Husband bets with his wife and loses becoming her slave

This is my first submission to Literotica, so I hope you enjoy it. Much thanks to TRCIII for help with editing. You were great to work with.

Having lived in northern Indiana all my life, most everyone I know has developed a love/hate relationship with Notre Dame Football. As for me, I hate them. My wife loves them. A couple times during the year we spice up the games and put a little wager on them. She always takes ND and I always take their opponent.

Typically whoever wins picks the next movie we go see, or restaurant we go to, etc. But that all changed the day my team, the Tennessee Volunteers, came to town.

Since this was a game I really wanted the Vols to win, and I tend to be a little cocky, she wanted to up the ante a bit.

"If Notre Dame wins on Saturday, you have to be my slave next weekend; but if Tennessee wins I'll be yours," she proposed.

I thought about it a minute, not wanting to act too eager, letting her name the stakes; at the same time, being very confident of my team's abilities, I definitely did not want to miss out on an opportunity like this.

"So," I said, "when my boys crush your boys, you are going to do WHATEVER I tell you for an entire weekend, right?"

"That's the deal," she said. "But you're going to be the one taking the orders, not giving them."

"Deal," came my response.

"Good! I can't wait," came hers.

Over the next few days, we taunted and teased each other about who would win the game, and what we were going to make the other person do when we won. Finally the day of the big game arrived and we settled down on the couch to watch. My Vols struck first and actually managed to carry a 10-point lead into the locker room at half time.

I couldn't help it. "I can't wait until next weekend. You had better get some rest because you are going to need it," I taunted.

"Whatever," she responded. "Just wait, they'll come back."

"Yeah, right," I chuckled as I shuffled off to get a refill on my drink.

Moments later we found ourselves glued to the TV as ND finished off an impressive drive for a touchdown cutting my lead to three. The two teams traded field goals and punts for a majority of the remainder of the game until my Vols coughed up the ball late in the fourth quarter, putting ND well within striking distance.

I could hardly watch as, once again, ND marched down the field to score the winning TD as time expired.

I could not believe it.

"Your Ass is Mine!" she shouted.

"Not 'til next weekend," I moaned.

"Oh, that's just fine," she snarled eerily. "That just gives me more time to plan."

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

The following Saturday morning I got up, took a shower, and readied myself for the 2 days ahead. When I came out of the bathroom she told me she was going to take a shower and asked me to run across town to get her some of her favorite coffee and donuts.

"After all," she said, "you are my slave." Then she just winked and slipped out of her robe and into the shower.

As I got into my car I thought to myself, "Heck, this isn't going to be so bad after all; I run a few errands, rub her feet a little, take her to a chick flick, big deal."

I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I returned home I found the door that led from the garage into the house had been locked and there was a note for me:


Thanks for the coffee and donuts. Kindly set them on the step and remove all of your clothes and place them in this paper bag. When you are done knock on the door, take ten steps away from the door, and I will bring you proper slave attire.

I stood there for a few moments pondering my situation and decided to play along. After I had removed everything except my boxers I knocked on the door and stepped back as she had instructed. When she opened the door she looked pissed.

"Slave!" she said. "I told you to remove ALL of your clothing. Why have you disobeyed me?"

I couldn't remember ever seeing her like this before.

Jess is only a 5'6," 118 lbs. brunette, where as I am 6'2" and easily 190, but the look on her face told me I better do as I was told. I quickly dropped my shorts and reached out and dropped them in the bag she had stretched out in front of her.

"Good," she said. Then she pointed to a cardboard box in the corner of the garage and told me my slave attire was in there.

"Put it on quickly and then knock," she proclaimed, as she took her bag and her coffee and slammed the door behind her.

I opened the box to find a pair of navy blue mesh, see-through boxers and a matching t-shirt. Under that I found a collar with a D-ring, two leather ankle cuffs and two leather wrist cuffs. My mind suddenly began to race with ideas of what she had in mind for me.

