The rest of his wifes lovers visit

When I woke up in the morning, Meg had left for work and Larry had gone to his meetings. I was laying naked except for my bra and one stocking and had dried cum all over me and a terrific headache. I stumbled to the kitchen for a big glass of water and Ibuprofen. Laying on the counter was a note saying "You had quite a night girl and we thought you needed the sleep. I'll be home about six, Sweetheart and Larry said he'd bring dinner. Hope your little pussy isn't too sore. Rest and we'll see you later. Love, Meg."

I ran a hot bath and lay in it for a long time soaking my poor worn out cunt hole. I shaved my legs and pussy and lay thinking about last night. I had an enema and another big glass of ice water and put the coffee on and crawled back in the tub feeling more human. I was tired of my wig so I just moussed my hair and fluffed it and put on make up since I didn't have to go out the rest of the day. Putting on some perfume I looked almost alive again. Going in the bedroom to get dressed there was still a big wet spot in the middle of the bed and was a little jealous that they had been fucking again this morning. I put on my bikini top and thong and sat out on the deck having coffee and a cigarette. After that some juice and toast got rid of the rest of my hangover the sun felt good on my sore muscles. Not having anything to do but think about my wife and her well endowed boyfriend, I lay out suntanning for a couple of hours and had a nap.

Before they got home I put on a light blue satin bra and panty set, some low rise jeans with pretty black sequins decorating the hip pockets and a full sheer white bubble top cotton blouse that let my bra show through nicely. Putting on some white low heel pumps I sat down and waited for them to come home

Larry got there just before my wife and was loaded down with bag of Chinese takeout and wine. I met him at the door and took the bags to the kitchen. He was dressed in tight tan slacks and a stiffly starched light blue shirt and tie. He looked just like he might of stepped out of a catalog. He walked up behind me in the kitchen and cupping my ass with his hands kissed my neck saying "Don't you look nice little lady."

I had several hickeys on my neck from the night before and his lips on my neck sent tingles thru me. He rubbed his hands on my breasts and my nipples got hard. "You may not have very big tits but your nipples sure get hard and swollen," he laughed, pinching at the hard tips he could feel through my bra.

My wife got home then came into the kitchen from the garage. "You made my day really embarrassing," she said to him, "I hope you're happy with yourself."

"What did I do?" he asked, holding up his hands.

"I had so much of your cum in me this morning that my panties were sopping and I left a big wet spot on my office chair and skirt. "My secretary saw it and said she wished her husband would do her like that in the morning and without thinking I said it wasn't my husband. She's pestered me all day and every time I saw her she had a big smile on her face. I finally had to tell her she better keep her mouth shut. But it will probably be all over the office."

She undid her blouse and headed for the bedroom saying she had to change and get some clean panties on. When she finally came back in she was braless in a tank top and tight jeans. She's five feet with 38-D tits and in the tank top she made my clit hard and Larry seemed to notice to as he walked over and passively cupped her big juggs.

"Sorry about the wet spot, Maggie" he told her and said "You ladies sit down and I'll fix us something to drink." He opened a bottle of wine he'd brought and handed a glass to my wife.

"Just a second and I'll get yours Dianne. Was your drink last night ok?"

I flushed and said it was interesting, I had never had it before. He took a glass and poured in two inches of bourbon and filled it with ice. He brought it over and unzipped his fly and pulling out his cock peed in my glass until it was full. He stirred it with a spoon and handed it to me, "Enjoy," he said smiling.

I took a big drink feeling a little embarrassed with them watching me and told him it was good but the one last night tasted different.

"Oh, your wife put some of her mixer in that one too," he laughed. "By the way how's our lady's little 'pussy hole' doing today we gave your bottom quite a work out last night."

I told him that it was a little sore this morning but it felt fine now.

My wife chimed in "I wish that there was some I could of told today that my husband was home today with his cute sissy bottom full of my boyfriends sperm. That made my pussy wetter than it already was. It was fun watching Larry fuck you silly. Now you know why I like men to cum inside me instead of using a rubber."

I was blushing again and Larry said to my wife "I think we've embarrassed her, we better change the subject."

I took another big swallow of his piss and told him it was alright, I just wanted to make her happy. He said that it was the first time he had ever fucked a 'girl' like me and having it be the husband of a woman he loved fucking made it all the better.

"Knowing that I was getting to fill my lover's husband with my sperm turned me on more than you'll ever imagine, Dianne. Having a guy know that I'm fucking his wife is a real high for me, but then him letting me shoot my load inside him was incredible."

They had me heat up the dinner while they sat talking quietly giggling and kissing. After dinner we went in the living room and he said he should call his wife, getting his cell phone out he sat on the couch with my wife curled up next to him. He had his phone in one hand and his left arm around Meg with his hand down her blouse playing with her nipple. "Come over here slut and entertain me while I call my wife" he said to me undoing his belt and unzipping his pants.

My wife nodded at me when I looked at her and I took out his soft penis and sucked it into my mouth. It became more firm and I was starting to have a good time licking it when his wife answered.

"Hi Sweetheart, how's your day been," he said into the phone. "Yes, the meeting went well today." He listened while I sucked his hardening cock deeper into my mouth. "We just had dinner and were sitting around visiting. Maggie's husband is showing me some of the things he does. OK here, I'll let you talk to him," and he handed me the phone.

