husband continues descent into slavery

After my birthday things seemed to go back to normal and after about ten days I was wondering if it had just been a bit of a show. We'd had normal sex a few times (though not in the past four days) and everything had been going just fine. True, she had made me lick her pussy clean every time like she said she would, but I was beginning to wonder whether or not I should ask her what the score really was, after all I wasn't giving up wanking for no reason!

A couple of times I went to ask her and then chickened out, unsure whether it would be a good idea or not - after all, if she was 'in charge' so to speak, then hassling her wasn't going to score me any brownie points and if she had been just stringing me along then there was always the possibility that it might lead to a bit of an argument, which was the last thing I wanted. Besides, if she was just messing about why would she have spent all that money on all those sex toys and stuff?

I was sitting at work, pondering what I should do when I got an email:

"Slave. I will be home late tonight, I am going running with Gillian. Will probably be home at 6:30. When you get home you will have a shave and a shower. Afterwards, I want you to bind your cock and balls so that your nuts are separated and very tightly bound. Then I want you to put your wrist and ankle cuffs on and secure your ankles to the bed. I want you to blindfold yourself and you must also have your butt plug in place. I think you should also just about be able to secure one of your wrists to the bed posts...I will do the other one when I get home. Oh and every time you go to the toilet today you must make yourself hard and wank almost to the point of cumming, while thinking about my gorgeous asshole.

See you later, Mistress R"

As I read the email my cock swelled painfully in my trousers and I looked at the clock, it was just after nine. Great, so now I had to wait seven and half hours to go home and in the meantime I had to try and concentrate on my work!

Predictably, the day dragged like a bastard. But I was a good slave and every time I went to the toilet I did as I was told, in fact one time I nearly overdid it and I had to have a panic shutdown because it really was touch and go!

Thankfully 4:30 eventually arrived and I shot out of the building, practically running to my car. Once I got home I threw my work bag into the spare room where my clothes live and jumped in the shower. Having showered and shaved I then set about stripping the bed and fitting the black PVC sheet before inserting the butt plug. That took about ten minutes and then I started trying to bind my cock and balls. I soon discovered that wasn't as easy as I thought and it took me quite a while to make a good job of it, but when I was finished I was more than pleased with the result and confident that next time I would be much quicker. Bound, my cock was rock hard and my balls were wrapped so tightly that they looked perfectly smooth. I looked at the clock, just 20 mins to spare. I slid the cuffs around my ankles and wrists and then tied the securing laces to the bedposts. Jumping on the bed I secured my ankles first, put the blindfold on and then hotched up the bed and managed to secure my left wrist. Then I lay back down on the bed and waited.

After a few minutes I heard my wife's key in the door and then I heard her walk up the stairs and into her dressing room. I heard her bags hit the floor and her trainers come off but then nothing more until the bedroom door eased open. She walked around the bed and grabbed my wrist, pulling it straight so that she could secure it to the bedpost. Then she climbed on the bed and stood over me.

"Well done Slave, you seem to have followed my instructions properly."

"Thank you Mistress." I said , my voice shaking slightly.

"Your balls look very tight, I like to see them like that."

She bent forward, reached back between her legs and rubbed her fingertips over my stretched scrotal skin, before laughing softly as she dragged a nail across my right ball. My mouth screwed up around the edges and her fingers trailed lightly up my throbbing shaft, pausing at the top to enclose my purple head.

"Mmmm, you are so hard. How many times did you wank yourself today slave?"

"Five Mistress."

"Five - that's a lot of trips to the loo isn't it?...I hope you weren't going extra times just so you could feel your cock getting hard in your hand!"

"No Mistress." It was a lie, and she knew it, but she let it go.

"Hmm. Well as long as you didn't come I guess it doesn't really matter. You didn't accidentally cum did you slave?"

"No Mistress."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mistress, I nearly came once but I just managed to stop it."

"Excellent slave, that's exactly the way it should be - you will be rewarded for your enthusiasm."

"Thank you Mistress!"

"But for now, I think...."