As I began to dress, a sense of anxiousness rushed over me and I started to sweat. At the same time, the sensation of the fabric on my skin was causing my cock to rise and I began to get a little excited. After I finished dressing, I composed myself and reached forward and knocked on the door just as I was told. I kept my eyes down hoping to please her by showing my submission when she opened the door.

Several minutes passed. Finally the door opened and I found myself staring at what had to be 4-5" black stilettos encasing my wife's beautiful feet. As my eyes wandered up, I saw that her legs were wrapped in black stockings that were held up by straps attached to the most incredible black leather bustier that thrust her delicious 36C breast practically in my face. I caught myself licking my lips...and so did she.

"There will be plenty of time for that later," she whispered, as she gave a devilish grin.

"I am really starting to like this," I thought. And then came her commands.

"Eyes down. Pick up those donuts and follow me." I enjoyed watching her voluptuous ass sway in that thong as I started after her. "Our guests are tired of waiting," she barked.

"Guests? Did she just say guests?" the thought ripped through my mind. "There can't really be people here with me dressed like this...and her dressed like that, can there?"

"I've never had a slave of my very own before," she said, "so I wasn't really sure what to do with you. So I asked for some help and they were MORE than happy to oblige."

I looked up to see two ladies Jess worked with at the lingerie store and one I did not know. They were all wearing similar apparel and anxiously waiting for my arrival. My sweat turned cold.

"On your knees," she commanded. "Allow me to introduce you to the other Divas you will be entertaining this weekend."

"This is Mistress Laura," she chimed, as she directed me to kiss Laura's stiletto-clad feet.

Laura is the owner of the shop my wife worked at. She is about 5'2" and in great shape for a woman in her late 40's. This is due in part to her several trips to the gym each week and in part to the nice set of tits her husband bought her a few years ago. They had to be 34DDs and they looked spectacular in the burgundy velvet bustier she was wearing.

Laura may be small but her presence is far from it. She commands attention in almost every room she enters. Every part of her is captivating, from her amazingly well-styled blonde mane that extends to the tops of her shoulders, to the dark red lipstick she wears continuously, all the way down to her professionally-painted toes, which I now found myself kissing.

"Get up!" Laura demanded. "I'll take it from here," she told Jess, as she fastened a leash to my collar and led me to the others. I couldn't help but notice how great her ass looked for her age as she jerked me along.

"This is Mistress Kate," she proclaimed, as I was directed to kiss her feet. Kate worked in the salon/ tanning area attached to the lingerie store and had cut my hair on many occasions. I never imagined I would find myself in this position with her, and I must say she surprised me the most. I would have never guessed she had the body she did, hidden under the jeans and t-shirts I saw her in about once a month. Kate is about 5'8" and she just turned 40. She has short dark hair with beautiful brown eyes and a nice _mocha tan.

She was wearing baby blue stilettos and stockings just like the other women. However she was wearing a very sexy baby blue bra and panty combination that showed off all of her assets. The bra was lace at the top and seemed to enhance her tits a little, although I don't think she needed much help. Her panties were boy shorts and really showed off her great ass and abs. I wanted to stick my tongue in her belly button right then and there, but I knew I had better not.

Next I was pulled up and taken to the feet of the one woman in the room that was a stranger to me. "This is Mistress Amber," Laura announced, as I kneeled to kiss her feet. I found out later that Amber was one of the vendors that called on the lingerie store and from time to time did parties for some of Laura's customers.

Amber ran the kind of parties where they sell vibrators, games, lingerie, and other adult paraphernalia to women looking to spice up their love life. She was a striking redhead, with hair that ran to the middle of her back and piercing green eyes.

She looked like she could not have been more than 22, maybe 23 years old, with an ass that just would not quit and perky breasts that seem to just call out to you from under her shiny, hunter green bustier with matching thong and stilettos.

I now found my cock was at full attention and there would be no way I could hide it if I was forced to stand again, so I lingered as I kissed her toes.

Laura obviously sensed my predicament and ordered me to stand. In my hope that my erection would subside I must have hesitated too long because now I felt myself being jerked up by the collar as she shouted, "I said, 'stand'!"