She said thank you for taking care of her husband, he really got tired of traveling and she was glad he had some friends to break up the monotony of his trip. She hoped it wasn't to much of an imposition. "Oh he hasn't been any bother at all," I told her smiling up at him. He helped me get a bunch of things done last night that I needed some help with. I was glad to have him although we probably wore him out working so much. We probably kept him UP to long last night", I told her taking a second to lick the tip of his hard penis. We enjoyed having him and he's welcome to come when ever he wants. You have a good night and it was nice getting to talk to you, my wife's downstairs doing the laundry, I'll tell her you said hi." I grinned handing him back the phone.

"I was up pretty late last night I think I'll get in bed early to night, I've got to leave early to catch my plane. See you tomorrow Darling, have a good night. I love you to," he said into the phone and hung up.

Laughing he said, "You're a naughty little girl Dianne. She'll think she can put me to work around the house when I get home. I probably won't tell her about all the thing I did for you."

My wife took over sucking his cock and he told me to go in the kitchen and cut us all a slice of the pie he had brought for desert. When I brought it back in and set them on the coffee table I told them I was sorry I didn't have any whipping cream to put on it. Meg whispered in his ear and he nodded and handed her a slice saying for me to sit down and he'd put some on mine. He took my pie from me and proceeded to jack off on my desert plate covering my apple pie all over with thick spurts of his semen. He handed me back my plate he said "I thought a little cum slut like you would like my sperm more than you would the pie. I hope you like it."

So we sat there eating our desert with me blushing as they watched me take a spoonful of pie with thick cum running off of it and swallow it. When I had finished the plate was wet with his sticky cock juice and I licked it clean to their delight.

"It makes me really horny watching your sissy little husband licking up my cum, he said to Maggie, "why don't we watch a movie or something and maybe you can help me with that."

We went in by the TV and they had me take off my blouse and jeans and lay in front of it while they sat on the couch and ignored me for the next two hours. They watched the movie as if I wasn't there, kissing and him taking her shirt off and playing with her tits. At one point he had her naked and laying on his lap raised up with her legs on the sofa back and her cunt in his face so he could lick her pussy lips whenever he wanted to. They sixty-nined for a while and fucked off and on, resting while they watched the show. He came in her twice during the evening and without saying anything each time she came over to me and sat on my face having me suck out all his sperm and swallow it. Then she would go back to him and sit in his lap kissing him.

It was late when the movie got over and they turned on the lights. Looking at me, my wife said "You haven't gotten to cum Sweetheart. Why don't you jack off for us before we go to bed. I want to see if watching us has got your little sissy clit excited enough to cum."

So I pulled off my panties and like a slut let them watch me play with myself. My clit got hard and when I started to pant she handed me a bowl and told me to shoot my cum in it so she could see how much I came. That put me over the edge and my throbbing little girly cock squirted my load in it. I was surprised how much I came. Sitting there kind of embarrassed in front of him she told me to wait and ran to the kitchen for a spoon. Scooping up a spoonful of my spunk she put it into my mouth telling me to swallow it and see if I liked the taste of my own cum as much as I liked Larry's. She fed me two more spoonfuls till it was all gone telling Larry to watch how much I liked eating my own cum. They said they were going to bed and I went to our guest room which is across the hall from the master bedroom.

I lay there thinking about them kissing and playing and wishing I could see what was going on. After a while I heard the bed rocking and they were at it again. I'd never seen a guy who could get hard as fast as he did. No wonder my wife liked him. Then I heard him say "Do you really want to, I didn't think you liked it that way."

I heard her groaning and gasped that it hurt and slow down. In a minute she was screaming "Oh fuck my ass. Oh gosh it's big, that feels better now, God Larry do you like being in my asshole?"

I was amazed because she thinks my little cock is too big to fuck her ass and says how much it hurts. Now she was giving her tight little ass hole to him. I couldn't imagine her with his huge cock pumping in and out of her butt. Then she was moaning "Oh god that feels good, I hope you like my ass, fuck me hard . Oh I'm cumming, cum in my ass Darling. Fill me with your juice. I want you to have all of me. Oh god, o fuck , you make me feel so good. My ass is on fire, shoot your cum in me. Oh god oh good I can feel it"

Then they stopped and she was crying and he was saying "That was so good, I love you baby, I love you." So feeling utterly put down I went to sleep listening to them kissing and groaning.

It was almost morning when I woke up with Larry in the bed with me. He had his hand in my panties rubbing my clit and was sucking on my nipple. "Be quiet Baby, I want to let your wife sleep. I need your pussy once more before I go," he whispered. He kissed me on the neck and rubbed slippery lube in my ass and I felt his erection probing at the entrance to my pussy hole. Laying on my side I let out a gasp as his huge cock slid inside me. Holding my tits he pressed his hips against my ass harder and harder penetrating my love hole deeper and deeper until his whole hard prick was inside me. It felt so good to feel his throbbing cock inside me all I could say was "Oh fuck me harder you beautiful man, I love your cock inside me, Darling." I couldn't believe I was saying this to a man.

He fucked me till my insides were throbbing and felt him start to shudder as his hot sperm bathed my insides and I let out a groan of pleasure. The bed was wet where I'd cum while he fucked me. He collapsed back on the bed with his soft cock slipping out of my well used ass. As he got up to go shower he kissed me deeply thanking me for showing him such a good time and sharing my wife and my pussy with him. I just laid there enjoying the feeling of being full of his delicious sperm and went back to sleep while my wife took him to the airport.
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