She trailed off and I felt her moving on the bed. She turned around and placed her heels close to my armpits before lowering herself onto my face. To my surprise Mistress was not naked and her warm, damp knickers covered my nose and mouth, filling them with the scent of sweat and her delicious pussy.

"Can you smell my juices slave?"

"Yes, thank you Mistress." I mumbled, enjoying breathing in deeply.

"It made me so wet thinking of you here, preparing yourself while I was out running...just laying here waiting for me to come home and sit on your face and let you smell my hot, sweaty cunt."

Mistress groaned as she rubbed her pussy against my face for a while before pulling herself up to her feet again.

"Do you want more slave?"

"If it pleases you Mistress."

"Very good answer slave."

I felt her lower herself again.

"Stick your tongue out as far as it will go slave."

I immediately pushed my tongue out as far as I could physically stretch it and held it there, unmoving.

"Very good you shall have a small reward, but this will have to keep you going for a while because I need a shower. So....keep your tongue out and make the most of it."

Mistress pulled her sodden knickers to the side before lowering her pussy onto my face and my tongue literally ploughed between her lips. But she didn't stop there and I felt her move down and down until she was literally sitting on my face. My cock felt like it was about to explode as my tongue moved deep into her hole, searching out that beautiful strong taste that you only seem to get when you go really deep.

Then, after just a few seconds of heaven she was lifting herself up again and moving off the bed. I consoled myself by running my tongue around my open mouth, scavenging every available drop of her delicious juices. Then I heard her opening the drawer in the bedside cabinet and turning the lid off a plastic pot.

"This should stop you getting bored while I'm gone." She said and I felt the heat-cream smeared over my tightly bound balls..

"None for your cock today, I want you to concentrate on your balls....especially seeing as they are so nicely bound."

"Thank you Mistress." I gasped. The cream was already starting to take effect and stinging my nuts more than usual, whether that was because my balls were so tight I didn't know, but soon I was alone and writhing on the bed as the stinging continued for a good 15 minutes.

As the stinging sensation began to abate, I heard the shower turn off and wondered how much longer I would have to wait for my Mistress to come back. The room was very warm, she had turned the heater on when she had left me and I felt myself becoming a little dozy. With my eyes closed behind my blindfold I feared I might fall asleep but just a few seconds later I felt a waft of cool air as the bedroom door opened again. I heard it close and then Mistress was back on the bed, still dripping wet from the shower.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it slave?"

"No Mistress." I lied.

"Really....well that's odd, I could have sworn I put a load more Deep Heat into that jar last night, maybe I will have to put even more in next time."

"As you wish Mistress." I groaned.

"The funny thing is slave, before I got in the shower I peeked in the door and you looked like you were pretty were writhing about and hissing to yourself, it kind of looked to me like your poor little nuts were on fire...."

"Yes Mistress." I conceded, hoping that it would dissuade her from increasing the Deep Heat level in the mixture again.

"So are you saying you lied to me when you said it wasn't that bad then slave?"

"No Mistress, I just didn't want you to think that I was making a fuss."

"Really....well, don't you worry....because I'm going to cool your poor balls down for you."

"Thank you Mistress."

"I wouldn't be too quick to thank me see, I told Gillian about how I hurt my ankle before and how swollen it was....and she told me that I should have put spray-freeze on it.....and that gave me an idea...."

I winced at the thought of having freezing cold sports spray applied to my still heated balls.

"....unfortunately, she didn't have any spare, so this time....we will just have to make do with some ice!"

I heard the clink as her fingers plucked the half melted cube from the glass and then felt it pressed against my left ball. I couldn't help but jerk away, but that only gave Mistress an excuse to slap my balls and then encircle them from behind with her thumb and forefinger, holding me still while she melted all the ice in her glass against my ball sack one cube at a time.

"You don't flinch away when your Mistress is touching you slave, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." I apologised between breaths.

"Remember, these are my balls slave and I say what happens to them."

"Yes Mistress."

"So if I want to heat them up, freeze them, tie them up, whip them, clip pegs all over them, squash them underfoot or rub them with nettles what are you going to say?"

"Thank you Mistress."

"That's right slave, 'Thank you Mistress'.....and that way you might be spared the worst of it."