As I caught my breath I looked up to see Amber staring at my erect cock as a smile came to her lips. Quickly I placed my hands in front of me to hide my excitement. Apparently I had made a poor decision. Now I was being berated by all four of them as they chided me that I was their property; I must hide NOTHING from them and for this I must be punished.

The next thing I knew I had been pulled across the coffee table in the middle of the family room and my leather wrist cuffs had been attached to the corners.

Then they fastened my ankle cuffs together and let my knees fall to the floor, leaving me stretched and bent over the table with nothing to do but take whatever punishment they dished out. After that my shorts were pulled down to the floor, leaving me completely exposed. To add the finishing touches, a blindfold was put over my eyes and someone gave a quick slap to my ass and told me not to make a sound.

I lay there for 10-15 minutes listening to them whisper and giggle as they discussed what they would do to me. Finally Jess came over and grabbed my now only semi-hard cock and balls and whispered in my ear, "I bet you never expected this when you made that bet, did you?" Then she gently squeezed, chuckled, and went back to the rest of the ladies.

Another couple minutes passed before Laura stood next to me and informed me my punishment was about to begin. "You are going to receive 5 swats from each of us and you must not make a sound or there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I stammered.

"Good," she said. "Jess, have at it." Almost immediately I felt her hand smack my left ass cheek. Then without hesitation she smacked with greater force on the right and then back to the left and right again in rapid succession finally planting one last swat to my left cheek, causing them to sting just enough to make me hold my breath.

"Now Amber," spoke Laura, obviously leading the assault. This time she started with the right cheek but it wasn't her hand I felt, but what seemed to be a wooden spoon or spatula. Her swats were not as quick as my wife's had been, but they were definitely more potent. It seemed as if she waited just long enough between each whack to allow me to really take in the pain.

"You're next, Kate," I heard Laura say, right as the tenth swat made contact.

Again without hesitation, I felt a hand on my left cheek and then my right. Either I was starting to really get sore or Kate had done this before because she knew right where to hit me to take me to the limit. I found myself biting my lip as she finished off my fifteenth swat and rubbed my now-crimson tush.

"He's all yours, Laura," I heard her say.

"I've been waiting for this," came her reply, as she smacked a leather belt across both cheeks.

A yelp escaped my lips.

"Amber, shut him up!" she commanded. In almost an instant I felt my mouth being stuffed with what I had to assume to be Amber's panties, already moistened with her juices. My mind was pulled away from the thought of Amber standing over me with no panties as another slap reached my ass. I bit down hard.

It took everything I had in me to stay silent while I received the final of my twenty swats, as I am sure Laura was trying to get one more yelp out of me. Finally I took a deep breath and tried to block out the pain. That was when I realized that my once softening member was once again hard as a rock.

They allowed me only a few moments to recover and catch my breath before they unhooked my cuffs, removed the panties from my mouth, and stood me up, leaving my boxers still draped around my ankles and my cock standing straight out.

"It seems as though your punishment did nothing to hinder your excitement," smirked Laura. "I like that. Now it is time for us to go over the rules of the day, or should I say weekend. First off, you are here for our pleasure not the other way around.

"Secondly you will do whatever we say, when we say it, without hesitation. Next, you may speak only when spoken to and may answer only with 'yes' or 'yes, mistress'.

"Also you must keep your eyes down in submission unless told otherwise. Finally, we may add or change any rules as we see fit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress," came my reply.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Amber sells adult toys, and there are a few we've been dying to try, so you'll be happy to be our guinea pig won't you?"

"Yes, mistress," I answered again.

"Good! Now, like I said, you are here for our pleasure and, as I am sure you know, Amber is dripping with anticipation. So get over there and prove to us all that Mistress Jess was telling the truth when she said you were the best pussy eater she'd ever had. After that you can take of the rest of us. And pull your shorts up; you won't need that for a while," Laura concluded.

I immediately pulled my boxers up over my bulge and headed towards the easy chair where Amber sat panty-less, as I had previously imagined. It was now obvious by her neatly-trimmed pussy that she was a natural red head. I couldn't wait to find out if she tasted as good as she looked.

