly and I could barely stand. But I knew I had to clean up and pull myself together. Without thinking, I grabbed something from the dirty laundry hamper to wipe all the sperm off the bathroom mirrored wall. I realized the semen-soaked cloth in my hand was actually a pair of Auntie's panties. I was going to be in big trouble if she noticed the stains. Well, I'd have to worry about that later. I threw them back in the hamper.

Now I needed to get the excess lotion off me, and fast, because Auntie was yelling for me to come downstairs for dinner. How long had I been in my autoerotic delirium? I grabbed one of Auntie's huge, soft bath towels, and began to wipe the excess lotion off my body. When I reached my inner thighs and genitals, the friction seemed to unintentionally reinvigorate the erotic tingling of the lotion. Before I knew what was happening, my penis was once again filling with blood. How could go downstairs now with only a thin kimono to cover myself? I tried on the kimono to see if my penis would show. Well, yes, even only swinging "at half mast" it was quite obvious. The feeling of the cool, smooth silk on my hot skin only added to the problem, bringing me to full erectness. I was in trouble now. I had to get rid of this hard on, and fast.

Auntie was yelling to me from downstairs, and I knew better than to disobey her. I had to get rid of this hard-on. I tried splashing cold water on it. Maybe it was Auntie's strange lotion, but it grew even harder. I decided that the only way to get rid of my hard-on was another orgasm.

Without thinking, I went straight for Auntie's hamper full of dirty lingerie. I grabbed a hand full of Auntie's panties, and brought them to my face, inhaling her wonderful scent, mixed with her fine perfumes. My other hand retrieved the slippery, sperm-soaked garment from before, and I used it to jack-off my cock, as if my life depended on it. Within a dozen strokes I was back in ecstasy, and my cock was even harder than before, standing nearly straight up against my body. I stopped my efforts. I realized by the dull ache in my balls, and the angry red color of my penis, that this was not the type of hard-on that could be satisfied with a quick wank. This was the stubborn variety that seemed to have a mind of its own. It wouldn't let me come that quickly. For now, the best I could do was to press the thing against my belly, close the kimono over it, and tie the silk sash over it to hold it in place. I had no other choice. I checked myself in the mirror. It might work.

As I made my way toward the kitchen, it seemed as if everything I did was causing erotic sensations. Walking down the stairs made the silk robe slide over the head of my penis like an unseen tongue. The snugly tied sash was jacking my cock up and down like a tiny fist. The cool air rushing up under the kimono caressed my tight, hairless balls. And it was impossible to ignore the feeling of the fine silk moving over my hairless legs and ass. Most erotic of all was knowing that the kimono could fall wide open at any moment without warning. When I reached the kitchen, things got even hotter.

Luckily, Auntie's back was turned as I walked into the room. I made it to my chair at the kitchen table without being seen. She had changed into a short kimono, just like mine. As I sat down, the kimono rode up my thighs. I did the best I could to cover my hard-on, but there was simply not enough material to cover my smooth, heavy balls. The table was the only thing blocking Auntie's view. I felt vulnerable, exposed, and excited.

Auntie looked at me strangely. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. She hadn't quite finished setting the table, and I watched, mesmerized, as she bent over to pick things up, showing me her amazing ass at various angles. It seemed as if she would allow me to get a good long look, then glance back to see if she could catch me staring. I tried to be discreet, but I know she caught me. Other times she would bend forward, exposing her ample cleavage, locking her eyes on mine, daring me to break eye contact to look at her breasts. With great effort, I resisted the temptation to feast my eyes. Eventually she would look away and give me the opportunity to study the deep canyon of cleavage on display. My hard-on stood up even straighter, as if it was trying to reach up all by itself to pump itself between her breasts.

What sort of game were we playing? Certainly not a game that a middle-aged Aunt and her young Nephew should play. Or was it all a figment of my hormone soaked imagination? I suddenly felt ashamed of myself to think that my Auntie was deliberately teasing me. What was I thinking? With a very dry mouth, and little appetite, I tried to focus on my dinner. By the end of the meal my head had cleared, and my penis was down to "half-mast". I was relieved to know that I would be able to make it upstairs without exposing my indecent, immoral arousal.