Right now I was shitting myself (or at least I would have been if my arse hadn't been full of butt plug!), what the hell had I unleashed here? Before all this my wife was happy just to tie me up a bit and play and now she was threatening my balls with stinging nettles! What the hell was she going to come up with next?

Satisfied my balls were finally nice and cool and with the melted water dripping between my thighs and pooling on the black PVC sheet beneath me, Mistress leaned over and put the glass on the bedside table before straddling my chest and peeling the blindfold from around my head.

I had been in darkness for so long that I could hardly open my eyes at first, but gradually they began to get used to the light and I looked up to see my Mistress sitting over me naked with her hands on her hips.

"Well slave, what do you say?"

"Thank you Mistress."

"Don't make me prompt you every time slave, or you'll be sorry."

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress."

"Anyway, that's not what I meant slave....what do you have to say about me?"

"You look beautiful Mistress...." after a few seconds I sensed she was expecting more than that.

"Your breasts look so gorgeous Mistress, especially when your nipples are so hard, I love looking up at you like this so much...."

Mistress smiled and leaned forward to offer her right nipple to my mouth.

"Suck it slave...and don't stop until I tell you."

I greedily sucked on Mistress' nipple, savouring the feel of the soft flesh and the hard bud on my tongue, but as I relaxed and began to enjoy myself Mistress ever so slowly straightened up and I had to crane my neck forward to keep my mouth in contact. Further and further she pulled away until I was really struggling, shaking almost with the effort.

"Stop.... well done slave." Mistress said pushing me back down onto the bed so that I could get my breathe back. "I like a slave who makes an effort."

I lay there breathing heavily, staring up at those gorgeous tits and wondering what would happen next.

I didn't have to wait long. Mistress got off the bed and rummaged around in the drawer again, before extracting the thing she had in mind.

"Ah, there it is."

She turned to me and I saw that she had selected one of the many toys I had been bought for my birthday - a double sided dildo, the shorter half of which went in my mouth and then was strapped to my head, leaving a good six inches of plastic cock sticking out from my mouth. Mistress fitted the toy to my face, ordering me to raise my head up so that she could tie the straps on properly and then stood over me once more before lowering herself down onto the rigid false cock.

I watched closely as Mistress' pussy opened and slid down the length of the dildo, her finger was already gently toying with her clit as she rode my face, moaning gently as the plastic stretched her pussy. Soon she was soaking wet and taking the full length of the dildo into herself on each stroke, her juices dripping down onto my face. Then she locked her knees holding herself still with just a couple of inches of the fake cock inside her.

"Fuck me!" She barked.

It was not at all easy, but I gave it my best shot, thrusting my face up to meet her dripping slit as she kept a steady rhythm on her clit with her outstretched finger. Eventually though the ache in my neck became too strong and my thrusts began to weaken.

"Keep going slave." Mistress gasped. "I'm ...nearly... there."

I redoubled my efforts, desperate to please my Mistress and managed to keep going just long enough. Mistress bore down on the dildo as she came, pushing my head back into the bed. As the dildo was forced deep into her slippery hole floods of juice trickled from her pussy onto my face, coating my cheeks and the underside of my chin.

Mistress clutched the bedhead tightly as she pressed down harder still on my face, which in turn pressed my side of the double-dildo slightly further into my mouth. She moaned softly as she got the toy as deep as physically possible, triggering off little aftershocks of pleasure and then when she was finally spent she slowly lifted herself off, leaving her pussy lips looking stretched and a beautiful deep pink.

She stood up and turned round to look at my cock, which was rock hard once more, especially with all the binding that was still wrapped around it. What I hadn't realised when I had bound my cock and balls was that every time my cock lost a little hardness the laces would slip a little and when I got hard again that seemed to pull them a little bit tighter.

"I love this colour." Said Mistress, admiring my deep purple balls, maybe we should paint the bedroom like that? I could take a photo of your balls and we.....or rather you could go and get them to mix the paint up."

I looked at her aghast, if my mouth hadn't still been full I probably would have said something I would have regretted, but as it was she turned back and smiled, adding...