I was not disappointed. I began to run my tongue up and down her already-dampened lips. Then I pushed it deep inside her and began to hum deep in my throat as I explored her. This must have had quite the effect because she jutted her pelvis forward and grabbed my hair with both hands pulling my face in, practically suffocating me.

Quickly I found her clit and began to slowly suck on it, driving her over the edge. "Oh...yes...that's it...yes....Yes....YES....YES...YES!" Amber screamed, soaking my face. Then she pushed me to the floor and started panting heavily. I laid there flat on my back for a moment, looking back at the place where I was just kneeling watching her small perfect tits rise and fall as she caught her breath.

Suddenly I heard Kate say, "Don't move. I'm next, and I like you right where you are." I looked up to see her beautifully-shaped legs moving quickly towards me. As she stood over me she commanded me to remove her panties, which I did happily.

Upon slipping the baby blue boy shorts over her stiletto heels she placed her wine glass on the coffee table where I had been bound earlier and pinned my arms down to the floor with her knees. I now had her completely shaven mound pressed against my chin. It was apparent that she kept it that way all the time because it was easily the smoothest, softest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of licking.

"Let's see if the stories Jess tells are true. Get going!" she commanded. I knew she wasn't going to be nearly as sensitive as Amber and with my arms out of commission I was going to have to pace myself. Rather than diving right in I began by slowly, lightly kissing all around the areas I could reach, eventually picking up the pace and intensity with which each kiss was planted.

"This IS going to be good," she moaned. Then I took my tongue and opened the folds of her waiting pussy in search of the "pot of gold" and the treasures it held. After that I licked my tongue flat across her clit and rocked it ever so lightly back and forth as she began to moan a little more. Now I began kissing and sucking her button softly humming as I positioned my lips over it.

"Damn, this is Great!" she cried between moans, as she was now humping my face. I managed to work my arms free while she rocked back and forth so I took the opportunity to free her breasts from their restraints. As I continued working on her hot little button with my tongue and lips I began caressing her amazing tits and pinching her pert nipples.

It did not take long for me to realize I had hit the jack pot. She was really humping my face and moaning now. In no time at all she began to tremble and cried out in satisfaction.

As she climbed off my face she looked down at me with eyes glazed over, leaned down, put her mouth next to my ear and whispered, "She definitely wasn't lying," and then lightly bit my ear lobe before rising to go get more wine.

At that moment Jess slithered up beside. "Are you having fun yet?"

"Yes, mistress," I replied, once again trying to catch my breath. "Lucky for you I'm next...and you already know what I like." She smiled as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide, inviting me in. I crawled over to where she lay, still panting.

"Don't make me wait any longer or I may be forced to punish you," Jess smirked. Not being quite ready, but not wanting to push my limits I went to it. I wasted no time licking all over my young wife's neatly trimmed pussy. After I got her adequately warmed up I darted my expert tongue in and out of her love canal a dozen times.

Apparently she was feeling a little more frisky than normal and decided to wrap her legs tightly around my head, a move she never does. I continued to probe her with my tongue until I knew she was ready to blast off. Then I went straight to her waiting clit and sucked slowly yet powerfully. That was all it took.

Her legs squeezed even tighter around my head as she climaxed and raised her ass off the floor allowing me to push my tongue even deeper, accentuating her orgasm and causing her to growl a little. Then she released my head and collapsed. I kneeled between her legs trying to gather myself before starting the final round.

Jess pressed her right heel against my chest and pushed me back, forcing me to catch my self. "Slave, you're not done yet. Now get over there," she directed. I looked up to see Laura sitting in the chair where Amber had been earlier.

"Let's go, Slave," she said. "It isn't nice to make a diva wait."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, as I crawled over to where she sat, a mixture of saliva and juices dripping down my chin. As I approached her, I noticed she also had a neatly trimmed pussy, but different than the others.

Hers was trimmed in the shape of what I thought to be a heart. When I got closer I realized it was in fact an arrow. She noticed my inquisitive look as I came closer and spoke: "That's right, it's an arrow. That's to remind you that it's all about my pleasure, not yours. Now let's see what you've got."
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