I did my best to not watch Auntie's swaying breasts as she cleared away the dinner dishes. I tried not to watch her ass move back and forth as she washed the dishes. And when she turned to speak to me, I forced myself to ignore the fact that she had accidentally splashed soapy water on herself, rendering her light colored kimono virtually transparent. Again Auntie looked me straight in the eye and seemed to dare me to look at her breasts as she spoke. "Well, it's been a long, hot day. I think I'm going to turn in early tonight. You know, the guest bedroom used to be your Uncle Fred's den, and I've never touched a thing, except for putting the bed in there. So if you're not tired, you might find something to read in Fred's bookcase. And there's writing paper in the desk."

It felt strange to be "sent to bed" so early in the evening, but I was getting used to feeling strange. Here I was, miles from home, naked, shaven smooth, with no clothes but my Auntie's silk kimono. Worse yet, I had somehow become "possessed" with lust for my own Auntie in a way that I had never felt before. And this was only the first day of my summer vacation. I told myself over and over that these incestuous feelings were wrong. I reasoned that it was just a surge of my youthful hormones, happening in the wrong place at the wrong time. I reasoned that I would wake up tomorrow and everything would be back to normal.

But for now, I was still incredibly horny. My penis had been at "half-mast" for hours and was demanding relief. I knew that without a quick jack-off, I'd never be able to sleep. Visions of my Auntie danced in my mind. I recalled her bending, stretching, swaying her hips in such a seductive manner.

I had to force these images out of my mind and replace them with a "normal" fantasy. I turned to Uncle Fred's bookcase. Maybe I could find something erotic there to take my mind off my Auntie. At this point, I'd settle for an art book with a few nudes in it. I started to look, but that side of the room was too dark. I was disappointed to realize that the only light in the room came from a small lamp on Uncle Fred's writing desk. I was drawn back over to the desk like a moth to a flame.

I sat down, dejected and still very horny. I was absentmindedly looking through the desk drawers when I noticed a large bottom drawer that was locked. I looked through the top drawer for the key and eventually found it in a container of coins and paperclips.

Underneath some papers was a bunch of old magazines from the 1950's. I pulled them out and examined them in the dim light of the desk lamp. I had to find some sort of skin magazine to take my mind off of my Auntie. Even the bra section of a department store catalogue would do. I just wanted to jack-off and go to sleep and forget all my immoral thoughts about my Auntie.

The magazines on top were about hot rods and guns. Then, underneath them I found what I was looking for. The rest of the stack consisted of "adventure" and "photography" magazines from the fifties. I had heard that these were the only sexy magazines that were commonly available back then.

Suddenly I was frightened that Auntie might be able to hear what I was about to do from her bedroom next door. Maybe she could, but I was too horny to stop now. I locked the door to my room and removed my kimono. It felt extremely sexy to be stark naked in a strange house.

I turned my attention to the magazines. I found that the old girlie mags had very few sexy pictures in each issue, so I spread out several in the dim light on the desk. I was in heaven, thankful to be distracted from my earlier incestuous thoughts. The chair squeaked rhythmically as I pumped my hard penis in my free hand, and turned pages with the other. One group of pictures caught my eye. Something about that particular girl was extraordinarily sexy. My hand was flying over my cock. Then it hit me. The topless girl on the beach in the 1950's was my Auntie!

Now I knew what my Mom meant when I heard her tell my Dad that Auntie had a "bad reputation" when they were younger. I was once again flooded with the shame and the wrongness of the situation. I pulled my hand away from my penis, like it was red-hot.

But my penis continued to pulsate and sway out in front of my body. As if my hand had a mind of it's own, it moved back to my penis. I couldn't stop it. My hand resumed stroking and pumping, even faster than before. My hand pulled on my penis as if it was trying to tear it off my body. As if in a trance, I leafed through the magazines and found 2, then 3, then a half dozen more photos of Auntie. When she smiled at the camera, it felt as if she was looking directly at me. I was nearing orgasm as I continued to search the deep drawer.
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