"Only joking." Pausing a moment before adding... "I don't really think it would go with the carpet...."

I closed my eyes for a second and almost imperceptibly shook my head, which was a mistake.

"Uh-oh, that's not allowed know who's in charge here don't you?"

"Yegshhh Migstrress" I said. my voice garbled by the dildo strapped between my lips.

"And you don't want to piss me off do you, not when your balls are so vulnerable?"

"Nho Migstrress, Ihm sgorry Migstrress" I begged, not sure if my balls could take much more punishment today.

"As long as we understand each other slave....."

Mistress spat on her fingers and turned round, bending at the waist to reach down and rub them back and forth along my shaft, the skin fixed solid by my tight bonds. I gazed up at her gorgeous ass as I felt my cock get just a little bit harder still.

"Hmm." She purred as she stroked my aching meat. "I know what you're doing, you're looking at my ass again aren't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress" I said in my garbled speech.

Mistress reached behind herself and placed a hand on each buttock, slowly peeling them apart to reveal her tight pink hole.

"You fucking love my ass don't you slave....and that's good, because I love that you love it. I love that you love it because it means I can control you and I can control your cock. You'd do anything to lick my ass right now wouldn't you slave, look at it, it's beautiful isn't it?"

I grunted my agreement as best I could and Mistress pulled her cheeks wider still, stretching her asshole so that it opened slightly. My cock bobbed slightly as I watched and Mistress let out a little laugh.

"Oh yes, you love my asshole alright."

She let go of her cheeks and stood to one side of my body. Then she lifted her right leg, balancing as best she could on the uneven surface of the bed and placed it on top of my crimson, swollen cock. She rubbed her foot back and forth a few times and then pressed down as hard as she could. She tried a couple more times but realised that her actions were having little effect.

"I have a job for you slave. I've seen a clever little table in a picture on the internet, with a hole in it for your cock and balls. I wan't you to make me one that'll take my weight so I can stand on you properly....but in the meantime...."

Mistress took her foot away and moved around to stand between my stretched out legs. She didn't kick me hard at all, but it was quite a shock to feel the top of her foot flick into my poor nuts. I let out a satisfying grunt (satisfying to her anyway) and she decided to move on.

Next she moved back up the bed and knelt over my chest again, before reaching around my head to undo the straps on the double dildo. I felt the intruder exit my mouth but I had barely time to draw a breath before she had flipped the dildo round and pushed the longer, pussy juice soaked side into my mouth and re-secured the straps. Now I really couldn't talk and I had to breath through my nose.

"Taste's good doesn't it slave?"

I nodded, well that was about all I could do. She moved closer to me, her lovely tits rubbing against my chest, her mouth right near my ear.

"Can you guess what I'm going to do now slave?" She whispered. "I'll give you a'd love to see it."

Various images flashed through my mind, but I had no clue, and even if I could have guessed and been able to speak I don't think I would have dared speak my mind.

"No idea slave....oh dear, that means you don't get to watch."

I sighed heavily, how the fuck did my wife get to be such a perfect bitch? Again she smiled and picked up the blindfold from where it had lay and wrapped it around my head.

"That's a shame, you would have loved it. But don't worry...I'll talk you through it."

I was getting nervous now, my body was shaking a little and I was struggling slightly with the length of the dildo in my mouth. But nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

I felt my wife move away and then heard her opening one of the drawers by the bed. Then I heard the lid coming off a pot. At first I thought she was going to put yet more heat gel on my poor nuts and tensed my legs in anticipation, but then I felt movement in my mouth as she applied something to the shorter, slightly narrower side of the dildo.

"Can you guess what I'm doing yet slave?" She smirked. "You are going to be so sorry you couldn't see this."

She must have literally plastered the dildo with vaseline, judging by the amount of time she spent on it and by the time she'd finished I was starting to believe that she was actually going to do what I hoped she was right from the start.

I tried hard to speak, but only gargles came out. I wanted to beg, to plead with her to remove the blindfold, but she ignored me, only speaking to me when she was ready. She bent close to my ear again and whispered....
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